Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 12, December.

Feinberg, Joshua M.; Harrison, Richard J.; 
Kasama, Takeshi; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.;
Scott, Gary R.; Renne, Paul R.
Effects of internal mineral structures on the 
magnetic remanence of silicate-hosted 
titanomagnetite inclusions: An electron 
holography study

Nakatani, Masao; Scholz, Christopher H.
Intrinsic and apparent short-time limits 
for fault healing: Theory, observations, 
and implications for velocity-dependent friction

Kopp, Robert E.; Nash, Cody Z.; Kobayashi, Atsuko; 
Weiss, Benjamin P.; Bazylinski, Dennis A.; 
Kirschvink, Joseph L.
Ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy for 
assessment of magnetic anisotropy and magnetostatic 
interactions: A case study of mutant magnetotactic bacteria

Sodoudi, F.; Kind, R.; Hatzfeld, D.; Priestley, K.; 
Hanka, W.; Wylegalla, K.; Stavrakakis, G.; Vafidis, A.; 
Harjes, H.-P.; Bohnhoff, M.
Lithospheric structure of the Aegean obtained from 
P and S receiver functions

Hindmarsh, Richard C. A.
Stress gradient damping of thermoviscous ice 
flow instabilities

Bonaccorso, Alessandro; Bonforte, Alessandro; 
Guglielmino, Francesco; Palano, Mimmo; Puglisi, Giuseppe
Composite ground deformation pattern forerunning 
the 2004–2005 Mount Etna eruption

Johnson, Joel; Brown, Stephen; Stockman, Harlan
Fluid flow and mixing in rough-walled 
fracture intersections

Rodgers, D. W.; Little, T. A.
World's largest coseismic strike-slip offset: 
The 1855 rupture of the Wairarapa Fault, New Zealand, 
and implications for displacement/length scaling 
of continental earthquakes

Lattard, Dominique; Engelmann, Ralf; Kontny, Agnes; 
Sauerzapf, Ursula
Curie temperatures of synthetic titanomagnetites 
in the Fe-Ti-O system: Effects of composition, 
crystal chemistry, and thermomagnetic methods

Grunewald, Elliot D.; Stein, Ross S.
A new 1649–1884 catalog of destructive earthquakes 
near Tokyo and implications for the 
long-term seismic process

Marcaillou, Boris; Spence, George; 
Collot, Jean-Yves; Wang, Kelin
Thermal regime from bottom simulating reflectors 
along the north Ecuador–south Colombia margin: 
Relation to margin segmentation and great 
subduction earthquakes

Parsons, Tom
M ` 7.0 earthquake recurrence on the San 
Andreas fault from a stress renewal model

Rosseel, Jean-Baptiste; White, J. D. L.; 
Houghton, B. F.
Complex bombs of phreatomagmatic eruptions: 
Role of agglomeration and welding in vents 
of the 1886 Rotomahana eruption, Tarawera,
New Zealand

Roberts, Andrew P.; Liu, Qingsong; Rowan, Christopher J.; 
Chang, Liao; Carvallo, Claire; Torrent, Jose; Horng, Chorng-Shern
Characterization of hematite (a-Fe2O3), goethite (a-FeOOH), 
greigite (Fe3S4), and pyrrhotite (Fe7S8) 
using first-order reversal curve diagrams

Liu, Qingsong; Yu, Yongjae; Torrent, Jose; Roberts, Andrew P.;
Pan, Yongxin; Zhu, Rixiang
Characteristic low-temperature magnetic properties 
of aluminous goethite [a-(Fe, Al)OOH] explained

Strada, Eleonora; Talarico, Franco Maria; Florindo, Fabio
Magnetic petrology of variably retrogressed eclogites 
and amphibolites: A case study from the Hercynian 
basement of northern Sardinia (Italy)

Guo, Yonggui; Morgan, Julia K.
The frictional and micromechanical effects of 
grain comminution in fault gouge from distinct 
element simulations

Wang, P.; de Hoop, M. V.; van der Hilst, R. D.; Ma, P.; 
Tenorio, L.
Imaging of structure at and near the core mantle 
boundary using a generalized radon transform: 
1. Construction of image gathers

Jefferies, S. P.; Holdsworth, R. E.; Shimamoto, T.; 
Takagi, H.; Lloyd, G. E.; Spiers, C. J.
Origin and mechanical significance of foliated 
cataclastic rocks in the cores of crustal-scale 
faults: Examples from the Median Tectonic Line, Japan

Soares, Jose E.; Berrocal, Jesus; Fuck, Reinhardt A.; 
Mooney, Walter D.; Ventura, Dhebora B. R.
Seismic characteristics of central Brazil crust 
and upper mantle: A deep seismic refraction study

