Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 9, September.

Cholach, Pavlo Y.; Schmitt, Douglas R.
Intrinsic elasticity of a textured transversely
isotropic muscovite aggregate: Comparisons to 
the seismic anisotropy of schists and shales

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Thermal and kinematic modeling of bedrock and 
detrital cooling ages in the central Himalaya

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Gravity changes from a stress evolution earthquake
simulation of California

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Does shear heating of pore fluid contribute
to earthquake nucleation?

Cho, Ikuo; Tada, Taku; Shinozaki, Yuzo
Centerless circular array method: Inferring 
phase velocities of Rayleigh waves in broad
wavelength ranges using microtremor records

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Current plate movements across the Mid-Atlantic 
Ridge determined from 5 years of continuous 
GPS measurements in Iceland

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Mantle melting as a function of water content 
beneath back-arc basins

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Numerical simulation of the LAGEOS thermal 
behavior and thermal accelerations

Emmanuel, Simon; Berkowitz, Brian
An experimental analogue for convection 
and phase separation in hydrothermal systems

Buffett, Bruce A.
Plate force due to bending at subduction zones

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Three-dimensional density model of the 
Nazca plate and the Andean continental margin

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Rates of carbon dioxide plume degassing 
from Mount Etna volcano

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New insights on intraplate volcanism in 
French Polynesia from wavelet analysis 
of GRACE, CHAMP, and sea surface data

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Thermal pressurization and onset 
of melting in fault zones

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Detection of ruptures of Andaman fault 
segments in the 2004 great Sumatra 
earthquake with coseismic 
ionospheric disturbances

Geldmacher, Jorg; Hoernle, Kaj; Klugel, Andreas; 
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Origin and geochemical evolution of the 
Madeira-Tore Rise (eastern North Atlantic)

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Correction for interferometric synthetic 
aperture radar atmospheric phase artifacts 
using time series of zenith wet delay 
observations from a GPS network

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Evidence for asymmetric nonvolcanic rifting
and slow incipient oceanic accretion 
from seismic reflection data on the 
Newfoundland margin

Chen, Ling; Zheng, Tianyu; Xu, Weiwei
A thinned lithospheric image of the Tanlu 
Fault Zone, eastern China: Constructed from 
wave equation based receiver function migration

Rossi, Giovannibattista; Abers, Geoffrey A.; 
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Unusual mantle Poisson's ratio, subduction, 
and crustal structure in central Alaska

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Fine-scale ultralow-velocity zone 
structure from high-frequency 
seismic array data

Chambon, Guillaume; Schmittbuhl, Jean; 
Corfdir, Alain
Frictional response of a thick gouge sample: 
2. Friction law and implications for faults
Chambon, Guillaume; Schmittbuhl, Jean; Corfdir, Alain
Frictional response of a thick gouge sample: 
1. Mechanical measurements and microstructures

Gose, Wulf A.; Hanson, Richard E.; 
Dalziel, Ian W. D.; Pancake, James A.; 
Seidel, Emily K.
Paleomagnetism of the 1.1 Ga Umkondo large 
igneous province in southern Africa

Linkov, Alexander M.
A theory of rupture pulse on softening 
interface with application to the 
Chi-Chi earthquake

Operto, S.; Virieux, J.; Dessa, J.-X.; Pascal, G.
Crustal seismic imaging from multifold 
ocean bottom seismometer data by frequency 
domain full waveform tomography: 
Application to the eastern Nankai trough

Revil, A.; Leroy, P.; Ghorbani, A.; 
Florsch, N.; Niemeijer, A. R.
Compaction of quartz sands by pressure 
solution using a Cole-Cole 
distribution of relaxation times
Huang, Jinli; Zhao, Dapeng
High-resolution mantle tomography of 
China and surrounding regions

Jardani, A.; Dupont, J. P.; Revil, A.
Self-potential signals associated with 
preferential groundwater flow 
pathways in sinkholes

Woessner, J.; Schorlemmer, D.; 
Wiemer, S.; Mai, P. M.
Correction to “Spatial correlation of 
aftershock locations and on-fault 
main shock properties”

Console, R.; Rhoades, D. A.; Murru, M.; 
Evison, F. F.; Papadimitriou, E. E.; 
Karakostas, V. G.
Comparative performance of time-invariant, 
long-range and short-range forecasting 
models on the earthquake catalogue of Greece

Heintz, Maggy
Midmantle deformation between the Australian 
continent and the Fiji-Tonga subduction zone?
Jackson, Jennifer M.; Sinogeikin, Stanislav V.; 
Jacobsen, Steven D.; Reichmann, Hans J.; 
Mackwell, Stephen J.; Bass, Jay D.
Single-crystal elasticity and sound velocities 
of (Mg0.94Fe0.06)O ferropericlase to 20 GPa

Wu, Xiaoping; Heflin, Michael B.; 
Ivins, Erik R.; Fukumori, Ichiro
Seasonal and interannual global surface 
mass variations from multisatellite 
geodetic data

Juhlin, Christopher; Stephens, Michael B.
Gently dipping fracture zones in Paleoproterozoic
metagranite, Sweden: Evidence from reflection
seismic and cored borehole data and 
implications for the disposal of nuclear waste

Tenthorey, Eric; Cox, Stephen F.
Cohesive strengthening of fault zones 
during the interseismic period: 
An experimental study

Wilson, Jennifer E.; Goodwin, Laurel B.; 
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Diagenesis of deformation band faults: 
Record and mechanical consequences of 
vadose zone flow and transport in the 
Bandelier Tuff, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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A cause of rupture segmentation and 
synchronization in the Nankai trough 
revealed by seismic imaging and 
numerical simulation