Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1998, V 27, N 11, Nov.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Potentiometric determination of the first hydrolysis constant of
  gallium(III) in NaCl solution to 100 degrees C. 
  Uchida M; Okuwaki A.
  pp 965-978
  Solvent effects on the electrochemical behavior of iron(III) Schiff base
  Ranchet D; Tommasino JB; Vittori O; Fabre PL.
  pp 979-991
  Complex permittivity spectra of binary pyridine-amide mixtures using
  time-domain reflectometry. 
  Ahire S; Chaudhari A; Lokhande M; Mehrotra SC.
  pp 993-1008
  Complexation of inorganic anions and small organic molecules with
  alpha-cyclodextrin in water. 
  Spencer JN; He Q; Ke XM; Wu ZQ; Fetter E.
  pp 1009-1019
  Conductance of selected alkali metal salts in aqueous binary mixtures of
  2-methoxyethanol at 25 degrees C. 
  Das B; Hazra DK.
  pp 1021-1031
  Heats of mixing of aqueous solutions of alkali metal salts of substituted
  benzenesulfonic acids. 
  Pohar C; Arh K.
  pp 1033-1043
  Excess molar volumes of binary mixtures of acetonitrile with n-alkanols at
  25 degrees C. 
  Aznarez SB; Postigo MA.
  pp 1045-1053