Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2003, V 32, N 12, December.

Calcon 2004: The 59th Calorimetry Conference
pp. 1017-1017  

 Complex Formation of Crown Ethers with Cations 
in Water–Organic Solvent Mixtures. Part IV. Thermodynamics
of Interaction of Na+ Ion with Benzo-15-crown-5 
Ether in the Mixtures of Water with Acetonitrile at 298.15 K
Malgorzata Jozwiak 
pp. 1019-1031 
Solubility of Triethylamine in Calcium Chloride 
Aqueous Solutions from 20 to 35°C
Angela F. S. S. Mendonca, Sandra N. R. Pereira,
Isabel M. S. Lampreia 
pp. 1033-1044
Thermodynamics of Adsorption of L-Amino 
Acids at Oil–Water Interfaces
N. Ghosh, P. Dutta, K. P. Das, D. K. Chattoraj 
pp. 1045-1064
Apparent Molar Volumes of Sodium Methylbenzoates 
in N, N-Dimethyl Formamide–Water Mixtures at 298.15 K
Shu-qin Li, Jia-miao Yu, Rui-sen Lin 
pp. 1065-1074 
Complexing Power of Vitamin D3 Toward Various Metals. 
Potentiometric Studies of Vitamin D3 Complexes with 
Al3+, Cd2+, Gd3+, and Pb2+ Ions in Water–Ethanol Solution
Ana Lucia Ramalho Merce, Lia Sayuri Yano,
Mustayeen Ahmed Khan, Xuan Do Thanh, Gilles Bouet 
pp. 1075-1085
Solubility of Crystalline Nonelectrolyte Solutes in Organic 
Solvents: Mathematical Correlation of Acetylsalicylic 
Acid Solubilities with the Abraham General Solvation Model
Amanda K. Charlton, Charlisa R. Daniels, 
William E. Acree, Jr., Michael H. Abraham 
pp. 1087-1102 
Equilibrium and Transport Properties of Sodium n-Octyl
Sulfonate Aqueous Solutions
Ornella Ortona, Gerardino D'Errico, Luigi Paduano, 
Vincenzo Vitagliano 
pp. 1103-1120