The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2002, V 116, N 4, January 22.

TE The size of interstellar nanodiamonds revealed by infrared
spectra of CH on synthetic diamond nanocrystal surfaces
AU C.-F.Chen, C.-C.Wu, C.-L.Cheng, S.-Y.Sheu, and H.-C.Chang
PP 1211-1214


TE A preconditioned inexact spectral transform method for calculating resonance energies and widths, as applied to HCO AU Bill Poirier and Tucker Carrington, Jr. PP 1215-1227 TE Electronic transitions with quantum trajectories. II AU Courtney L.Lopreore and Robert E.Wyatt PP 1228-1238 TE Variational method for solving the contracted Schroedinger equation through a projection of the N-particle power method onto the two-particle space AU David A.Mazziotti PP 1239-1249 TE Combining multideterminantal wave functions with density functionals to handle near-degeneracy in atoms and molecules AU R.Pollet, A.Savin, T.Leininger, and H.Stoll PP 1250-1258 TE Linear response coupled cluster calculation of Raman scattering cross sections AU Magdalena Pecul and Antonio Rizzo PP 1259-1268 TE Finite-basis-set optimized effective potential exchange-only method AU Stanislav Ivanov, So Hirata, and Rodney J.Bartlett PP 1269-1276 TE Solvable model of kinetic control AU Simon J.Fraser PP 1277-1285 TE Alignment in angular distribution of photofragments in multiphoton above threshold dissociation of HD^{+} by linearly and circularly polarized intense laser fields AU Sanjay Sen, Swaralipi Ghosh, S.S.Bhattacharyya, and Samir Saha PP 1286-1295 TE High-level theoretical study of the conformational equilibrium of n-pentane AU A.Salam and M.S.Deleuze PP 1296-1302 TE Ab initio potential energy surfaces of the propane dimer AU Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen, Riina Mahlanen, Tapani A.Pakkanen, and Richard L.Rowley PP 1303-1312 TE Rotationally resolved spectroscopy of Pt_{2} AU Marc B.Airola and Michael D.Morse PP 1313-1317 TE Stripping dynamics in the reactions of electronically excited carbon atoms, C(^{1}D), with ethylene and propylene-production of propargyl and methylpropargyl radicals AU R.I.Kaiser, T.L.Nguyen, A.M.Mebel, and Y.T.Lee PP 1318-1324 TE Focusing and selecting the linear type HBr-N_{2}O by using a 2 m long electrostatic hexapole field AU A.Okano, H.Ohoyama, and T.Kasai PP 1325-1329 TE Electronic structure and chemical boning in nonstoichiometric molecules: Al_{3}X_{2}^{-}(X=C,Si,Ge). A photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio study AU Xi Li, Lai-Sheng Wang, Nathan A.Cannon, and Alexander I.Boldyrev PP 1330-1338 TE Structure and growth modes of (BaO)_{n} (n<=9) clusters AU G.Chen, Z.F.Liu, and X.G.Gong PP 1339-1342 TE Caging of Ni clusters by benzene molecules and its effect on the magnetism of Ni clusters AU B.K.Rao and P.Jena PP 1343-1349 TE Optimization of wave packet coefficients in Li_{2} using an evolutionary algorithm: The role of resonant and nonresonant wavelengths AU Joshua B.Ballard, Hans U.Stauffer, Zohar Amitay, and Stephen R.Leone PP 1350-1360 TE Collision-induced electronic energy transfer from v=0 of the E(0_{g}^{+}) ion-pair state in I_{2}: Collisions with He and Ar AU Christopher J.Fecko, Miriam A.Freedman, and Thomas A.Stephenson PP 1361-1369 TE Optical dephasing effects in broadband four-wave mixing in C_{2}: Implications for broadband FWM thermometry AU G.M.Lloyd and P.Ewart PP 1370-1379 TE Low-energy electron collisions with tetrafluoroethene, C_{2}F_{4} AU C.Winstead and V.McKoy PP 1380-1387 