Journal of Petrology, 2007, V 48, N 1, January.

Marjorie Wilson 
Editorial 2007 
pp. 1;

J. Toothill, C. A. Williams, 
R. MacDonald, S. P. Turner, 
N. W. Rogers, C. J. Hawkesworth, 
D. A. Jerram, C. J. Ottley, 
and A. G. Tindle 
A Complex Petrogenesis for an Arc 
Magmatic Suite, St Kitts, Lesser Antilles 
pp. 3-42; 

S. Mahlburg Kay, A. A. Ardolino, 
M. L. Gorring, and V. A. Ramos 
The Somuncura Large Igneous Province in Patagonia: 
Interaction of a Transient Mantle Thermal 
Anomaly with a Subducting Slab 
pp. 43-77; 

Satoshi Saito, Makoto Arima, and 
Takashi Nakajima 
Hybridization of a Shallow ‘I-type’ 
Granitoid Pluton and its Host 
Migmatite by Magma-Chamber Wall Collapse: 
the Tokuwa Pluton, Central Japan 
pp. 79-111; 

Sakae Sano and Jun-Ichi Kimura 
Clinopyroxene REE Geochemistry of the 
Red Hills Peridotite, New Zealand: 
Interpretation of Magmatic Processes 
in the Upper Mantle and in the
Moho Transition Zone 
pp. 113-139; 

Marian B. Holness, Troels F. D. Nielsen,
and Christian Tegner 
Textural Maturity of Cumulates: 
a Record of Chamber Filling, Liquidus 
Assemblage, Cooling Rate and Large-scale 
Convection in Mafic Layered Intrusions 
pp. 141-157; 

Samuel Villiger, Peter Ulmer, and Othmar Muntener 
Equilibrium and Fractional Crystallization 
Experiments at 0·7 GPa; the Effect of 
Pressure on Phase Relations and Liquid 
Compositions of Tholeiitic Magmas 
pp. 159-184; 

Jodie A. Miller and Chris Harris 
Petrogenesis of the Swaziland and Northern 
Natal Rhyolites of the Lebombo Rifted 
Volcanic Margin, South East Africa 
pp. 185-218;