Journal of Petrology, 2007, V 48, N 2, February.

Anthony Bellis and Dante Canil 
Ferric Iron in CaTiO3 Perovskite as 
an Oxygen Barometer for Kimberlitic 
Magmas I: Experimental Calibration 
pp. 219-230; 

Dante Canil and Anthony J. Bellis 
Ferric Iron in CaTiO3 Perovskite as 
an Oxygen Barometer for Kimberlite 
Magmas II: Applications 
pp. 231-252; 

Brian O'Driscoll, Colin H. Donaldson, 
Valentin R. Troll, Dougal A. Jerram, 
and C. Henry Emeleus 
An Origin for Harrisitic and Granular 
Olivine in the Rum Layered Suite, 
NW Scotland: a Crystal Size Distribution Study 
pp. 253-270; 

M. R. St-Onge, N. Wodicka, and O. Ijewliw 
Polymetamorphic Evolution of the 
Trans-Hudson Orogen, Baffin Island, Canada: 
Integration of Petrological, 
Structural and Geochronological Data 
pp. 271-302; 

Craig M. White 
The Graveyard Point Intrusion: an Example 
of Extreme Differentiation of Snake River 
Plain Basalt in a Shallow Crustal Pluton 
pp. 303-325; 

R. M. Bomparola, C. Ghezzo, E. Belousova, 
W. L. Griffin, and Suzanne Y. O'Reilly 
Resetting of the UPb Zircon System in 
Cambro-Ordovician Intrusives of the Deep 
Freeze Range, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 
pp. 327-364; 

M. L. Whitaker, H. Nekvasil, D. H. Lindsley,
and N. J. Difrancesco 
The Role of Pressure in Producing Compositional 
Diversity in Intraplate Basaltic Magmas 
pp. 365-393; 

Satoko Ishimaru, Shoji Arai, Yoshito Ishida, 
Miki Shirasaka, and Victor M. Okrugin 
Melting and Multi-stage Metasomatism in the 
Mantle Wedge beneath a Frontal Arc Inferred 
from Highly Depleted Peridotite Xenoliths 
from the Avacha Volcano, Southern Kamchatka 
pp. 395-433;