Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2002, V 31, N 2, February.

pp. 97-108   
Solubility of Siderite (FeCO3) in NaCl Solutions
Carlos A. R. Silva, Xuewu Liu, F. J. Millero

pp. 109-117   
NMR and Excess Volumes Studies in DMF-Alcohol Mixtures
Congmin Wang, Haoran Li, Longhua Zhu, Shijun Han

pp. 119-129   
Hygrometric Determination of Water Activities and Osmotic and Activity 
Coefficients of NH4Cl-LiCl-H2O at 25C
Mohamed El Guendouzi, Abderrahim Dinane, Abdelfetah Mounir

pp. 131-138   
Stability Constant of the EuCl2+ Complex in Several Ionic Strength Media
M. Jime'nez-Reyes, M. Solache-Ri'os, A. Rojas-Herna'ndez
pp. 139-148   
Dynamic Interfacial Tension Behavior of Water/Oil Systems Containing In situ-Formed Surfactants
J. Amaya, D. Rana, V. Hornof
pp. 149-164   
Complex Formation Between Alkane-?,?-Diols and Cyclodextrins Studied by Partial 
Molar Volume and Compressibility Measurements
Kristine Spildo, Harald H?iland
pp. 165-174   
Langmuir Aggregation of Bordeaux R on a Cationic Surfactant and Its Application 
to Sensitive Quantitative Determination of Copper
Hong-Wen Gao, Nai-Liang Hu