Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2006, V 35, N 10, October.

The Physical Properties of Aqueous 
Solutions of the Ionic Liquid [BMIM][BF4] 
Weiwei Liu, Tianyu Zhao, Yumei Zhang, 
Huaping Wang and Mingfang Yu

Heat Capacities and Thermodynamic 
Properties of a H2O + Li2B4O7 Solution 
in the Temperature Range from 80 to 356 K 
Zhi-Heng Zhang, Guo-Yin Yin, 
Zhi-Cheng Tan, Yan Yao and Li-Xian Sun

Studies of Thermodynamic Properties of 
Binary and Ternary Methanolic Solutions 
Containing KBr and 18-Crown-6 at 298.15 K 
Rahul R. Kolhapurkar, Preeti K. Patil, 
Dilip H. Dagade and Kesharsingh J. Patil

Experimental and Molecular Mechanical 
Studies of Complexation of Some 
2H- and 3H- Indole Derivatives 
with Aqueous b-Cyclodextrin 
Khaldoun A. Al-Sou’od, Mohammad B. Zughul 
and Adnan A. Badwan

Interactions of Peptides and Lysozyme 
with Aqueous Tetraethylammonium 
Bromide at 298.15 K 
Tuhina Banerjee and Nand Kishore

SIT Parameters for 1:1 Electrolytes 
and Correlation with Pitzer Coefficients 
Clemente Bretti, Claudia Foti, 
Nunziatina Porcino and Silvio Sammartano

Densities and Volumetric Properties of 
Binary Mixtures of Tetrahydrofuran with 
Some Aromatic Hydrocarbons at 
Temperatures from 278.15 to 318.15 K 
Anil Kumar Nain

Partial Molar Volumes of Some of a-Amino 
Acids in Binary Aqueous Solutions of 
MgSO4·7H2O at 298.15 K 
Bairagi C. Mallick and Nand Kishore

Densities and Volumetric Properties of 
Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Diisopropyl 
Ether, Fluorobenzene, a,a,a-Trifluorotoluene, 
and Ethanol at Temperature 298.15 K 
and Pressure 101 kPa 
Zadjia Atik and Kenza Lourddani