Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 6, June.

Pucci, S.; Palyvos, N.; Zabci, C.; Pantosti, D.; Barchi, M.
Coseismic ruptures and tectonic landforms along the Duzce 
segment of the North Anatolian Fault Zone 
(Ms 7.1, November 1999)

Seagle, Christopher T.; Campbell, Andrew J.; 
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Thermal equation of state of Fe3S and implications 
for sulfur in Earth's core

Wang, Kelin; Hu, Yan
Accretionary prisms in subduction earthquake 
cycles: The theory of dynamic Coulomb wedge

Hu, Yan; Wang, Kelin
Bending-like behavior of thin wedge-shaped 
elastic fault blocks

Chen, J. L.; Wilson, C. R.; Seo, K.-W.
Optimized smoothing of Gravity Recovery and 
Climate Experiment (GRACE) time-variable gravity observations

Rutter, E. H.; Brodie, K. H.; Irving, D. H.
Flow of synthetic, wet, partially molten “granite” 
under undrained conditions: An experimental study

Hampel, Andrea; Hetzel, Ralf
Response of normal faults to glacial-interglacial 
fluctuations of ice and water masses on Earth's surface

Clift, Peter D.; Sun, Zhen
The sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the 
Yinggehai–Song Hong basin and the southern 
Hainan margin, South China Sea: Implications 
for Tibetan uplift and monsoon intensification

Ozdemir, Ozden; Dunlop, David J.
Magnetic domain observations on magnetite 
crystals in biotite and hornblende grains

Aloisi, Marco; Bonaccorso, Alessandro; Gambino, Salvatore
Imaging composite dike propagation (Etna, 2002 case)

Shelly, David R.; Beroza, Gregory C.; Zhang, Haijiang; 
Thurber, Clifford H.; Ide, Satoshi
High-resolution subduction zone seismicity 
and velocity structure beneath Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

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Three-dimensional shear wave structure beneath the 
Philippine Sea from land and ocean bottom 
broadband seismograms

Sirono, S.; Satomi, K.; Watanabe, S.
Numerical simulations of frictional melting: 
Small dependence of shear stress drop on 
viscosity parameters

Morita, Yuichi; Nakao, Shigeru; Hayashi, Yoshinari
A quantitative approach to the dike intrusion 
process inferred from a joint analysis of 
geodetic and seismological data for the 1998 
earthquake swarm off the east coast of 
Izu Peninsula, central Japan

Fuller, R. C.; Prevost, J. H.; Piri, M.
Three-phase equilibrium and partitioning 
calculations for CO2 sequestration in 
saline aquifers

Snow, Cameron A.
A reevaluation of tectonic discrimination 
diagrams and a new probabilistic approach 
using large geochemical databases: Moving 
beyond binary and ternary plots

Natawidjaja, Danny Hilman; Sieh, Kerry; 
Chlieh, Mohamed; Galetzka, John; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; 
Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence; 
Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Ward, Steven N.
Source parameters of the great Sumatran 
megathrust earthquakes of 1797 and 1833 
inferred from coral microatolls

Kumar, Prakash; Yuan, Xiaohui; Kind, Rainer; Ni, James
Imaging the colliding Indian and Asian 
lithospheric plates beneath Tibet

Lawrence, Jesse F.; Shearer, Peter M.
A global study of transition zone thickness 
using receiver functions

Orzol, J.; Stockhert, B.; Trepmann, C. A.; Rummel, F.
Experimental deformation of synthetic wet 
jadeite aggregates

Font, E.; Trindade, R. I. F.; Nedelec, A.
Remagnetization in bituminous limestones of 
the Neoproterozoic Araras Group (Amazon craton): 
Hydrocarbon maturation, burial diagenesis, or both?

Ganguly, Jibamitra; Frost, Daniel J.
Stability of anhydrous phase B: Experimental 
studies and implications for phase relations 
in subducting slab and the X 
discontinuity in the mantle

Fontaine, Fabrice J.; Wilcock, William S. D.
Dynamics and storage of brine in mid-ocean 
ridge hydrothermal systems

Marsan, D.
Can coseismic stress variability suppress 
seismicity shadows? Insights from a 
rate-and-state friction model

Favalli, M.; Chirico, G. D.; Papale, P.; Pareschi, M. T.; 
Coltelli, M.; Lucaya, N.; Boschi, E.
Computer simulations of lava flow paths in the 
town of Goma, Nyiragongo volcano, 
Democratic Republic of Congo

Sato, Haruo
Synthesis of vector wave envelopes in 
three-dimensional random elastic media
characterized by a Gaussian autocorrelation 
function based on the Markov approximation: 
Plane wave case

Warren, Linda M.; Silver, Paul G.
Measurement of differential rupture durations 
as constraints on the source finiteness 
of deep-focus earthquakes

Shearer, Peter M.; Prieto, German A.; 
Hauksson, Egill
Comprehensive analysis of earthquake 
source spectra in southern California

Lawrence, Jesse F.; Wiens, Douglas A.; 
Nyblade, Andrew A.; Anandakrishnan, Sridhar; 
Shore, Patrick J.; Voigt, Donald
Rayleigh wave phase velocity analysis 
of the Ross Sea, Transantarctic Mountains, 
and East Antarctica from a temporary seismograph array

Lodolo, Emanuele; Donda, Federica; 
Tassone, Alejandro
Western Scotia Sea margins: Improved 
constraints on the opening of the Drake Passage

Calais, E.; Han, J. Y.; DeMets, C.; Nocquet, J. M.
Deformation of the North American plate interior 
from a decade of continuous GPS measurements

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Seismicity in the Kingdom of Bhutan (1937–2003): 
Evidence for crustal transcurrent deformation

Kumagai, Hiroyuki
Temporal evolution of a magmatic dike system 
inferred from the complex frequencies of 
very long period seismic signals

Ismail-Zadeh, Alik; Schubert, Gerald; 
Tsepelev, Igor; Korotkii, Alexander
Three-dimensional forward and backward 
numerical modeling of mantle plume evolution: 
Effects of thermal diffusion