Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2003, V 32, N 3, March.

Soret Coefficients for Aqueous Polyethylene Glycol Solutions and Some
Tests of the Segmental Model of Polymer Thermal Diffusion
Joey Chan, Jesse J. Popov, Stacey Kolisnek-Kehl, Derek G. Leaist
pp. 197-214   
The Importance of Polarity/Polarizability Interaction on the Acidity
Behavior of 9,10-Anthraquinone and 9-Anthrone Derivatives in Methanol-Water 
Mixed Solvents Using Target Factor Analysis and QSPR Approaches
Bahram Hemmateenejad, Hashem Sharghi, Morteza Akhond, Mojtaba Shamsipur
pp. 215-226   
NMR Study of the Stoichiometry, Stability, and Ligand Interchange of Silver
Ion-Hexathia-18-crown-6 Complex in Binary Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solvent Mixtures
at 300 K
Mojtaba Shamsipur, Zahra Talebpour, Naader Alizadeh
pp. 227-238   
Anionic Effects on Raman OD Stretching Spectra for Alcoholic LiX Solutions
(X = Cl-, Br-, I-, ClO4-, NO3-, and CH3COO-)
F. Hidaka, Y. Yoshimura, H. Kanno
pp. 239-251   
Thermodynamic Model of Inorganic Arsenic Species in Aqueous Solutions. 
Potentiometric Study of the Hydrolytic Equilibrium of Arsenious Acid
Juan C. Raposo, Jon Sanz, Olatz Zuloaga, Mari'a A. Olazabal, Juan M. Madariaga
pp. 253-264   
Raman Spectroscopy of Iron in Aqueous Carbonate Solutions
Richard S. Perkins, James D. Garber
pp. 265-272   

Enthalpic Interaction of Amino Acids with Ethanol in Aqueous Solutions at 25C
Li Yu, Rui-Sen Lin, Xin-Gen Hu, Gui-Ying Xu
pp. 273-281