Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 5, May.

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GPS constraints on continental deformation in the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia
continental collision zone and implications for the dynamics of plate

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Frictional strength heterogeneity and surface heat flow: 
Implications for the strength of the creeping 
San Andreas fault

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Long-term seismogenesis in Greece: Comparison of the 
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increase approaches

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Global models of surface wave attenuation

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Reevaluation of surface rupture parameters and faulting 
segmentation of the 2001 Kunlunshan earthquake (Mw7.8), 
northern Tibetan Plateau, China

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Effect of surface solidification on the emplacement 
of lava flows on a slope

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Distribution, 14C chronology, and paleomagnetism of 
latest Pleistocene and Holocene lava flows at Haleakala volcano, 
Island of Maui, Hawai‘i: A revision of lava 
flow hazard zones

Dekov, Vesselin
Native nickel in the TAG hydrothermal field sediments 
(Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 26°N): Space trotter, guest from 
mantle, or a widespread mineral, connected with serpentinization?

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Modeling the lithospheric magnetic field over 
France by means of revised spherical cap 
harmonic analysis (R-SCHA)

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Recovering lateral variations in lithospheric 
strength from bedrock motion data using a 
coupled ice sheet-lithosphere model

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Radiated seismic energy based on dynamic rupture 
models of faulting

Walter, Thomas R.; Amelung, Falk
Volcano-earthquake interaction at Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii

Ruzek, Bohuslav
Publisher's correction to “Crustal anisotropy in the Bohemian Massif, 
Czech Republic: Observations based on Central European 
Lithospheric Experiment Based on Refraction (CELEBRATION) 2000”

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Publisher's correction to “Along-strike variations in 
the shallow seismic velocity structure of the Seattle 
fault zone: Evidence for fault segmentation beneath Puget Sound”

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Publisher's Correction to “Seismic imaging of a convergent 
continental margin and plateau in the central Andes 
(Andean Continental Research Project 1996 (ANCORP'96)”

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Strain accommodation by magmatism and faulting as 
rifting proceeds to breakup: Seismicity of the 
northern Ethiopian rift

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Imaging of intrabasalt and subbasalt structure 
with full wavefield seismic tomography

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A survey of 71 earthquake bursts across southern 
California: Exploring the role of pore fluid pressure 
fluctuations and aseismic slip as drivers

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Lattice Boltzmann pore-scale model for multicomponent 
reactive transport in porous media

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Heating and weakening of faults during earthquake slip

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CO2 flux measurements in volcanic areas using the 
dynamic concentration method: Influence of 
soil permeability

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Inference of postseismic deformation mechanisms of 
the 1923 Kanto earthquake

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Perturbation of the Izmit earthquake aftershock 
decaying activity following the 1999 Mw 7.2 Duzce,
Turkey, earthquake

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Basement structures from satellite-derived gravity 
field: South China Sea ridge

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Heterogeneous fault stresses from previous 
earthquakes and the effect on dynamics of 
parallel strike-slip faults

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Three-dimensional joint inversion for magnetotelluric 
resistivity and static shift distributions in complex media

Zhou, Shiyong; Johnston, Steven; Robinson, Russell; 
Vere-Jones, David
Tests of the precursory accelerating moment release 
model using a synthetic seismicity model for 
Wellington, New Zealand

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Relationship between rupture process complexity 
and earthquake size

Sato, K.; Mori, J.
Scaling relationship of initiations for moderate 
to large earthquakes

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India and Sunda plates motion and deformation along 
their boundary in Myanmar determined by GPS

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Geocenter motions from GPS: A unified observation model

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Thrust wedges and fluid overpressures: Sandbox models 
involving pore fluids

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Gas slug ascent through changes in conduit diameter: 
Laboratory insights into a volcano-seismic source 
process in low-viscosity magmas

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Strain accumulation across the Carrizo segment of 
the San Andreas Fault, California: Impact of 
laterally varying crustal properties

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Shear velocity variation within the D’ region
beneath the central Pacific

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Reprocessing of a global GPS network

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Effects of melt depletion on the density and 
seismic velocity of garnet and spinel lherzolite

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A thermal pressurization model for the 
spontaneous dynamic rupture propagation 
on a three-dimensional fault: 2. Traction 
evolution and dynamic parameters
Bizzarri, A.; Cocco, M.
A thermal pressurization model for the 
spontaneous dynamic rupture propagation 
on a three-dimensional fault: 
1. Methodological approach
Hauksson, Egill; Shearer, Peter M.
Attenuation models (QP and QS) in three 
dimensions of the southern California crust: 
Inferred fluid saturation at seismogenic depths

Zhang, Wenbo; Iwata, Tomotaka; Irikura, Kojiro
Dynamic simulation of a dipping fault 
using a three-dimensional finite difference 
method with nonuniform grid spacing