The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2002, V 116, N 5, February 1.

TE Atomic force microscopy observation of insulated molecular 
wireformed by conducting polymer and molecular nanotube
AU Takeshi Shimomura, Tomonori Akai, Takumi Abe, and Kohzo Ito
PP 1753-1756

TE Fluid solid equilibrium for two dimensional tangent hard 
Disk chains from Wertheim's perturbation theory
AU Carl McBride and Carlos Vega
PP 1757-1759


TE Interpretation of the Kohn-Sham orbital energies as Approximate vertical ionization potentials AU D.P.Chong, O.V.Gritsenko, and E.J.Baerends PP 1760-1772 TE Analytic gradients for the coupled-cluster singles, doubles, and triples (CCSDT) model AU Juergen Gauss and John F.Stanton PP 1773-1782 TE The wormhole move: A new algorithm for polymer simulations AU J.Houdayer PP 1783-1787 TE Density and binding forces in diatomics AU J.Fernandez Rico, R.Lopez, I.Ema, and G.Ramirez PP 1788-1799 TE Polarized atomic orbitals for linear scaling methods AU Gerd Berghold, Michele Parrinello, and Juerg Hutter PP 1800-1810 TE Structure of the exact wave function. IV. Excited states from exponential ansatz and comparative calculations by the iterative configuration interaction and extended coupled cluster theories AU Hiroshi Nakatsuji PP 1811-1824 TE Volume-elements of integration: A geometric algebra approach AU Janne Pesonen and Lauri Halonen PP 1825-1833 TE An efficient algorithm for metric correction forces in simulations of linear polymers with constrained bond lengths AU Matteo Pasquali and David C.Morse PP 1834-1838 TE One-electron pseudopotential calculations of excited states of LiAr, NaAr, and KAr AU M.B.El Hadj Rhouma, H.Berriche, Z.B.Lakhdar, and F.Spiegelman PP 1839-1849 TE Accurate dissociation energies of O-H...O hydrogen-bonded 1-naphthol-solvent complexes AU Claudia Wickleder, Debora Henseler, and Samuel Leutwyler PP 1850-1857 TE Chemical reaction of sympathetically laser-cooled molecular ions AU Takashi Baba and Izumi Waki PP 1858-1861 TE Ionization potentials and radii of neutral and ionized species of elements 107 (bohrium) and 108 (hassium) from extended multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculations AU E.Johnson, B.Fricke, T.Jacob, C.Z.Dong, S.Fritzsche, and V.Pershina PP 1862-1868 TE Photodissociation and intramolecular dynamics of vibrationally excited CHF_{2}Cl AU Lianbin Li, Gabriela Dorfman, Aviva Melchior, Salman Rosenwaks, and Ilana Bar PP 1869-1876 TE X-ray four-wave mixing in molecules AU Satoshi Tanaka and Shaul Mukamel PP 1877-1891 TE Theoretical mechanistic study on the ion-molecule reactions of CCN^{+}/CNC^{+} with H_{2}O and HCO^{+}/HOC^{+} with HCN/HNC AU Yu-guo Tao, Yi-hong Ding, Jian-jun Liu, Ze-sheng Li, Xu-ri Huang, and Chia-Chung Sun PP 1892-1910 TE Sensitivity of Pt x-ray absorption near edge structure to the morphology of small Pt clusters AU A.L.Ankudinov, J.J.Rehr, John J.Low, and Simon R.Bare PP 1911-1919 TE Nonexistent electron affinity of OCS and the stabilization of carbonyl sulfide anions by gas phase hydration AU Eric Surber, S.P.Ananthavel, and Andrei Sanov PP 1920-1929 TE Can optical spectroscopy directly elucidate the ground state of C_{20}? AU Alberto Castro, Miguel A.L.Marques, Julio A.Alonso, George F.Bertsch, K.Yabana, and Angel Rubio PP 1930-1933 TE Outer- and inner-valence ionization spectra of NH_{3}, PH_{3}, and AsH_{3}: symmetry-adapted cluster configuration interaction general-R study AU Mayumi Ishida, Masahiro Ehara, and Hiroshi Nakatsuji PP 1934-1943 TE Molecular dynamics simulation of the I_{2}(X)...Ar isomers population