Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 11.

Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 11, November.

ISSN: 0095-9782
Conductance study of complexation of lead ions by several
18-membered crown ethers in acetonitrile-dimethyl sulfoxide
mixtures between 25 and 55 degrees C 
Shamsipur M.  Pouretedal HR.
p. 1187

Modeling thermodynamics and phase equilibria for aqueous s
olutions of trisodium phosphate 
Weber CF.  Beahm EC.  Watson JS.
p 1207

Solubilization of homologous omega-phenylalkanols into gel
and liquid-crystalline liposome 
membranes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine 
Kawamura H.  Manabe M.  Yuyama K.  Katsu-ura H.  Shiomi M.
p 1239

Hydrolysis of cis- and trans-diammineplatinum(II) complexes:
Hydration, equilibrium, and  kinetics properties 
Kankia BI.  Funck T.  Marky LA.
p 1249

Characterization of potassium chloride as an equitransferent
"intersolvental" salt bridge 
Manzoni A.  Mussini PR.  Mussini T.
p 1329