Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 2006, V 111, N 10, October.

Smirnov, A. V.
Memory of the magnetic field applied during 
cooling in the low-temperature phase of magnetite: 
Grain size dependence

Ragona, Daniel; Minster, Bernard; 
Rockwell, Thomas; Jussila, Jouni
Field imaging spectroscopy: A new methodology 
to assist the description, interpretation, 
and archiving of paleoseismological 
information from faulted exposures

Rudnicki, John W.; Rice, James R.
Effective normal stress alteration due to 
pore pressure changes induced by dynamic 
slip propagation on a plane between 
dissimilar materials

Duchesne, Mathieu J.; Long, Bernard F.; 
Labrie, Jacques; Simpkin, Peter G.
On the use of computerized tomography scan 
analysis to determine the genesis of very 
high resolution seismic reflection facies

Yu, Yongjae; Dunlop, David J.
Testing the independence of partial 
thermoremanent magnetizations of 
single-domain and multidomain grains: 
Implications for paleointensity determination

D'Auria, Luca; Marotta, Enrica; Martini, Marcello; 
Ricciolino, Patrizia
Seismic and acoustic detection of a bolide 
airburst in the Gulf of Naples (southern Italy)

Evans, Michael E.; Krasa, David; Williams, Wyn; 
Winklhofer, Michael
Magnetostatic interactions in a natural 
magnetite-ulvospinel system

Van Camp, M.; Vanclooster, M.; Crommen, O.; 
Petermans, T.; Verbeeck, K.; Meurers, B.; 
van Dam, T.; Dassargues, A.
Hydrogeological investigations at the 
Membach station, Belgium, and application 
to correct long periodic gravity variations

Soto, Ruth; Casas-Sainz, Antonio M.; 
Pueyo, Emilio L.
Along-strike variation of orogenic 
wedges associated with vertical axis rotations

Kodaira, Shuichi; Hori, Takane; Ito, Aki; 
Miura, Seiichi; Fujie, Gou; Park, Jin-Oh; 
Baba, Toshitaka; Sakaguchi, Hide; 
Kaneda, Yoshiyuki
Correction to “A cause of rupture segmentation 
and synchronization in the Nankai trough 
revealed by seismic imaging and numerical simulation”

Stehly, L.; Campillo, M.; Shapiro, N. M.
A study of the seismic noise from its 
long-range correlation properties

Masson, Y. J.; Pride, S. R.; Nihei, K. T.
Finite difference modeling of Biot's 
poroelastic equations at seismic frequencies

Kerr, R. C.; Griffiths, R. W.; Cashman, K. V.
Formation of channelized lava flows 
on an unconfined slope

Cathles, Lawrence M.; Chen, Duo Fu; 
Nicholson, Benjamin F.
A dimensionless vent number characterizing 
the thermal impact of fluid discharge 
through planar and cylindrical vents 
with particular application to seafloor 
gas vents crystallizing hydrate
Khan, A.; Connolly, J. A. D.; Olsen, N.
Constraining the composition and thermal 
state of the mantle beneath Europe from 
inversion of long-period electromagnetic sounding data

Priestley, Keith; Debayle, Eric; McKenzie, D.; Pilidou, S.
Upper mantle structure of eastern Asia 
from multimode surface waveform tomography

Matsushima, Jun
Seismic wave attenuation in methane 
hydrate-bearing sediments: Vertical seismic 
profiling data from the Nankai Trough 
exploratory well, offshore Tokai, central Japan

Li, Aibing; Burke, Kevin
Upper mantle structure of southern Africa 
from Rayleigh wave tomography

Eggers, C. G.; Berli, M.; Accorsi, M. L.; Or, D.
Deformation and permeability of aggregated 
soft earth materials

Fortin, Jerome; Stanchits, Sergei; 
Dresen, Georg; Gueguen, Yves
Acoustic emission and velocities 
associated with the formation of 
compaction bands in sandstone

Pritchard, M. E.; Ji, C.; Simons, M.
Distribution of slip from 11 Mw > 6 
earthquakes in the northern Chile subduction zone

Heilbronner, Renee; Tullis, Jan
Evolution of c axis pole figures and 
grain size during dynamic recrystallization: 
Results from experimentally sheared quartzite

Fagents, Sarah A.; Baloga, Stephen M.
Toward a model for the bulking and debulking of lahars

Simoes, Martine; Avouac, Jean Philippe
Investigating the kinematics of mountain 
building in Taiwan from the spatiotemporal 
evolution of the foreland basin 
and western foothills

Monsalve, G.; Sheehan, A.; Schulte-Pelkum, V.; 
Rajaure, S.; Pandey, M. R.; Wu, F.
Seismicity and one-dimensional velocity 
structure of the Himalayan collision zone: 
Earthquakes in the crust and upper mantle