The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2002, V 116, N 7, February 15.

TE Crossed beam investigations of the reaction dynamics of O(^{3}P)
with allyl radical, C_{3}H_{5}
AU Han-Cheol Kwon, Jong-Ho Park, Hohjai Lee, Hee-Kyung Kim,
Young-Sang Choi, and Jong-Ho Choi
PP 2675-2679

TE Anomaly of the temperature dependence of the diffusion of oxygen
in supercritical water
AU T.Ohmori and Y.Kimura
PP 2680-2683

TE Discovery of CO_{2} precursor in the reaction of CO and O on Pt(111)
AU S.-J.Han, C.-W.Lee, H.Yoon, and H.Kang
PP 2684-2687

TE Diffusion coefficient for reptation of polymers with kinematic
AU Richard D.Willmann
PP 2688-2691

TE Lateral copolymer domain patterning through thermal gradients
AU Galen T.Pickett
PP 2692-2695


TE Infinite-order two-component theory for relativistic quantum chemistry AU Maria Barysz and Andrzej J.Sadlej PP 2696-2704 TE Fourth-order quantum master equation and its Markovian bath limit AU Seogjoo Jang, Jianshu Cao, and Robert J.Silbey PP 2705-2717 TE Mixed quantum classical rate theory for dissipative systems AU Jie-Lou Liao and Eli Pollak PP 2718-2727 TE Analysis of the magnetic coupling in binuclear complexes. I. Physics of the coupling AU Carmen J.Calzado, Jesus Cabrero, Jean Paul Malrieu, and Rosa Caballol PP 2728-2747 TE Real time path integrals using the Herman-Kluk propagator AU John C.Burant and Victor S.Batista PP 2748-2756 TE Rotationally resolved quenching and relaxation of CH(A^{2}Delta,v=0,N) in the presence of CO AU P.Meden, M.Kind, and F.Stuhl PP 2757-2762 TE C-Cl bond fission, HCl elimination, and secondary radical decomposition in the 193 nm photodissociation of allyl chloride AU Melita L.Morton, Laurie J.Butler, Thomas A.Stephenson, and Fei Qi PP 2763-2775 TE Rotationally resolved photoionization dynamics of hot CO fragmented from OCS AU Anouk M.Rijs, Ellen H.G.Backus, Cornelis Lange, Maurice H.M.Janssen, Nicholas P.C.Westwood, Kwanghsi Wang,and Vincent McKoy PP 2776-2782 TE Trajectory and molecular binding effects in stopping cross section for hydrogen beams on H_{2} AU R.Cabrera-Trujillo, Y.Oehrn, E.Deumens, and John R.Sabin PP 2783-2793 TE Abstraction and exchange mechanisms for the D_{2}+NH_{3}^{+} reaction at hyperthermal collision energies AU Mauricio Coutinho-Neto, Erik Deumens, and Yngve Oehrn PP 2794-2802 TE Photodissociation dynamics of phosgene: New observations by applying a three-dimensional imaging technique AU Tina Einfeld, Alexei Chichinin, Christof Maul,and Karl-Heinz Gericke PP 2803-2810 TE Low-energy resonant structures in electron scattering from C_{20} fullerene AU F.A.Gianturco, G.Yu.Kashenock, R.R.Lucchese, and N.Sanna PP 2811-2824 TE Spin-orbit coupling and conical intersections in molecules with an odd number of electrons. III. A perturbative determination of the electronic energies, derivative couplings and a rigorous diabatic representation near a conical intersection AU Spiridoula Matsika and David R.Yarkony PP 2825-2835 TE S_{1}/S_{2} exciton splitting in the (2-pyridone)_{2} dimer AU Andreas Mueller, Francis Talbot, and Samuel Leutwyler PP 2836-2847 TE Stabilization calculation of the energy and lifetime of metastable SO_{4}^{2-} AU Amanda Whitehead, Robyn Barrios, and Jack Simons PP 2848-2851 TE Annihilation rate in positronic systems by quantum Monte Carlo: e^{+}LiH as test case AU Massimo Mella, Simone Chiesa, and Gabriele Morosi PP 2852-2862 TE Vibrational excitation in the transition state: The CH_{4}+H-->CH_{3}+H_{2} reaction rate constant in an extended temperature interval AU Fermin Huarte-Larran~aga and Uwe Manthe PP 2863-2869 TE Rotationally resolved infrared spectroscopy of h_{2}- and d_{1}-formic acid monomer in liquid He droplets AU Frank Madeja, Phineus Markwick, Martina Havenith, K.Nauta, and R.E.Miller PP 2870-2878 TE Ab initio adiabatic and diabatic energies and dipole moments of the KH molecule AU Neji Khelifi, Brahim Oujia, and Florent Xavier Gadea PP 2879-2887 TE Theoretical study of the reactions of Ar^{+}+HX(v=0) and Ar+HX^{+}(v) (X=H and D) at E=0.1 eV using the trajectory surface hopping method AU Muriel Sizun, Ju-Beom Song, and Eric A.Gislason PP 2888-2895 TE Photodissociation spectroscopy of the complexes of Mg^{+} with di- and tri-ethylamine AU Wenyue Guo, Haichuan Liu, and Shihe Yang PP 2896-2906 TE A simple molecular thermodynamic theory of hydrophobic hydration