Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 11, November.

Shcherbakov, V. P.; Zhidkov, G. V.
Multivectorial paleointensity determination
by the Thellier method

Muxworthy, Adrian R.; Williams, Wyn
Critical single-domain/multidomain grain 
sizes in noninteracting and interacting 
elongated magnetite particles: 
Implications for magnetosomes

Davy, P.; Darcel, C.; Bour, O.; Munier, R.; 
de Dreuzy, J. R.
A note on the angular correction applied
to fracture intensity profiles along drill core

Wang, Jeen-Hwa
Energy release and heat generation during
the 1999 Ms7.6 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake

Pan, Yongxin; Liu, Qingsong; 
Deng, Chenglong; Qin, Huafeng; Zhu, Rixiang
Thermally induced inversion of Al-substituted 
titanomagnetite in basalts: Evidence 
for partial self-reversal
Tkalcic, H.; Pasyanos, M. E.; Rodgers, A. J.; 
Gok, R.; Walter, W. R.; Al-Amri, A.
A multistep approach for joint modeling of 
surface wave dispersion and teleseismic 
receiver functions: Implications for lithospheric 
structure of the Arabian Peninsula

Hardebeck, Jeanne L.; Michael, Andrew J.
Damped regional-scale stress inversions: 
Methodology and examples for southern 
California and the Coalinga aftershock sequence

Jackson, Mike; Carter-Stiglitz, Brian; 
Egli, Ramon; Solheid, Peter
Characterizing the superparamagnetic grain 
distribution f(V, Hk) by thermal 
fluctuation tomography

Lasocki, Stanislaw; Papadimitriou, Eleftheria E.
Magnitude distribution complexity 
revealed in seismicity from Greece

Forsyth, Donald W.; Harmon, Nicholas; 
Scheirer, Daniel S.; Duncan, Robert A.
Distribution of recent volcanism and the 
morphology of seamounts and ridges in the 
GLIMPSE study area: Implications for the 
lithospheric cracking hypothesis for the 
origin of intraplate, non–hot spot volcanic chains
Harmon, Nicholas; Forsyth, Donald W.; 
Scheirer, Daniel S.
Analysis of gravity and topography in the 
GLIMPSE study region: Isostatic compensation 
and uplift of the Sojourn and Hotu Matua Ridge systems

Williams, Wyn; Muxworthy, Adrian R.; 
Paterson, Greig A.
Configurational anisotropy in single-domain 
and pseudosingle-domain grains of magnetite
Chang, Wu-Lung; Smith, Robert B.; 
Meertens, Charles M.; Harris, Ron A.
Contemporary deformation of the Wasatch Fault, 
Utah, from GPS measurements with implications 
for interseismic fault behavior and 
earthquake hazard: Observations 
and kinematic analysis

Lee, Shiann-Jong; Ma, Kuo-Fong; Chen, How-Wei
Three-dimensional dense strong motion waveform 
inversion for the rupture process of the 
1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake

Mecklenburgh, Julian; Zhao, Yong-Hong; 
Heidelbach, Florian; Mackwell, Steve
Deformation of olivine-spinel aggregates 
in the system (Mg,Ni)2GeO4 deformed to 
high strain in torsion: Implications 
for upper mantle anisotropy

Namiki, Atsuko; Manga, Michael
Influence of decompression rate on the 
expansion velocity and expansion 
style of bubbly fluids

Voorhies, C. V.
A geomagnetic estimate of mean paleointensity

Ozdemir, Ozden; Dunlop, David J.
Magnetic memory and coupling between 
spin-canted and defect magnetism in hematite

Van Avendonk, Harm J. A.; Holbrook, W. Steven; 
Nunes, Gregory T.; Shillington, Donna J.; 
Tucholke, Brian E.; Louden, Keith E.; 
Larsen, Hans Christian; Hopper, John R.
Seismic velocity structure of the rifted margin 
of the eastern Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada

Engen, Oyvind; Frazer, L. Neil; Wessel, Pal; 
Faleide, Jan Inge
Prediction of sediment thickness in the 
Norwegian–Greenland Sea from gravity inversion

Ferreira, A. M. G.; d'Oreye, N. F.; 
Woodhouse, J. H.; Zurn, W.
Comparison of fluid tiltmeter data with 
long-period seismograms: Surface waves 
and Earth's free oscillations

Nyst, M.; Nishimura, T.; Pollitz, F. F.; 
Thatcher, W.
The 1923 Kanto earthquake reevaluated 
using a newly augmented geodetic data set