in a free-jet expansion: Thermodynamics versus kinetic control AU Adolfo Bastida, Jose Zun~iga, Alberto Requena, Beatriz Miguel, J.Alberto Beswick, Jacques Vigue, and Nadine Halberstadt PP 1944-1953 TE Photodissociation of O_{2} in the Herzberg continuum. I. Ab initio calculation of potential energy curves and properties AU Mirjam C.G.N.van Vroonhoven and Gerrit C.Groenenboom PP 1954-1964 TE Photodissociation of O_{2} in the Herzberg continuum. II. Calculation of fragment polarization and angular distribution AU Mirjam C.G.N.van Vroonhoven and Gerrit C.Groenenboom PP 1965-1975 TE Homogeneous nucleation of n-pentanol measured in an expansion cloud chamber AU John L.Schmitt and G.Jay Doster PP 1976-1978 TE Molecular hydrodynamic theory of nonresonant Raman spectra in liquids: Third-order spectra AU R.Aldrin Denny and David R.Reichman PP 1979-1986 TE Molecular hydrodynamic theory of nonresonant Raman spectra in liquids: Fifth-order spectra AU R.Aldrin Denny and David R.Reichman PP 1987-1994 TE Hydrogen bonding in supercritical methanol studied by infrared spectroscopy AU Dmitry S.Bulgarevich, Katsuto Otake, Takeshi Sako, Tsutomu Sugeta, Yoshihiro Takebayashi, Chiyoshi Kamizawa, Daisuke Shintani, Akira Negishi, and Chikao Tsurumi PP 1995-2003 TE Local density augmentation in attractive supercritical solutions. III. How important is the solute-solvent interaction range? AU S.A.Egorov PP 2004-2010 TE Anisotropic valence-->core x-ray fluorescence from a [Rh(en)_{3}][Mn(N)(CN)_{5}]-H_{2}O single crystal: Experimental results and density functional calculations AU U.Bergmann, J.Bendix, P.Glatzel, H.B.Gray, and S.P.Cramer PP 2011-2015 TE Diffractive optics-based six-wave mixing: Heterodyne detection of the full chi^{(5)} tensor of liquid CS_{2} AU K.J.Kubarych, C.J.Milne, S.Lin, V.Astinov, and R.J.D.Miller PP 2016-2042 TE The entropy loss on supercooling a liquid and anharmonic contributions AU G.P.Johari PP 2043-2046 TE Chemical reactivity and phase behavior of NH_{4}Cl by molecular dynamics simulations. I. Solid-solid and solid-fluid equilibria AU Bertrand Guillot and Yves Guissani PP 2047-2057 TE Chemical reactivity and phase behavior of NH_{4}Cl by molecular dynamics simulations. II. The liquid-vapor coexistence curve AU Yves Guissani and Bertrand Guillot PP 2058-2066 TE Algebraic perturbation theory for dipolar fluid mixtures in a weak external field: Application for isomerization equilibria AU Gergely Kronome, Istvan Szalai, and Janos Liszi PP 2067-2074 TE Understanding third-order dipolar effects in solution nuclear magnetic resonance: Hahn echo decays and intermolecular triple-quantum coherences AU W.S.Warren, S.Y.Huang, S.Ahn, and Y.Y.Lin PP 2075-2084 TE Transport equations for concentrated electrolyte solutions: Reference frame, mutual diffusion AU J.-F.Dufreche, O.Bernard, and P.Turq PP 2085-2097 TE Stochastic model of reaction rate oscillations in the CO oxidation on nm-sized palladium particles AU N.V.Peskov, M.M.Slinko, and N.I.Jaeger PP 2098-2106 TE High-resolution ellipsometric study of an n-alkane film, dotriacontane, adsorbed on a SiO_{2} surface AU U.G.Volkmann, M.Pino, L.A.Altamirano, H.Taub, and F.Y.Hansen PP 2107-2115 TE Nucleated deliquescence of salt AU Will Cantrell, Charles McCrory, and George E.Ewing PP 2116-2120 TE Ab initio study of pressure effect on elastic properties of crystalline Au AU Taku Tsuchiya and Katsuyuki Kawamura PP 2121-2124 TE Monte Carlo study of the nucleation process during zeolite synthesis AU Minghong G.Wu and Michael W.Deem PP 2125-2137 TE Effect of confinement by porous materials