Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 8, August.

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Microblock rotations and fault coupling in SE 
Asia triple junction (Sulawesi, Indonesia) 
from GPS and earthquake slip vector data

Watts, A. B.; Sandwell, D. T.; Smith, W. H. F.; Wessel, P.
Global gravity, bathymetry, and the distribution
of submarine volcanism through space and time

Muxworthy, Adrian R.; Williams, Wyn
Correction to “Low-temperature cooling 
behavior of single-domain magnetite: Forcing 
of the crystallographic axes and interactions”

Ziv, A.; Cochard, A.
Quasi-dynamic modeling of seismicity on a 
fault with depth-variable rate- and 
state-dependent friction

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Hydrothermal activity and magma genesis 
along a propagating back-arc basin: 
Valu Fa Ridge (southern Lau Basin)

Nagel, Thorsten J.; Buck, W. Roger
Channel flow and the development of 
parallel-dipping normal faults

Borgia, Andrea; Grieco, Giovanni; 
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Shale diapirism in the Quaternary 
tectonic evolution of the Northern 
Apennine, Bologna, Italy

Becker, Thorsten W.; Chevrot, Sebastien; 
Schulte-Pelkum, Vera; Blackman, Donna K.
Statistical properties of seismic 
anisotropy predicted by upper 
mantle geodynamic models

Kato, Aitaro; Sakai, Shin'ichi; Hirata, Naoshi; 
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Kanazawa, Toshihiko
Imaging the seismic structure and stress field 
in the source region of the 2004 mid-Niigata 
prefecture earthquake: Structural zones of 
weakness and seismogenic stress 
concentration by ductile flow

Gao, Wei; Matzel, Eric; Grand, Stephen P.
Upper mantle seismic structure beneath eastern 
Mexico determined from P and S waveform 
inversion and its implications

Buttner, Ralf; Dellino, Pierfrancesco; 
Raue, Hannes; Sonder, Ingo; Zimanowski, Bernd
Stress-induced brittle fragmentation of 
magmatic melts: Theory and experiments

Z?hlsdorff, Lars; Spiess, Volkhard
Sedimentation patterns, folding, and fluid 
upflow above a buried basement ridge: 
Results from 2-D and 3-D seismic surveys 
at the eastern Juan de Fuca Ridge flank

Pritchard, M. E.; Simons, M.
An aseismic slip pulse in northern Chile 
and along-strike variations in seismogenic behavior

Currie, Claire A.; Hyndman, Roy D.
The thermal structure of subduction zone back arcs

Kumar, M. Ravi; Bostock, M. G.
Transmission to reflection transformation of 
teleseismic wavefields

Schmerr, Nicholas; Garnero, Edward
Investigation of upper mantle discontinuity 
structure beneath the central Pacific 
using SS precursors

Hillers, G.; Miller, S. A.
Stability regimes of a dilatant, fluid-infiltrated 
fault plane in a three-dimensional elastic solid

Chen, S.; Hiraga, T.; Kohlstedt, D. L.
Water weakening of clinopyroxene in the 
dislocation creep regime

J?dicke, H.; Jording, A.; Ferrari, L.; Arzate, J.; 
Mezger, K.; R?pke, L.
Fluid release from the subducted Cocos plate and 
partial melting of the crust deduced from 
magnetotelluric studies in southern Mexico: I
mplications for the generation of 
volcanism and subduction dynamics

Shah, Anjana K.; Buck, W. Roger
The rise and fall of axial highs during ridge jumps

Shyu, J. Bruce H.; Sieh, Kerry; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; 
Chen, Wen-Shan; Chen, Yue-Gau
Millennial slip rate of the Longitudinal 
Valley fault from river terraces: Implications 
for convergence across the active suture 
of eastern Taiwan

Bird, Peter; Ben-Avraham, Zvi; Schubert, Gerald; 
Andreoli, Marco; Viola, Giulio
Patterns of stress and strain rate in southern Africa

Robinson, D. P.; Brough, C.; Das, S.
The Mw 7.8, 2001 Kunlunshan earthquake: 
Extreme rupture speed variability and 
effect of fault geometry

Shaw, Bruce E.
Initiation propagation and termination of elastodynamic 
ruptures associated with segmentation of 
faults and shaking hazard

Meyer, Emily E.; Greene, George W.; Alcantar, Norma A.; 
Israelachvili, Jacob N.; Boles, James R.
Experimental investigation of the dissolution 
of quartz by a muscovite mica surface: 
Implications for pressure solution

Aloisi, Marco; Bonaccorso, Alessandro; Gambino, Salvatore
Correction to “Imaging composite dike propagation 
(Etna, 2002 case)”

Hafkenscheid, E.; Wortel, M. J. R.; Spakman, W.
Subduction history of the Tethyan region derived 
from seismic tomography and tectonic reconstructions

Nishimura, Koshi
Numerical modeling of trace element behavior 
during crystal settling and reequilibration 
in high-silica magma bodies

Woessner, J.; Schorlemmer, D.; Wiemer, S.; 
Mai, P. M.
Spatial correlation of aftershock locations 
and on-fault main shock properties