Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2002, V 31, N 11, November.

pp. 861-872   
Second Dissociation Constants of 4-[N-morpholino]butanesulfonic Acid and
N-[2-hydroxyethyl]piperazine-N?-4-butanesulfonic Acid from 5 to 55C
Rabindra N. Roy, Lakshmi N. Roy, Jason G. Grant, Mason P. Cummins,
Bennett J. Tabor III, Sarah J. Richards, Curtis A. Himes, Bret R. Lively,
Penny L. Blackwell, Ashley N. Simon

pp. 873-893   
Density, Refractive Index, and Related Properties for 2-Butanone + n-Hexane 
Binary Mixtures at Various Temperatures
Pietro Baraldi, Maria Grazia Giorgini, Daniela Manzini, Andrea Marchetti, 
Lorenzo Tassi
pp. 895-904   
Basicity of a Novel Macrocycle Containing Thiopyrimidine and Uracil Moieties
in Various Water-Organic Mixtures
L. S. Kuznetsova, A. R. Mustafina, A. S. Michailov, V. E. Kataev, V. S. Reznik
pp. 905-915   
Density and Speed of Sound for Binary Mixtures of a Cyclic Ether with a Butanol 
I. Gasco'n, S. Marti'n, P. Cea, M. C. Lo'pez, F. M. Royo
pp. 917-930   
Spectrochemical Properties of Noncubical Transition Metal Complexes in 
Solutions. XIV. Angular Overlap Studies of bis(Salicylidene-2-
aminothiazole)Copper(II) in Various Solvents Iwona Kuz'niarska-Biernacka, 
Krzysztof Kurzak
pp. 931-946   
Formation Thermodynamics of Binary and Ternary Lanthanide(III) Complexes with 
1,10-Phenanthroline and Chloride in N,N-Dimethylformamide
Morito Komiya, Yuuki Nishikido, Yasuhiro Umebayashi, Shin-ichi Ishiguro