on chemical reaction kinetics AU C.Heath Turner, John K.Brennan, J.Karl Johnson, and Keith E.Gubbins PP 2138-2148 TE Mechanisms of molecular electronic rectification through electronic levels with strong vibrational coupling AU Alexander M.Kuznetsov and Jens Ulstrup PP 2149-2165 TE In situ Raman study of C_{60} polymerization at high pressure high temperature conditions AU A.V.Talyzin, L.S.Dubrovinsky, T.Le Bihan, and U.Jansson PP 2166-2174 TE Orientational preference and influence of rotation on methane mobility in one-dimensional channels AU Shreyas Y.Bhide and S.Yashonath PP 2175-2183 TE Reorientational and translational dynamics of benzene in zeolite NaY as studied by one- and two-dimensional exchange spectroscopy and static-field-gradient nuclear magnetic resonance AU B.Geil, O.Isfort, B.Boddenberg, D.E.Favre, B.F.Chmelka, and F.Fujara PP 2184-2193 TE Electro-osmosis in a nanometer-scale channel studied by atomistic simulation AU Jonathan B.Freund PP 2194-2200 TE Entropy driven phase transitions in colloid-polymer suspensions: Tests of depletion theories AU S.Ramakrishnan, M.Fuchs, K.S.Schweizer, and C.F.Zukoski PP 2201-2212 TE Phase transitions in a nematic binary mixture AU A.Christine Rauch, Shila Garg, and D.T.Jacobs PP 2213-2218 TE Investigating a link between all-atom model simulation and the Ising-based theory on the helix-coil transition: Equilibrium statistical mechanics AU Mitsunori Takano, Kuniaki Nagayama, and Akira Suyama PP 2219-2228 TE Small angle neutron scattering studies of a polybutadiene/polystyrene blend with small additions of ortho-dichloro-benzene for varying temperatures and pressures. I. Mean field to 3D-Ising crossover behavior AU Dietmar Schwahn, Henrich Frielinghaus, and Lutz Willner PP 2229-2240 TE Small angle neutron scattering studies of a polybutadiene/polystyrene blend with small additions of ortho-dichloro-benzene for varying temperatures and pressures. II. Phase boundaries and Flory-Huggins parameter AU Henrich Frielinghaus, Dietmar Schwahn, Lutz Willner, and Karl F.Freed PP 2241-2250 TE Monte Carlo simulations of charged platelet systems AU Daniel Leger and Dominique Levesque PP 2251-2260 TE Lattice models of protein folding permitting disordered native states AU Gordon M.Crippen and Mukesh Chhajer PP 2261-2268 TE Residue packing in proteins: Uniform distribution on a coarse-grained scale AU Zerrin Bagci, Robert L.Jernigan, and Ivet Bahar PP 2269-2276 TE Monte Carlo simulation of the crystallization and annealing of a freestanding thin film of n-tetracontane AU Guoqiang Xu and Wayne L.Mattice PP 2277-2283 TE Qualitative and quantitative descriptions on the localized electronic structure in single-walled carbon nanotubes AU Gang Zhou, Wenhui Duan, Binglin Gu, and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe PP 2284-2288 TE Nucleation in binary polymer blends: A self-consistent field study AU Stephen M.Wood and Zhen-Gang Wang PP 2289-2300 TE Molecular simulation of crystal growth in n-eicosane AU N.Waheed, M.S.Lavine, and G.C.Rutledge PP 2301-2309 TE Chain statistics and the changes in the entropy and heat capacity during melt polymerization AU J.Wang and G.P.Johari PP 2310-2322 TE The distance fluctuation criterion for melting: Comparison of square-well and Morse potential models for clusters and homopolymers AU Yaoqi Zhou, Martin Karplus, Keith D.Ball, and R.Stephen Berry PP 2323-2329

TE Erratum: "A theorem for inhomogeneous systems: The generalization of the nucleation theorem" [J. Chem. Phys., v.115, 1853 (2001)] AU R.K.Bowles, D.Reguera, Y.Djikaev, and H.Reiss PP 2330