Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 12, December.

Study of Densities, Viscosities and Ultrasonic
Speeds of Binary Mixtures Containing 
1,2-Dimethoxyethane and an Alkan-l-ol at 298.15 K 
Bhoj Bahadur Gurung and Mahendra Nath Roy

Interactions in the Quaternary Systems 
H2O-Y(NO3)3-La(NO3)3-Pr(NO3)3, H2O-Y(NO3)3-La(NO3)3-Nd(NO3)3 
and H2O?Y(NO3)3-Pr(NO3)3-Nd(NO3)3 
to Very High Concentrations 
Mei He and Zhi-Chang Wang

The Thermal Diffusion of Hydrogen Chloride
in Water–Monoatomic Alcohol Mixtures at 298 K 
V. N. Sokolov, L. P. Safonova and
A. A. Pribochenko

Solvation of Cobalt(II) Ion in 
N,N-Dimethylformamide–Methanol Mixed Solvent: 
Calorimetry and VIS Spectroscopy Studies 
Joanna Szymanska-Cybulska and 
Ewa Kamienska-Piotrowicz

Structures of 18-Crown-6 Complexes with 
Alkali Cations in Methanolic Solution as 
Studied by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure 
Makoto Harada and Tetsuo Okada

Viscosities, Apparent Molar Volumes, 
Expansivities and Isentropic Compressibilities 
of some Fatty Acids and their Triglycerides 
in Benzene at (20, 30, 40 and 60) °C 
Gokcen Akgul, Edip Bayram and Erol Ayranci

Diffusion of Cesium Ions in Agar Gel 
Containing Alkali Metal Bromides 
Narendra A. Gokarn and Nilima S. Rajurkar

Conductometric Study of Potassium 
Bromide in 2-Butanol + Water Mixtures 
Vesna Sokol, Renato Tomas, Marija Visic
and Ivo Tominic

Isopiestic Measurement of the Osmotic 
Coefficients of Aqueous {xH2SO4+ 
(1-x)Fe2(SO4)3} Solutions at 
298.15 and 323.15 K 
Mariano Velazquez-Rivera, 
Donald A. Palmer and Richard M. Kettler