Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 2, Feb.

Structural studies on saturated aqueous solutions of manganese(II),
cobalt(II), and nickel(II) chlorides by X-ray diffraction. 
Waizumi K; Kouda T; Tanio A; Fukushima N; Ohtaki H.
pp 83-100
Nonlinear dielectric effect study of tetrahydrofuran association in
benzene and cyclohexane solutions. 
Malecki J; Dutkiewicz M.
pp 101-116
Activity coefficients of potassium chloride in water-ethanol mixtures.
Lopes A; Farelo F; Ferra MIA.
pp 117-131
Spectrochemical properties of cobalt(II) complex with bidentate Schiff
base in various solvents. 
Kurzak K; Kuzniarska-Biernacka I; Zurowska B.
pp 133-151
Excess molar volumes and excess partial molar volumes of triethylene
glycol monomethyl ether-n-alcohol mixtures at 25 degrees C. 
Pal A; Kumar A.
pp 153-161