Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 7, July.

Chouet, Bernard; Dawson, Phillip; Nakano, Masaru
Dynamics of diffusive bubble growth and 
pressure recovery in a bubbly rhyolitic 
melt embedded in an elastic solid

Gottsmann, J.; Folch, A.; Rymer, H.
Unrest at Campi Flegrei: A contribution to the 
magmatic versus hydrothermal debate from 
inverse and finite element modeling

Rost, Sebastian; Garnero, Edward J.
Detection of an ultralow velocity zone at 
the core-mantle boundary using diffracted PKKPab waves

Yu, Wen-che; Wen, Lianxing
Seismic velocity and attenuation structures in 
the top 400 km of the Earth's inner 
core along equatorial paths

Lenardic, A.; Richards, M. A.; Busse, F. H.
Depth-dependent rheology and the horizontal 
length scale of mantle convection

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Aftershock decay, productivity, and stress 
rates in Hawaii: Indicators of temperature 
and stress from magma sources

Yang, Yingjie; Forsyth, Donald W.
Rayleigh wave phase velocities, small-scale 
convection, and azimuthal anisotropy 
beneath southern California

Wang, Yi; Wen, Lianxing; Weidner, Donald; He, Yumei
SH velocity and compositional models near 
the 660-km discontinuity beneath 
South America and northeast Asia

Fischer, Mark P.; Polansky, Alan
Influence of flaws on joint spacing and 
saturation: Results of one-dimensional 
mechanical modeling

Oncken, G.
Publisher's correction to “Seismic 
imaging of a convergent continental 
margin and plateau in the central Andes 
(Andean Continental Research Project 1996 (ANCORP'96))”

Ruzek, B.
Publisher's correction to “Crustal 
anisotropy in the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic: 
Observations based on Central European 
Lithospheric Experiment Based on 
Refraction (CELEBRATION) 2000”
Helmstetter, Agnes; Shaw, Bruce E.
Relation between stress heterogeneity and 
aftershock rate in the rate-and-state model

Lodolo, Emanuele; Donda, Federica; Tassone, Alejandro
Correction to “Western Scotia Sea margins: 
Improved constraints on the opening 
of the Drake Passage”

Zhang, Chuanli; Oglesby, David D.; 
Xu, Guanshui
Earthquake nucleation on dip-slip faults 
with depth-dependent frictional properties

Boukerbout, Hassina; Gibert, Dominique
Identification of sources of potential 
fields with the continuous wavelet transform: 
Two-dimensional ridgelet analysis

Muxworthy, Adrian R.; Williams, Wyn
Low-temperature cooling behavior of 
single-domain magnetite: Forcing of 
the crystallographic axes and interactions

Mori, Takahiro; Kawamura, Hikaru
Simulation study of the one-dimensional 
Burridge-Knopoff model of earthquakes

Sondergeld, Peter; Li, Baosheng; Schreuer, Jurgen; 
Carpenter, Michael A.
Discontinuous evolution of single-crystal 
elastic constants as a function of pressure 
through the C2/c <-> P21/c phase 
transition in spodumene (LiAlSi2O6)

Breivik, Asbjorn Johan; Mjelde, Rolf; 
Faleide, Jan Inge; Murai, Yoshio
Rates of continental breakup magmatism 
and seafloor spreading in the Norway 
Basin–Iceland plume interaction

Arnadottir, Thora; Jiang, Weiping; 
Feigl, Kurt L.; Geirsson, Halldor; 
Sturkell, Erik
Kinematic models of plate boundary 
deformation in southwest Iceland 
derived from GPS observations

Friedman, Peter D.; Meyer, William J., Jr.; Carey, Steven
Experimental simulation of phase mingling 
in a subaqueous lava fountain

Matmon, Dorit; Bekins, Barbara A.
Hydromechanics of a high taper angle, 
low-permeability prism: A case study from Peru

Lamb, Simon
Shear stresses on megathrusts: 
Implications for mountain building 
behind subduction zones

Perry, H. K. C.; Jaupart, C.; 
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Upper mantle velocity-temperature conversion 
and composition determined from seismic 
refraction and heat flow