The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2002, V 116, N 18, May 8.

TE Photodissociation of ethylbenzene at 248 nm
AU Cheng-Liang Huang, Jyh-Chiang Jiang, Sheng Hsien Lin,
Yuan T.Lee, and Chi-Kung Ni
PP 7779-7782

TE Ordering stripe structures of nanoscale rods in diblock
copolymer scaffolds
AU Kang Chen and Yu-qiang Ma
PP 7783-7786


TE Passive-scalar diffusion in a fluid membrane AU Youhei Fujitani PP 7787-7794 TE Accurate molecular integrals and energies using combined plane wave and Gaussian basis sets in molecular electronic structure theory AU Laszlo Fuesti-Molnar and Peter Pulay PP 7795-7805 TE Improving "difficult" reaction barriers with self-interaction corrected density functional theory AU Serguei Patchkovskii and Tom Ziegler PP 7806-7813 TE Modeling of nonlinear vibrational relaxation of large molecules in shock waves with a nonlinear, temperature-varying master equation AU Michael J.Davis and John H.Kiefer PP 7814-7827 TE Dynamics of a nonlinear master equation: Low-dimensional manifolds and the nature of vibrational relaxation AU Michael J.Davis PP 7828-7838 TE Reaction dynamics of F+HD-->HF+D at low energies: Resonant tunneling mechanism AU Shih-Huang Lee, Feng Dong, and Kopin Liu PP 7839-7848 TE Phosphorous trapped within buckminsterfullerene AU J.A.Larsson, J.C.Greer, W.Harneit, and A.Weidinger PP 7849-7854 TE An experimental and ab initio investigation of the low-frequency vibrations of coumaran AU Mark J.Watkins, David E.Belcher, and Martin C.R.Cockett PP 7855-7867 TE The effect of weak interactions on the ring puckering potential in the coumaran-argon van der Waals complex: Experimental and ab initio analysis of the intermolecular and low-frequency intramolecular vibrations AU M.J.Watkins, D.Belcher, and M.C.R.Cockett PP 7868-7878 TE Molecular dynamics simulations of water clusters with ions at atmospheric conditions AU Elena Brodskaya, Alexander P.Lyubartsev, and Aatto Laaksonen PP 7879-7892 TE Highly excited states of gerade symmetry in molecular nitrogen AU Arno de Lange, Ruediger Lang, Wim van der Zande, and Wim Ubachs PP 7893-7901 TE Ab initio studies on the van der Waals complexes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. I. Benzene-naphthalene complex AU Nam Ki Lee, Soonyong Park, and Seong Keun Kim PP 7902-7909 TE Ab initio studies on the van der Waals complexes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. II. Naphthalene dimer and naphthalene-anthracene complex AU Nam Ki Lee, Soonyong Park, and Seong Keun Kim PP 7910-7917 TE The singlet-triplet spectroscopy of 1,3-butadiene using cavity ring-down spectroscopy AU Allison G.Robinson, Paul R.Winter, and Timothy S.Zwier PP 7918-7925 TE Anion solvation at the microscopic level: Photoelectron spectroscopy of the solvated anion clusters, NO^{-}(Y)_{n}, where Y=Ar, Kr, Xe, N_{2}O, H_{2}S, NH_{3}, H_{2}O, and C_{2}H_{4}(OH)_{2} AU Jay H.Hendricks, Helen Clercq, Carl B.Freidhoff, Susan T.Arnold, Joseph G.Eaton, Chuck Fancher, Svetlana A.Lyapustina, Joseph T.Snodgrass, and Kit H.Bowen PP 7926-7938 TE Unexpected simplicity in the S_{1}-S_{0} dispersed fluorescence spectra of ^{13}C_{2}H_{2} AU Michelle L.Silva, Matthew P.Jacobson, Zicheng Duan, and Robert W.Field PP 7939-7947 TE Quantum theory of vector correlations in vibrationally mediated photodissociation AU Paul J.Dagdigian PP 7948-7956 TE On the application of virtual Gibbs ensembles to the direct simulation of fluid-fluid and solid-fluid phase coexistence AU Ritesh Shetty and Fernando A.Escobedo PP 7957-7966 TE Generic van der Waals equation of state and theory of diffusion coefficients: Binary mixtures of simple liquids AU Kyunil Rah and Byung Chan Eu PP 7967-7976 TE Criticality and phase behavior in the restricted-primitive model electrolyte: Description of ion association AU Jianwen Jiang, Lesser Blum, Oliver Bernard, John M.Prausnitz, and Stanley I.Sandler PP 7977-7982 TE A complete quantum description of an ultrafast pump-probe charge transfer event in condensed phase AU Christiane P.Koch, Thorsten Kluener, and Ronnie Kosloff PP 7983-7996 TE The photoisomerization of aqueous ICN studied by subpicosecond transient absorption spectroscopy AU Jane Larsen, Dorte Madsen, Jens-Aage Poulsen, Tina D.Poulsen, Soren R.Keiding, and Jan Thogersen PP 7997-8005 TE Excited singlet (S_{1}) state interactions of 2,2'- and 4,4'-biphenyldiols with chloroalkanes: Photoinduced