Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 10, Oct.

ISSN 0095-9782
  Molecular dynamics simulation of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions in water. 
  Guardia E; Sese G; Padro JA; Kalko SG.
  pp 1113-1126
  Cationic and anionic effects on the glass transition temperature for
  aqueous electrolyte solutions. 
  Yoshimura Y; Ohnishi A; Kanno H.
  pp 1127-1136
  Excess chemical potentials, excess partial molar enthalpies, entropies,
  volumes, and isobaric thermal expansivities of aqueous glycerol at 25
  degrees C. 
  To ECH; Davies JV; Tucker M; Westh P; Trandum C; Suh KSH; Koga Y.
  pp 1137-1157
  Sorption isotherms of aromatic compounds in organophilic polymer membranes
  used in pervaporation. 
  Gross A; Heintz A.
  pp 1159-1174
  Solubility of solid pentane, 2-methylbutane, and cyclopentane in liquid
  argon at 87.3 K. 
  Szczepaniec-Cieciak E; Krzeczkowska M.
  pp 1175-1185