Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2003, V 32, N 11, November.

pp. 935-949   
Hydrophobicity and Reactivity of Base Hydrolysis of Some Novel 
Low Spin Fe(II) Amino Acid Schiff Base Complexes in Some
Binary Aqueous Solvent Mixtures 
Ali M. Shaker, Lobna A. E. Nassr  
pp. 951-966   
Studies of Activity Coefficients for Ternary Systems: 
Water + 18-Crown-6 + Alkali Chlorides at 298.15 K 
Kesharsingh Patil, Dilip Dagade  
pp. 967-976   
Thermodynamics of Proton Association of Polyacrylates and
Polymethacrylates in NaCl(aq) 
Concetta De Stefano, Ottavia Giuffre, Alberto Pettignano,
Silvio Sammartano  
pp. 977-985    
Enthalpic Interactions of Amino Acids with Glucose in 
Aqueous Solutions at 298.15 K 
Huaji Liu, Ruisen Lin, Honglin Zhang  

pp. 987-995   
Limiting Ionic Partial Molar Volumes of Cs+, Na+, (C4H9)4N+, 
Cl-, Br-, I-, BPh4- in Aqueous Acetone at 298.15 K 
P. S. Nikam, Mehdi Hasan, R. P. Shewale, A. B. Sawant  
pp. 997-1015    
Densities and Partial Molar Volumes of Some Amino Acids 
and Diglycine in Aqueous n-Propanol Solutions at 25C 
Tarlok S. Banipal, Gagandeep Singh