Mulch, A.; Teyssier, C.; Cosca, M. A.; Vennemann, T. W.
Thermomechanical analysis of strain localization 
in a ductile detachment zone

Teige, Gunn M. G.; Thomas, Wibeke L. H.; 
Hermanrud, Christian; Oren, Pal-Eric; 
Rennan, Lars; Wilson, Ove Bjorn; 
Nordgard Bolas, Hege M.
Relative permeability to wetting-phase 
water in oil reservoirs

Carvallo, Claire; Roberts, Andrew P.; Leonhardt, Roman; 
Laj, Carlo; Kissel, Catherine; Perrin, Mireille; Camps, Pierre
Increasing the efficiency of paleointensity 
analyses by selection of samples using 
first-order reversal curve diagrams

Konig, Matthias; Jokat, Wilfried
The Mesozoic breakup of the Weddell Sea

Egli, R.
Theoretical aspects of dipolar interactions 
and their appearance in first-order reversal 
curves of thermally activated single-domain particles

Benson, Philip M.; Meredith, Philip G.; Schubnel, Alexandre
Role of void space geometry in permeability 
evolution in crustal rocks at elevated pressure

Potter, David K.
Quantifying transdomain transitions in three 
dimensions and the limits of classical and 
metastable single-domain behavior using 
field-impressed magnetic anisotropy

Fukuma, Koji; Dunlop, David J.
Three-dimensional micromagnetic modeling of r
andomly oriented magnetite grains (0.03–0.3 mm)

Carter-Stiglitz, Brian; Moskowitz, Bruce; 
Solheid, Peter; Berquo, Thelma S.; Jackson, Michael;
Kosterov, Andrey
Low-temperature magnetic behavior of multidomain 
titanomagnetites: TM0, TM16, and TM35

Jackson, Michael J.; Williams, Wyn; Smirnov, Alexei
Introduction to the special section on 
Fundamental and Frontier Research in Rock Magnetism

Buck, W. Roger; Einarsson, Pall; Brandsdottir, Bryndis
Tectonic stress and magma chamber size as controls 
on dike propagation: Constraints from the 
1975–1984 Krafla rifting episode

Shillington, Donna J.; Holbrook, W. Steven; 
Van Avendonk, Harm J. A.; Tucholke, Brian E.; 
Hopper, John R.; Louden, Keith E.; 
Larsen, Hans Christian; Nunes, Gregory T.
Correction to “Evidence for asymmetric 
nonvolcanic rifting and slow incipient 
oceanic accretion from seismic reflection 
data on the Newfoundland margin”

Taylor, Michael; Peltzer, Gilles
Current slip rates on conjugate strike-slip 
faults in central Tibet using synthetic 
aperture radar interferometry

Jezek, Josef; Gilder, Stuart A.
Competition of magnetic and hydrodynamic forces 
on ellipsoidal particles under shear: Influence 
of the Earth's magnetic field on particle 
alignment in viscous media

Sagnotti, Leonardo; Macri, Patrizia; 
Egli, Ramon; Mondino, Manlio
Magnetic properties of atmospheric particulate 
matter from automatic air sampler stations 
in Latium (Italy): Toward a definition of 
magnetic fingerprints for natural and 
anthropogenic PM10 sources

Geiss, Christoph E.; Zanner, C. William
How abundant is pedogenic magnetite? 
Abundance and grain size estimates for 
loessic soils based on rock magnetic analyses

Egli, R.
Theoretical considerations on the anhysteretic 
remanent magnetization of interacting 
particles with uniaxial anisotropy

Hirt, Ann M.; Brem, Franziska; Hanzlik, Marianne; 
Faivre, Damien
Anomalous magnetic properties of brain tissue 
at low temperature: The 50 K anomaly

Baud, Patrick; Vajdova, Veronika; Wong, Teng-fong
Shear-enhanced compaction and strain localization: 
Inelastic deformation and constitutive 
modeling of four porous sandstones

Petrovsky, E.; Kapicka, A.
On determination of the Curie point from 
thermomagnetic curves

Wardinski, I.; Holme, R.
A time-dependent model of the Earth's magnetic 
field and its secular variation for the period 1980–2000

Yu, Yonggang G.; Wentzcovitch, Renata M.
Density functional study of vibrational and 
thermodynamic properties of ringwoodite

McGrail, B. Peter; Schaef, H. Todd; Ho, Anita M.;
Chien, Yi-Ju; Dooley, James J.; Davidson, Casie L.
Potential for carbon dioxide sequestration in flood basalts

Ramachandran, K.; Hyndman, R. D.; Brocher, T. M.
Regional P wave velocity structure of the 
Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone