Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 2, February.

Ternary Complexation of Manganese(II) and Cadmium(II) with
1,10-Phenanthroline and Halide or Thiocyanato Ions in
Morito Komiya, Satoshi Yoshida,  Shin-ichi Ishiguro
pp. 101-129

Aqueous Uranyl Complexes 1. Raman Spectroscopic Study of 
the Hydrolysis of Uranyl(VI) in Solutions of
Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid and/or Tetramethylammonium 
Hydroxide at 25C and 0.1 MPa
C. Nguyen-Trung, D. A. Palmer, G. M. Begun, C. Peiffert, R. E. Mesmer
pp. 101-129

Thermodynamics of Protein Model  Compounds: Apparent and Partial Molar
Heat Capacities and Volumes of Several  Cyclic Dipeptides in Water
Andrew W. Hakin, Matthew G. Kowalchuck, Jin L. Liu, Robert A. Marriott
pp. 131-151

Excess Enthalpies of 2,2-Dimethylbutane + Cyclohexane +
Octane or Dodecane) at 25C
Ding-Yu Peng, George C. Benson, Benjamin C.-Y. Lu
pp. 153-164

Excess Molar Volumes and Excess Viscosities of the Ternary System
Diethylamine(1) + Ethyl Acetate(2) + n-Heptane(3) at 25C
Pablo Lillo, Lelia Mussari, Miguel A. Postigo
pp. 183-197

BOOK REVIEW: Physical Chemistry of Electrolyte Solutions. Modern Aspects.
Topics in Physical Chemistry 5, by J.
M. G. Barthel, H. Krienke, and W. Kunz W. Ebeling
pp. 199-200