Caratori Tontini, F.; Cocchi, L.; Carmisciano, C.
Depth-to-the-bottom optimization for magnetic 
data inversion: Magnetic structure of the 
Latium volcanic region, Italy

Sun, Xinlei; Poupinet, Georges; Song, Xiaodong
Examination of systematic mislocation of South 
Sandwich Islands earthquakes using station pairs: 
Implications for inner core rotation

Dunlop, David J.; Carter-Stiglitz, Brian
Day plots of mixtures of superparamagnetic, 
single-domain, pseudosingle-domain, 
and multidomain magnetites

Sorlien, Christopher C.; Kamerling, Marc J.; 
Seeber, Leonardo; Broderick, Kris G.
Restraining segments and reactivation of the 
Santa Monica–Dume–Malibu Coast fault system, 
offshore Los Angeles, California

Speranza, Fabio; Branca, Stefano; Coltelli, Mauro; 
D'Ajello Caracciolo, Francesca; Vigliotti, Luigi
How accurate is “paleomagnetic dating”? 
New evidence from historical lavas from Mount Etna

Mignan, A.; Bowman, D. D.; King, G. C. P.
An observational test of the origin of 
accelerating moment release before 
large earthquakes

Behn, Mark D.; Kelemen, Peter B.
Stability of arc lower crust: Insights from 
the Talkeetna arc section, south central Alaska, 
and the seismic structure of modern arcs

Li, Baosheng; Woody, Kelly; Kung, Jennifer
Elasticity of MgO to 11 GPa with an independent 
absolute pressure scale: Implications for 
pressure calibration

Tallarico, A.; Dragoni, M.; Zito, G.
Evaluation of lava effusion rate and viscosity 
from other flow parameters

Shalivahan, null; Sinharay, Rajib K.; 
Bhattacharya, Bimalendu B.
Remote reference magnetotelluric impedance 
estimation of wideband data using hybrid algorithm
Dai, Shuang; Fang, Xiaomin; Dupont-Nivet, Guillaume; 
Song, Chunhui; Gao, Junping; Krijgsman, Wout; 
Langereis, Cor; Zhang, Weilin
Magnetostratigraphy of Cenozoic sediments 
from the Xining Basin: Tectonic implications 
for the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

Wilson, Jennifer E.; Goodwin, Laurel B.; Lewis, Claudia
Correction to “Diagenesis of deformation band faults: 
Record and mechanical consequences of vadose zone 
flow and transport in the Bandelier Tuff, 
Los Alamos, New Mexico”
Eberhart-Phillips, Donna; Christensen, Douglas H.; 
Brocher, Thomas M.; Hansen, Roger; Ruppert, Natalia A.; 
Haeussler, Peter J.; Abers, Geoffrey A.
Imaging the transition from Aleutian subduction to 
Yakutat collision in central Alaska, with local 
earthquakes and active source data

Usui, Yoichi; Nakamura, Norihiro; Yoshida, Takeyoshi
Magnetite microexsolutions in silicate and magmatic 
flow fabric of the Goyozan granitoid (NE Japan): 
Significance of partial remanence anisotropy

Milne, Glenn A.; Dunlop, David J.
Angular variation of the magnetic properties 
and reversal mode of aligned single-domain 
iron nanoparticles

Dunlop, David J.
Inverse thermoremanent magnetization

Ball, M.; Pinkerton, H.
Factors affecting the accuracy of thermal 
imaging cameras in volcanology

Xia, Qun-Ke; Yang, Xiao-Zhi; Deloule, Etienne; 
Sheng, Ying-Ming; Hao, Yan-Tao
Water in the lower crustal granulite xenoliths 
from Nushan, eastern China

Bizzarri, A.; Cocco, M.
Correction to ”A thermal pressurization model for the 
spontaneous dynamic rupture propagation on a 
three-dimensional fault: 1. Methodological approach”

Doubrovine, Pavel V.; Tarduno, John A.
Alteration and self-reversal in oceanic basalts

Liu, Kelly H.; Gao, Stephen S.
Mantle transition zone discontinuities beneath 
the Baikal rift and adjacent areas

Agard, P.; Monie, P.; Gerber, W.; Omrani, J.; 
Molinaro, M.; Meyer, B.; Labrousse, L.; Vrielynck, B.; 
Jolivet, L.; Yamato, P.
Transient, synobduction exhumation of Zagros 
blueschists inferred from P-T, deformation, time, 
and kinematic constraints: Implications for 
Neotethyan wedge dynamics

Amitrano, David; Helmstetter, Agnes
Brittle creep, damage, and time to failure in rocks