Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2000, V 29, N 10, October.

* Preface
Felix Franks
pp. 859-860

* Study of Adsorption, Condensation, Orientation, and Reduction of
Quinoline Molecules on a Pure Mercury Electrode Using Raman Microprobe
Toru Ozeki, Marek Odziemkowski, Donald E. Irish
pp. 861-878

* On the Nature of Fluoride Ion Hydration
J. D. C. Craig, M. H. Brooker
pp. 879-888

* The Solubility of Sodium Sulfate and the Reduction of Aqueous Sulfate by
Magnetite under Near-Critical Conditions
Dmitri Shvedov, Peter R. Tremaine
pp. 889-904

* Structures of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Determined from Density,
Conductivity, Viscosity, and Raman Spectroscopic Data
G. E. Walrafen, W.-H. Yang, Y. C. Chu, M. S. Hokmabadi
pp. 905-936

* FTIR Spectroscopy of Ion Solvation of LiClO4 and LiSCN in Acetonitrile,
Benzonitrile, and Propylene Carbonate
J. Barthel, R. Buchner, E. Wismeth
pp. 937-954

* Aqueous Solution Chemistry of Scandium(III) Studied by Raman
Spectroscopy and ab initio Molecular Orbital Calculations
Wolfram W. Rudolph, C. C. Pye
pp. 955-986

* Electrochemical Studies of the Benzoate Adsorption on Au (111)
Hong-Qiang Li, Sharon G. Roscoe, Jacek Lipkowski
pp. 987-1005

* Free Hydrogen Bonds in Alcohol Solutions with Inert Solvents
H. Kanno, M. Honshoh, Y. Yoshimura
pp. 1007-1016

* Kinetic and Solubility Studies in Zwitterionic Surfactant Solutions
K. A. Berberich, V. C. Reinsborough, C. N. Shaw
pp. 1017-1026

* Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Conformation and Melting of Poly(dG) 
Poly(dC) and Poly(dG-dC)  Poly(dG-dC) in Aqueous Solution
Virginie Carrier, Rodrigue Savoie
pp. 1027-1038

* Raman Spectroscopy of Oxides of GaAs Formed in Solution
D. J. Lockwood
pp. 1039-1046

* Vibrational Spectra and Ion-Pair Properties of Lithium
Hexafluorophosphate in Ethylene Carbonate Based Mixed-Solvent Systems
for Lithium Batteries
R. Aroca, M. Nazri, G. A. Nazri, A. J. Camargo, M. Trsic
pp. 1047-1060

* In Situ Identification of Carbonate-Containing Green Rust on
Iron Electrodes in Solutions Simulating Groundwater
P. M. L. Bonin, M. S. Odziemkowski, E. J. Reardon, R. W. Gillham
pp. 1061-1074