The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2002, V 116, N 9, March 1.

TE Stationary tempering and the complex quadrature problem
AU Dubravko Sabo, J.D.Doll, and David L.Freeman
PP 3509-3520

TE Accurate core electron binding energy calculations using 
Small 6-31G and TZV core hole optimized basis sets
AU Stephane Carniato and Philippe Millie
PP 3521-3532

TE Optimization of configuration interaction coefficients in
multideterminant Jastrow-Slater wave functions
AU Friedemann Schautz and Stephen Fahy
PP 3533-3539

TE Vibrational dynamics of large hot molecules in the 
Collisionless gas phase
AU C.Stromberg, D.J.Myers, and M.D.Fayer
PP 3540-3553

TE Dynamics of Coulomb explosion and kinetic energy release in
clusters of heterocyclic compounds
AU D.A.Card, E.S.Wisniewski, D.E.Folmer, and A.W.Castleman, Jr.
PP 3554-3567

TE Potential energy surfaces of Lawrencium and Nobelium dihydrides
(LrH_{2} and NoH_{2})
AU K.Balasubramanian
PP 3568-3575

TE Scanning the potential energy surface of iron clusters: A novel
search strategy
AU P.Bobadova-Parvanova, K.A.Jackson, S.Srinivas, M.Horoi,
C.Koehler, and G.Seifert
PP 3576-3587

TE Experimental and theoretical investigation of microsolvation of
Na^{+}-ions in the gas phase by high resolution mass
spectrometry and global cluster geometry optimization
AU B.Hartke, A.Charvat, M.Reich, and B.Abel
PP 3588-3600

TE Photoelectron spectroscopy of Si_{2}C_{3}^{-} and quantum
chemistry of the linear Si_{2}C_{3} cluster and its isomers
AU Xiaofeng Duan, Larry W.Burggraf, David E.Weeks,
Gustavo E.Davico, Rebecca L.Schwartz, and W.Carl Lineberger
PP 3601-3611

TE Rearrangement pathways of the water trimer and tetramer anions
AU Dominic R.Alfonso and Kenneth D.Jordan
PP 3612-3616

TE State-to-state and total rotational energy transfer rate
constants for CN(B ^{2}Sigma^{+},v=0,N)+H_{2}, CN(X
^{2}Sigma^{+},v=2,N)+H_{2}, D_{2}, and CN(X ^{2}Sigma^{+},v=3,N)+NO
AU Sophie M.K.Brunet, Jingzhong Guo, Tucker Carrington,
S.V.Filseth, and C.M.Sadowski
PP 3617-3625

TE Spectroscopic constants of MH and M_{2} (M=Tl, E113, Bi, E115):
Direct comparisons of four- and two-component approaches in the
framework of relativistic density functional theory
AU Wenjian Liu, Christoph van Wuellen, Fan Wang, and Lemin Li
PP 3626-3634

TE Electronic structure and bonding in unligated and ligated
Fe^{II} porphyrins
AU Meng-Sheng Liao and Steve Scheiner
PP 3635-3645

TE Tuning the two-photon absorption response of quadrupolar organic
AU E.Zojer, D.Beljonne, T.Kogej, H.Vogel, S.R.Marder, J.W.Perry, and J.L.Bredas
PP 3646-3658

TE A new interpretation of the CrO^{-} photoelectron detachment spectra
AU Charles W.Bauschlicher, Jr.and G.L.Gutsev
PP 3659-3661

TE Microwave electronic spectrum of the Ne...Ne^{+} long-range
complex: The interaction potential
AU Alan Carrington, David I.Gammie, Josephine C.Page,
Andrew M.Shaw, and Jeremy M.Hutson
PP 3662-3669

TE Semiclassical calculations of energy level widths for the
unimolecular dissociation of HN_{2} and DN_{2}
AU Yin Guo and Donald L.Thompson
PP 3670-3675

TE High-resolution inner-shell photoabsorption of the OH and OD
free radicals
AU Stefano Stranges, Robert Richter, and Michele Alagia
PP 3676-3680

TE Strong electron correlations in cobalt valence tautomers
AU M.X.LaBute, R.V.Kulkarni, R.G.Endres, and D.L.Cox
PP 3681-3689

TE Geometries and spectroscopic properties of silicon clusters
(Si_{5}, Si_{5}^{+}, Si_{5}^{-}, Si_{6}, Si_{6}^{+}, and Si_{6}^{-})
AU Cunyuan Zhao and K.Balasubramanian
PP 3690-3699

TE The reaction of C_{2}H with H_{2}: Absolute rate coefficient
measurements and ab initio study
AU Jozef Peeters, Benny Ceursters, Hue Minh Thi Nguyen, and Minh Tho Nguyen
PP 3700-3709

TE Observation and analysis of high-J o_{1}-e_{1} inter-state
transitions in CH_{2}DOH
AU Indranath Mukhopadhyay, David S.Perry, Yun-Bo Duan,
John C.Pearson, S.Albert, Rebecca A.H.Butler, Eric Herbst,and Frank C.DeLucia
PP 3710-3717

