Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2002, V 31, N 12, December.

pp. 947-973   
New Measurements of the Solubility of Zinc Oxide from 150 to 350C
Pascale Be'ne'zeth, Donald A. Palmer, David J. Wesolowski, Caibin Xiao
pp. 975-985   
Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Benzocaine in some Organic and Aqueous 
Carolina M. A'vila, Fleming Marti'nez
pp. 987-993   
Dynamic Light Scattering and NMR Studies of Napin
Katarzyna Kaszyn'ska, Ewa Banachowicz, Genowefa S'lo'sarek, Adrian Morawiec, 
Iwona Gawron'ska, Jan Barciszewski
pp. 995-1017   
Conductance of Dilute Sodium Acetate Solutions to 469 K and of Acetic Acid and 
Sodium Acetate/Acetic Acid Mixtures to 548 K and 20 MPa
G. H. Zimmerman, R. H. Wood
pp. 1019-1038   
Thermodynamics of Organic Mixtures Containing Amines. II. Excess Molar Volumes 
at 25C for Methylbutylamine + Alkane Systems and Eras Characterization of 
Linear Secondary Amine + Alkane Mixtures
S. Villa, J. A. Gonza'lez, I. Garci'a De La Fuente, N. Riesco, J.C. Cobos
pp. 1039-1042   
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pp. 1043-1047  
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