Journal of Solution Chemistry, 1999, V 28, N 1, Jan.

ISSN 0095-9782
  A correlation between solvatochromic solvent polarity parameters and the
  ionization constants of various phenols in 1,4-dioxane-water mixtures.
  Llor J.
  pp 1-20
  Ionic mobility and dielectric relaxation in glass-forming mixtures of
  sodium chloride and glycerol. 
  Hammadi A; Champeney DC.
  pp 21-34
  Conductance of lithium and sodium perchlorates and tetraphenylborates in
  2-butanone from -35 to 25 degrees C. 
  Reichstadter L; Fischerova E; Fischer O.
  pp 35-60
  Water activities in solutions of basic aluminum chlorides. 
  Richter U; Brand P; Bohmhamme K.
  pp 61-72
  Raman spectroscopic study of aluminum silicate complexation in acidic
  solutions from 25 to 150 degrees C. 
  Gout R; Pokrovski GS; Schott J; Zwick A.
  pp 73-82