Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2001, V 30, N 1, January.

* Thermodynamic Studies of the Complexation between Neodymium and
Acetate at Elevated Temperatures PierLuigi Zanonato, Plinio Di
Bernardo, Arturo Bismondo, Linfeng Rao, Gregory R. Choppin
pp. 1-18

* Potentiometric Study of the Association of Magnesium and Sulfate
Ions at 25C in High Ionic Strength Media
Steven Kratsis, Glenn Hefter, Peter M.May
pp. 19-29

* Enthalpies of Dilution of Aqueous Solutions of HCl, MgCl2}, CaCl2, and
BaCl2 at 300, 325, and 350C
John L. Oscarson, Sue E. Gillespie,Xuemin Chen, Paul C. Schuck, Reed M.Izatt
pp. 31-53

* Polarographic Determination of Methanediol Deprotonation Constants in
Alkaline Solutions of Various Ionic Strengths
E. Norkus, R. Pauliukaite
pp. 55-66

* Solubility of Solid Hexane and Cyclohexane in Liquid Argon at 87.3 K
Elzbieta Szczepaniec-Cieciak, Malgorzata Krzeczkowska
pp. 67-76

* A Direct Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 NMR Study of Praseodymium(III)- and
Neodymium(III)-Isothiocyanate Complex Formation in Aqueous Solvent Mixtures
Anthony Fratiello, VickiKubo-Anderson, Rebecca A. Lee, Marquis Patrick, 
Richard D. Perrigan, Tanya R. Porras, Amy K. Sharp, Kenneth Wong
pp. 77-97