TE Vibrationally-rotationally inelastic cross sections for H+SiO collisions AU Alexander P.Palov, Pedro Jimeno, Malcolm D.Gray, David Field, and G.G.Balint-Kurti PP 1388-1396 TE Intermolecular potential and second virial coefficient of the water-helium complex AU Matthew P.Hodges, Richard J.Wheatley, and Allan H.Harvey PP 1397-1405 TE Intramolecular energy flow and nonadiabaticity in vibrationally mediated chemistry: Wave packet studies of Cl+H_{2}O AU Joanna R.Fair, Doug Schaefer, Ronnie Kosloff, and David J.Nesbitt PP 1406-1416 TE The ground state of germylidene (H_{2}C==Ge) AU David A.Hostutler, Dennis J.Clouthier, and Steven W.Pauls PP 1417-1423 TE Electric field gradients of water: A systematic investigation of basis set, electron correlation, and rovibrational effects AU Lars Olsen, Ove Christiansen, Lars Hemmingsen, Stephan P.A.Sauer, and Kurt V.Mikkelsen PP 1424-1434 TE A K-dependent adiabatic approximation to the Renner-Teller effect for triatomic molecules AU Hua-Gen Yu, James T.Muckerman, and Trevor J.Sears PP 1435-1442 TE Ultrafast photodissociation dynamics and energetics of the electronically excited H atom transfer state of the ammonia dimer and trimer AU P.Farmanara, H.-H.Ritze, V.Stert, W.Radloff, and I.V.Hertel PP 1443-1456 TE Dynamics of O(^{3}P_{j})+Rg collisions on ab initio and scattering potentials AU Roman V.Krems, A.A.Buchachenko, M.M.Szczesniak, J.Klos, and G.Chalasinski PP 1457-1467 TE Parametrized direct dynamics study of rate constants of H with CH_{4} from 250 to 2400 K AU Jingzhi Pu and Donald G.Truhlar PP 1468-1478 TE Development of transferable interaction models for water. I. Prominent features of the water dimer potential energy surface AU Christian J.Burnham and Sotiris S.Xantheas PP 1479-1492 TE Development of transferable interaction models for water. II. Accurate energetics of the first few water clusters from first principles AU Sotiris S.Xantheas, Christian J.Burnham, and Robert J.Harrison PP 1493-1499 TE Development of transferable interaction models for water. III. Reparametrization of an all-atom polarizable rigid model (TTM2-R) from first principles AU Christian J.Burnham and Sotiris S.Xantheas PP 1500-1510 TE Sub-femtosecond dynamics and dissociation of C-H bonds in solid polystyrene and liquid benzene AU C.A.Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann, T.Abdul-Redah, R.M.F.Streffer, and J.Mayers PP 1511-1518 TE Phase-separation dynamics of a ternary mixture coupled with reversible chemical reaction AU Chaohui Tong and Yuliang Yang PP 1519-1529 TE On the applicability of the Redfield high-temperature theory for proton dipolar order relaxation in liquid crystals AU O.Mensio, C.E.Gonzalez, and R.C.Zamar PP 1530-1535 TE Theoretical study of Cu-Au nanoalloy clusters using a genetic algorithm AU Sarah Darby, Thomas V.Mortimer-Jones, Roy L.Johnston, and Christopher Roberts PP 1536-1550 TE Quadrupolar-shielding cross-correlations in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance: Detecting antisymmetric components in chemical shift tensors AU Sungsool Wi and Lucio Frydman PP 1551-1561 TE Time-resolved vibrational optical activity measurement by the infrared-visible sum-frequency-generation with circularly polarized infrared light AU Minhaeng Cho PP 1562-1570 TE Higher-order hydrodynamics: Extended Fick's Law, evolution equation, and Bobylev's instability AU David Jou, Jose Casas-Vazquez, Justino R.Madureira, Aurea R.Vasconcellos, and Roberto Luzzi PP 