Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, N 11, November.

* Hydroxo and Chloro Complexes/Ion Interactions of Hf4+ and the Solubility 
Product of HfO2(am)
Dhanpat Rai, Yuanxian Xia, Nancy J. Hess, Denis M. Strachan, Bernard P. McGrail
pp. 949-967

* Spinodal Curve of a Model Ternary Solution
Florin D. Buzatu, Daniela Buzatu, John G. Albright
pp. 969-983

* Photochromism and Electrospray Mass Spectrum of the Ternary Europium System 
with Nicotinic Acid and 1,10-Phenanthroline
X. J. Zheng, L. P. Jin, Y. H. Mei, L. G. Zhu
pp. 985-994

* Viscosities and Densities of Solutions of n-Decane, or n-Tetradecane with 
Several Esters at 25C
C. Franjo, L. Segade, C. P. Menaut, J. M. Pico, E. Jimenez
pp. 995-1006

* A Thermodynamic Study of 1-PropanolvGlycerolvH2O at 25C: Effect of Glycerol 
on Molecular Organization of H2O
Matthew T. Parsons, Peter Westh, James V. Davies, Christa Trandum,
Eric C. H. To, Wesley M. Chiang, Eric G. M. Yee, Yoshikata Koga
pp. 1007-1028

* Isothermal VaporvLiquid Equilibria for the Ternary System 2-Propanol + 
Tetrahydrofuran + 1-Chlorobutane at 25C
Ines L. Acevedo, Graciela C. Pedrosa, Eleuterio L. Arancibia, Miguel Katz
pp. 1029-1037