dissociative electron transfer AU J.Mohanty, H.Pal, and A.V.Sapre PP 8006-8014 TE Isotropic Raman line shapes near gas-liquid critical points: The shift, width, and asymmetry of coupled and uncoupled states of fluid nitrogen AU Maurizio Musso, Frank Matthai, Dietmar Keutel, and Karl-Ludwig Oehme PP 8015-8027 TE Optical control of molecular dynamics in a liquid AU Mustafa Demirplak and Stuart A.Rice PP 8028-8035 TE A presentation of pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance with full quantization of the radio frequency magnetic field AU J.Jeener and F.Henin PP 8036-8047 TE Coherent vibrational motion in metal particles: Determination of the vibrational amplitude and excitation mechanism AU Gregory V.Hartland PP 8048-8055 TE Surface and bulk phase behavior of dry and hydrated tetradecanol:octadecanol alcohol mixtures AU E.Sloutskin, E.B.Sirota, H.Kraack, O.Gang, A.Doerr, B.M.Ocko, and M.Deutsch PP 8056-8066 TE Does water need a new T_{g}? AU G.P.Johari PP 8067-8073 TE Vibration of self-organized silver nanocrystals AU A.Courty, I.Lisiecki, and M.P.Pileni PP 8074-8078 TE Vibrational energy pooling in CO on NaCl(100): Methods AU S.A.Corcelli and J.C.Tully PP 8079-8092 TE Surface structure of aqueous 2-butoxyethanol mixtures studied by x-ray reflection AU Yohko F.Yano PP 8093-8096 TE Structure, bonding, and anharmonic librational motion of CO on Ir AU S.Titmuss, K.Johnson, Q.Ge, and D.A.King PP 8097-8105 TE Direct Monte Carlo simulations of the equilibrium properties of n-pentane liquid-vapor interface AU Florent Goujon, Patrice Malfreyt, Anne Boutin, and Alain H.Fuchs PP 8106-8117 TE Damping functions for the pairwise sum model of the atom-surface potential AU S.H.Patil, K.T.Tang, and J.P.Toennies PP 8118-8123 TE Density functional theory investigation of H adsorption and H_{2} recombination on the basal plane and in the bulk of graphite: Connection between slab and cluster model AU Y.Ferro, F.Marinelli, and A.Allouche PP 8124-8131 TE Moments of single-molecule spectra in low-temperature glasses: Measurements and model calculations AU A.V.Naumov, Yu.G.Vainer, M.Bauer, and L.Kador PP 8132-8138 TE Theoretical and experimental study of impact of electric field on the atomic layer epitaxy of ZnO on alpha-Al_{2}O_{3} surface AU C.H.Liu and R.P.H.Chang PP 8139-8143 TE Control of laser desorption using tunable single pulses and pulse pairs AU Wayne P.Hess, Alan G.Joly, Daniel P.Gerrity, Kenneth M.Beck, Peter V.Sushko, and Alexander L.Shluger PP 8144-8151 TE Manifestation of the double-exchange interaction in the Moessbauer spectrum of mixed-valence systems AU V.Coropceanu, J.L.Bredas, H.Winkler, and A.X.Trautwein PP 8152-8158 TE Influence of dopant on the electronic structure of spiro-oligophenyl-based disordered organic semiconductors AU A.Crispin, X.Crispin, M.Fahlman, D.A.dos Santos, J.Cornil, N.Johansson, J.Bauer, F.Weissoertel, J.Salbeck, J.L.Bredas, and W.R.Salaneck PP 8159-8167 TE Interaction force induced by composition fluctuations in confined polymer blends close to the consolute point AU E.K.Hachem, M.Benhamou, and M.Daoud PP 8168-8174 TE Nematic ordering-induced volume phase transitions of liquid crystalline gels AU Akihiko Matsuyama and Tadaya Kato PP 8175-8182 TE A coarse-graining procedure for flexible polymer chains with bonded and nonbonded interactions AU Hiroo Fukunaga, Jun-ichi Takimoto, and Masao Doi PP 8183-8190 TE Structure factor of dilute ring polymers AU Pasquale Calabrese, Andrea Pelissetto, and Ettore Vicari PP 8191-8197 TE Ionomeric control of interchain interactions, morphology, and the electronic properties of conjugated polymer solutions and films AU Thuc-Quyen Nguyen and Benjamin J.Schwartz PP 8198-8208 TE Segmental dynamics in a blend of alkanes: Nuclear magnetic resonance experiments and molecular dynamics simulation AU Joanne Budzien, Colleen Raphael, Mark D.Ediger, and Juan Pablo PP 8209-8217 TE Electronic coupling and coherences in disordered polymers: Femtosecond 2D-photon echo correlation spectroscopy, signatures of an excitonic two-segmental site system: A theoretical study AU V.Szoecs, T.Palszegi, A.Tortschanoff, and H.F.Kauffmann PP 8218-8231 TE Comparison of all atom, continuum, and linear fitting empirical models for charge screening effect of aqueous medium surrounding a protein molecule AU Takuya Takahashi, Junnnosuke Sugiura, and Kuniaki Nagayama PP 8232-8237