Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2002,V 31, N 10, October.

pp. 771-781 
 Excess Enthalpies of 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran + (2,2,4-Trimethylpentane
or n-Heptane) + Methylcyclohexane at 25C
Zhaohui Wang, George C. Benson, Benjamin C.-Y. Lu

pp. 783-792 
Dissociation Constants of Protonated Cysteine Species in NaCl Media
Virender K. Sharma, Fabien Casteran, Frank J. Millero, Concetta De Stefano

pp. 793-799  
Hygrometric Determination of Water Activities, Osmotic and Activity 
Coefficients, and Excess Gibbs Energy of the System MgSO4-K2SO4-H2O
Abdelfetah Mounir, Mohamed El Guendouzi, Abderrahim Dinane

pp. 801-810   
Interactions of HCl with 1-Butanol and Group Additivity Analysis for the HCl-
Alcohol Interactions
Kelei Zhuo, Jianji Wang, Xiaopeng Xuan, Yang Zhao, Hucheng Zhang, Yongkui Yue

pp. 811-822   
Infrared Spectroscopic Study of the Solvation of Tetramethylurea in Protic + 
Aprotic Mixed Solvents
G. Rezaei Behbehani, Marie Dillon, Jennifer Smyth, W. Earle Waghorne

pp. 823-844  
Dielectric Relaxation of Aqueous Trimethylamineoxide Solutions
Toshiyuki Shikata, Shyuji Itatani

pp. 845-860   
Activity Coefficients of Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride in the 
Quaternary System KCl-NaCl-Water-Ethanol
F. Farelo, A. Lopes, M. I. A. Ferra