1571-1584 TE Theoretical studies of ligand-free cadmium selenide and related semiconductor clusters AU Peter Deglmann, Reinhart Ahlrichs, and Kakha Tsereteli PP 1585-1597 TE Orientational dynamics of the glass forming liquid, dibutylphthalate: Time domain experiments and comparison to mode coupling theory AU David D.Brace, S.D.Gottke, H.Cang, and M.D.Fayer PP 1598-1606 TE N_{2} and CO_{2} vibrational modes in solid nitrogen under pressure AU M.D.McCluskey and K.K.Zhuravlev PP 1607-1612 TE A theoretical study of liquid alcohols using averaged solvent electrostatic potentials obtained from molecular dynamics simulations: Methanol, ethanol and propanol AU M.E.Martin, M.L.Sanchez, F.J.Olivares del Valle, and M.A.Aguilar PP 1613-1620 TE On quantum effects near the liquid-vapor transition in helium AU Martin H.Mueser and Erik Luijten PP 1621-1628 TE Optimization of laser-driven intramolecular hydrogen transfer in the presence of dephasing AU Eitan Geva PP 1629-1635 TE Concentrated aqueous urea solutions: A molecular dynamics study of different models AU Franjo Sokolic, Abdenacer Idrissi, and Aurelien Perera PP 1636-1646 TE Time-dependent optical linewidth in fluctuating environments: Stochastic models AU Gregor Diezemann PP 1647-1657 TE Photoinduced electron transfer from aliphatic amines to coumarin dyes AU Sanjukta Nad and Haridas Pal PP 1658-1670 TE Analysis of a dinitro-based molecular device AU Jorge M.Seminario, Angelica G.Zacarias, and Pedro A.Derosa PP 1671-1683 TE Surface model and exchange-correlation functional effects on the description of Pd/alpha-Al_{2}O_{3}(0001) AU J.R.B.Gomes, F.Illas, N.Cruz Hernandez, J.F.Sanz, A.Wander, and N.M.Harrison PP 1684-1691 TE Proton transport via coupled surface and bulk diffusion AU Yuri Georgievskii, Emile S.Medvedev, and Alexei A.Stuchebrukhov PP 1692-1699 TE Electronic structure of poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) in the pristine and reduced state AU G.Greczynski, M.Fahlman, W.R.Salaneck, N.Johansson, D.A.dos Santos, A.Dkhissi, and J.L.Bredas PP 1700-1706 TE Wavelength selective excitation of surface oxygen anions on highly dispersed MgO AU Oliver Diwald, Martin Sterrer, Erich Knoezinger, Peter V.Sushko, and Alexander L.Shluger PP 1707-1712 TE Weak intrinsic charge transfer complexes: A new route for developing wide spectrum organic photovoltaic cells AU G.Ruani, C.Fontanini, M.Murgia, and C.Taliani PP 1713-1719 TE Hindered rotation of H_{2} adsorbed interstitially in nanotube bundles AU M.K.Kostov, H.Cheng, R.M.Herman, M.W.Cole, and J.C.Lewis PP 1720-1724 TE Dissociative electron attachment to C_{2}N_{2} molecules at surface and in gas phase AU Z.W.Deng and R.Souda PP 1725-1730 TE Monte Carlo simulations of star-branched polymers confined between two walls AU Piotr Romiszowski and Andrzej Sikorski PP 1731-1736 TE A photon echo study of two-level systems in polyisobutylene under high pressure AU Masashi Yamaguchi, Michael J.McIntire, and Eric.L.Chronister PP 1737-1743

TE Use of crystal polymorphs for resolving an equilibrium liquid's state on supercooling to 0 K AU G.P.Johari PP 1744-1747 TE Erratum: "The ^{19}F-^{1}H coupling constants transmitted through covalent, hydrogen bond, and van der Waals interactions" [J. Chem. Phys., v.115, 5498 (2001)] AU Magdalena Pecul, Joanna Sadlej, and Jerzy Leszczynski PP 1748 TE Erratum: "A note on quantum thermodynamic rate theories" [J. Chem. Phys., v.115, 6876 (2001)] AU Eli Pollak and Jiushu Shao PP 1748