Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 11, November.

 * Interactions Between Tetra(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-1,4,8,11-
tetraazocyclotetradecane and Perchlorate Anion in Propylene Carbonate, 
Nitromethane, Acetonitrile, and Tetrahydrofuran
Alessandro D'Aprano, Bianca Sesta, Vincenzo Mauro, Mark Salomon
pp. 1075-1088

 * The Ionic Strength Dependence of Rare Earth and Yttrium Fluoride
Complexation at 25°C
Yu-Ran Luo, Robert H. Byrne
pp. 1089-1099

 * The Effect of N-alkyl Substitution on Binding of Polycarboxylic
Anions by Linear Polyammonium Cations
Stefania Cascio, Alessandro De Robertis, Concetta De Stefano,
Silvio Sammartano
pp. 1101-1114

 * A Study of Excess Molar Enthalpies and Excess Molar Volumes of
Binary Mixtures of 1-Chloropentane + 1-Alkanol (from 1-Butanol
to 1-Octanol) at 25°C.
P. Santana, J. Balseiro, E. Jiménez, C. Franjo, J. L. Legido, 
E. Carballo, M. I. Paz Andrade
pp. 1115-1122

 * Complete Resolution and Thermodynamic Parameters of the
Ionization Equilibria of Pyridoxal in Water-Dioxane Mixtures
Juan Llor, Maria P. Ros, Salvador B. Asensio
pp. 1123-1141

 * Solubility of Native Gold in H-O-S Fluids at 100-400°C and High
H2S Content
Michael E. Fleet, Stephen W. Knipe
pp. 1143-1157

 * Water-Trifluoroethanol Mixtures: Some Physicochemical Properties
Giacomo Gente, Camillo La Mesa
pp. 1159-1172