Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, Issue 10, October.

* A Continuum Reaction Field Theory of Polarizable, Nondipolar, Quadrupolar 
Solvents: Ab Initio Study of Equilibrium Solvation in Benzene
Jonggu Jeon, Hyung J. Kim
pp. 849-860

* Amino Acid Derivatives as Protein Side-Chain Model Compounds: The Partial 
Molar Volumes and Heat Capacities of Some N-Acetyl-N--methyl Amino Acid Amides 
in Aqueous Solution
Jin L. Liu, Andrew W. Hakin, Gavin R. Hedwig
pp. 861-883

* Mixing Schemes for Aqueous Dimethyl Sulfoxide: Support by X-ray Diffraction Data
Yoshikata Koga, Yasutoshi Kasahara, Kasumi Yoshino, Keiko Nishikawa
pp. 885-893

* Studies on the Physicochemical Properties of 3-Alkoxyl-2-hydroxypropyl 
Trimethylammonium ChloridevSodium Dodecyl Sulfonate Binary-Surfactant Aqueous 
Baolin Yin, Dezhi Sun, Xilian Wei, Yong Wang, Shuying Zhao, Xiaoming Zheng
pp. 895-908

* Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Some Sulfonamides in Octanol, Water, 
and the Mutually Saturated Solvents
Fleming Martinez, Alfredo Gomez
pp. 909-923

* Untypical Surface Properties of the System Caprylic Acid + n-Propyl Acetate
Jacek Glinski, Jan Przybylski, Guy Chavepeyer, Jean-Karl Platten
pp. 925-936

* Viscosity B Coefficients for AlkalivMetal Bromides in 3-
HydroxypropionitrilevAcetonitrile Mixtures at 25C
Talat Zamir, Terence I. Quickenden
pp. 937-947