AU Henry S.Ashbaugh, Thomas M.Truskett, and Pablo G.Debenedetti PP 2907-2921 TE Scaling theory for the free-energy barrier to homogeneous nucleation of a noncritical phase near a critical point AU Richard P.Sear PP 2922-2927 TE High pressure reactivity of solid benzene probed by infrared spectroscopy AU Lucia Ciabini, Mario Santoro, Roberto Bini, and Vincenzo Schettino PP 2928-2935 TE Nonlinear response effects in continuum models of the hydration of ions AU Lars Sandberg and Olle Edholm PP 2936-2944 TE Effect of volatile solutes on sonoluminescence AU Kyuichi Yasui PP 2945-2954 TE Towards structural dynamics in condensed chemical systems exploiting ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy AU Christian Bressler, Melanie Saes, Majed Chergui, Daniel Grolimund, Rafael Abela, and Philip Pattison PP 2955-2966 TE Effects of charge, size, and shape-asymmetry on the phase behavior of model electrolytes AU Qiliang Yan and Juan Pablo PP 2967-2972 TE Chair-chair conformational flexibility, pseudorotation, and exocyclic group isomerization of monosaccharides in water AU R.Polacek, J.Stenger, and U.Kaatze PP 2973-2982 TE Kinetics of a two-dimensional lattice gas mixture in a color field AU C.E.Woodward, M.Campion, and D.J.Isbister PP 2983-2990 TE X-ray diffraction studies of solutions of lithium in ammonia: The structure of the metal-nonmetal transition AU S.Hayama, N.T.Skipper, J.C.Wasse, and H.Thompson PP 2991-2996 TE Structure of aqueous ZnBr_{2} solution probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy in normal and hydrothermal conditions AU V.Simonet, Y.Calzavara, J.L.Hazemann, R.Argoud, O.Geaymond, and D.Raoux PP 2997-3006 TE Critical parameters of the restricted primitive model AU Athanassios Z.Panagiotopoulos PP 3007-3011 TE Monte Carlo simulation of Fickian diffusion in the critical region AU S.De, S.Teitel, Y.Shapir, and E.H.Chimowitz PP 3012-3017 TE A theory of electrical conductivity of molten salt AU T.Koishi, S.Kawase, and S.Tamaki PP 3018-3026 TE The formation of low-dimensional ionic crystallites in carbon nanotubes AU Mark Wilson PP 3027-3041 TE Morphological self-organization by dewetting in thin films on chemically patterned substrates AU Kajari Kargupta and Ashutosh Sharma PP 3042-3051 TE Electrostatic interactions in a neutral model phospholipid bilayer by molecular dynamics simulations AU Leonor Saiz and Michael L.Klein PP 3052-3057 TE Strong critical adsorption at the liquid-vapor surface of a nonpolar mixture AU J.-H.J.Cho, B.M.Law, and K.Gray PP 3058-3062 TE Reactions of gas-phase H atoms with atomically and molecularly adsorbed oxygen on Pt(111) AU Juergen Biener, Erwin Lang, Carsten Lutterloh, and Juergen Kueppers PP 3063-3074 TE Activated dissociation via a trapping precursor: O_{2}/Cu(001)-(2sqrt(2)xsqrt(2))-O AU Masanori Yata and Yuki Uesugi-Saitow PP 3075-3082 TE Role of elasticity forces in thermodynamics of intercalation compounds: Self-consistent mean-field theory and Monte Carlo simulations AU V.I.Kalikmanov and Leeuw PP 3083-3089 TE Nature of the optical transition in polymethine dyes and J-aggregates AU Vladimir V.Egorov PP 3090-3103 TE A first-principles study of acetylene and its evolution products on Cu(001) AU Lan-Feng Yuan, Jinlong Yang, Qunxiang Li, and Qing-Shi Zhu PP 3104-3108 TE Confined polymer networks: The harmonic approach AU Giuseppe Allegra and Guido Raos PP 3109-3118 TE Equilibrium structure and effective pair interaction in a quasi-one-dimensional colloid liquid AU Bianxiao Cui, Binhua Lin, Sanjay Sharma, and Stuart A.Rice PP 3119-3127 TE A first-passage scheme for determination of overall rate constants for non-diffusion-limited suspensions AU Shih-Yuan Lu and Yi-Ming Yen PP 3128-3133 TE Field theory and segmental alignment analysis for a solution of sequence disordered liquid crystalline polymers AU Lorin Gutman and Eugene Shakhnovich PP 3134-3140 TE Quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of long-range chain dynamics: Polybutadiene, polyethylene-oxide solution AU Armel Guillermo and Jean-Pierre Cohen Addad PP 3141-3151 TE Structure formation in liquid crystalline polymers AU M.Hamm, G.Goldbeck-Wood, A.V.Zvelindovsky, G.J.A.Sevink, and J.G.E.M.Fraaije PP 3152-3161 TE Effects of excluded volume and bond length on the dynamics of dense bead-spring polymer melts AU Cameron F.Abrams and Kurt Kremer PP 3162-3165