Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1998, V 27, N 12, Dec.

ISSN 0095-9782
Osmotic and activity coefficients of nonaqueous electrolyte solutions. 1.
Lithium perchlorate in the protic solvents methanol, ethanol, and
Barthel J; Neueder R; Poepke H; Wittmann H.
pp 1055-1066
Molar volumes and heat capacities of electrolytes and ions in nonaqueous
solvents: 1. Formamide. 
Chen T; Hefter G; Buchner R; Senanayake G.
pp 1067-1096
Solubilization of benzene and several benzene derivatives in dilute
aqueous solution of 18-crown-6. 
Sun DZ; Chen J; Lu WM; Zheng XM.
pp 1097-1107
Solubility of crystalline calcium isosaccharinate. 
Rai DP; Rao LF; Xia YX.
pp 1109-1122
Reaction between copper nitrate hydrate and methoxydimethyloctylsilane in
Heenan DM; Friberg SE; Sjoblom J; Farrington GC.
pp 1123-1138
Excess molar volumes of ternary mixtures of 2-butanone or 2-pentanone with
1-chloroctane plus n-octane at 25 degrees C. 
Menaut CP; Pico JM; Franjo C; Jimenez E; Segade L; Andrade MIP.
pp 1139-1148