TE Soret and mass diffusion measurements and molecular dynamics
simulations of n-pentane-n-decane mixtures
AU Andrea Perronace, Cindy Leppla, Frederic Leroy,
Bernard Rousseau, and Simone Wiegand
PP 3718-3729

TE Linear response properties for solvated molecules described by a
combined multiconfigurational self-consistent-field/molecular mechanics model
AU Tina D.Poulsen, Peter R.Ogilby, and Kurt V.Mikkelsen
PP 3730-3738

TE Calculations of nonlinear spectra of liquid Xe. I. Third-order Raman response
AU Jianshu Cao, Jianlan Wu, and Shilong Yang
PP 3739-3759

TE Calculations of nonlinear spectra of liquid Xe. II. Fifth-order Raman response
AU Jianshu Cao, Shilong Yang, and Jianlan Wu
PP 3760-3776

TE Saddle points and dynamics of Lennard-Jones clusters, solids,
and supercooled liquids
AU Jonathan P.K.Doye and David J.Wales
PP 3777-3788

TE The liquid-glass transition of silica
AU Barbara Coluzzi and Paolo Verrocchio
PP 3789-3794

TE The vibrational properties of xenon hydrate: An inelastic
incoherent neutron scattering study
AU Christian Gutt, Julian Baumert, Werner Press, John S.Tse, and Stefan Janssen
PP 3795-3799

TE Adsorption structure of 1,4-cyclohexadiene on Si(001)
AU Jun-Hyung Cho, Dong-Hwa Oh, Kwang S.Kim, and Leonard Kleinman
PP 3800-3804

TE Xe nuclear magnetic resonance line shapes in nanochannels
AU Cynthia J.Jameson and Angel Dios
PP 3805-3821

TE Evidence of a tilted and herringbone structure in cadmium
behenate Langmuir-Blodgett ultrathin films: Comparison with Langmuir monolayers
AU V.Dupres, S.Cantin, F.Perrot, P.Fontaine, and M.Goldmann
PP 3822-3827

TE The pump power dependence of the femtosecond relaxation of CdSe
nanoparticles observed in the spectral range from visible to infrared
AU Clemens Burda, Stephan Link, Mona B.Mohamed, and Mostafa El-Sayed
PP 3828-3833

TE Ultrafast optical Kerr effect measurements of third-order
nonlinearities in cross-conjugated iso-polydiacetylene oligomers
AU Aaron D.Slepkov, Frank A.Hegmann, Yuming Zhao, Rik R.Tykwinski,
and Kenji Kamada
PP 3834-3840

TE Constructing accurate potential energy surfaces for a diatomic
molecule interacting with a solid surface: H_{2}+Pt(111) and H_{2}+Cu(100)
AU R.A.Olsen, H.F.Busnengo, A.Salin, M.F.Somers, G.J.Kroes, and E.J.Baerends
PP 3841-3855

TE Crossover among structural motifs in transition and noble-metal clusters
AU F.Baletto, R.Ferrando, A.Fortunelli, F.Montalenti, and C.Mottet
PP 3856-3863

TE Polymorphous transformations in alkaline-earth silicates
AU Jianjun Liu, Chun-gang Duan, W.N.Mei, R.W.Smith, and J.R.Hardy
PP 3864-3869

TE Chromium deposition on ordered alumina films: An x-ray
photoelectron spectroscopy study of the interaction with oxygen
AU M.Eriksson, J.Sainio, and J.Lahtinen
PP 3870-3874

TE Liquid meniscus condensation in dip-pen nanolithography
AU Joonkyung Jang, George C.Schatz, and Mark A.Ratner
PP 3875-3886

TE A neutron scattering study of orientational ordering in the
smectic and nematic phases of the liquid crystal,
2',3'-difluoro-4-heptyl-4"-nonyl p-terphenyl
AU I.W.Hamley, G.R.Luckhurst, R.M.Richardson, and F.Santos
PP 3887-3899

TE Mesoscopic description of a chemical bistable state
AU Rui Zhu and Qian Shu Li
PP 3900-3904

TE Intrachain correlation functions and shapes of homopolymers with
different architectures in dilute solution
AU Edward G.Timoshenko, Yuri A.Kuznetsov, and Ronan Connolly
PP 3905-3916

TE Simple approach to polyampholytes based on chain polarizabilities
AU Malek O.Khan, Torbjoern Akesson, and Bo Joensson
PP 3917-3924

TE Dynamic fragility in polymers: A comparison in isobaric and
isochoric conditions
AU Dinghai Huang, Dina M.Colucci, and Gregory B.McKenna
PP 3925-3934

TE Ab initio investigation of doping-enhanced electronic and
vibrational second hyperpolarizability of polyacetylene chains
AU Benoit Champagne, Milena Spassova, Jean-Benoit Jadin, and Bernard Kirtman
PP 3935-3946

TE Cluster size distribution of voids in a polymer melt
AU Sagar S.Rane and P.D.Gujrati
PP 3947-3956