Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 113, N 9, 1 September.

TE Self-epitaxial nucleation origin of fractal aggregation
AU Xiang-Yang Liu

TE Rate equations for collision-induced desorption and abstraction
in the reaction system H(g) + D/Si(100) --> D{_2}, HD at 573K
AU F.Khanom, S.Shimokawa, S.Inanaga, A.Namiki, M.N.-Gamo, and T.Ando

TE Sample morphology and porosity in electron stimulated
desorption: N{_2}{^*} from N{_2} adsorbed onto nanoscale ice
AU E.Vichnevetski, A.D.Bass, and L.Sanche

TE Surface-induced dissociation of singly-and multiplycharged
fullerene ions
AU F.Biasioli, T Fiegele, C.Mair, Z.Herman, O.Echt, F.Aumayr,
HP.Winter, and T.D.Mark

TE Orientation of thin liquid crystal films on buffed polyimide
alignment layers: A near edge X-ray absorption fine structure
AU Klaus Weiss, Christof Woll, and Diethelm Johannsmann

TE Line tension in Langmuir monolayers probed by point forces
AU S.Wurlitzer, P.Steffen, M.Wurlitzer, Z.Khattari, and Th.M.Fischer

TE Tight binding molecular dynamics studies of boron assisted
nanotube growth
AU E.Hernandez, P.Ordejon, I.Boustani, A.Rubio, and J.A.Alonso

TE Electro-and magneto-rheology of nematic liquid crystals
experiment and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD)
computer simulation
AU A.Eich, B.A.Wolf, L.Bennett, and S.Hess

TE Carbon rings and cages in the growth of singlewalled carbon
AU Ching-Hwa Kiang

TE Simulations of anisotropic front propagation in the H{_2}+O{_2}
reaction on a Rh(110) surface
AU A.Makeev and R.Imbihl

TE Toward control of surface reactions with a scanning tunneling
microscope. Structure and dynamics of benzene desorption from a
silicon surface
AU Saman Alavi, Roger Rousseau, and Tamar Seideman

TE Characterization of nuclear wave packets describing molecular
AU M.Lein and V.Engel

TE Local electron distribution of N{_2} adsorbed on a Ni(111)
surface probed by metastable impact electron spectroscopy
AU Shigeru Masuda, Ryochi Suzuki, and Masaru Aoki

TE Tracer surface diffusion at high pressures: Molecular dynamics
AU Yehuda Zeiri

TE Argon scattering from liquid indium: Simulations with embedded
atom potentials and experiment
AU D.Chase, M.Manning, J.A.Morgan, G.M.Nathanson, and R.Benny Gerber

TE Investigation of chemisorbed molecular states for oxygen on
rhodium (111)
AU Eric J.Walter, Steven P.Lewis, and Andrew M.Rappe

TE Photodissociation of methyl nitrite on Ag(111): Nitric oxide
ejection dynamics
AU Jeffrey E.Fieberg and J.M.White

TE Cluster Monte Carlo simulations of phase transitions and
critical phenomena in zeolites
AU Ilija Dukovski, Jonathan Machta, Chandra Saravanan,
and Scott M.Auerbach

TE Fragmentation and ion-scattering in the low-energy collisions of
small silver cluster ions (Ag{^+}{_n}: n = 1 - 4) with a highly
oriented pyrolytic graphite surface
AU Yutaka Tai, Wataru Yamaguchi, Yutaka Maruyama, Kazuki Yoshimura,
and Junichi Murakami

TE Hole transport in polyphenylenevinylene-ether under bulk
photoexitation and sensitized injection
AU C.Im, H.Bassler, H.Rost, and H.H.Horhold

TE Manipulation of adsorbates with electric fields
AU Peter Saalfrank

TE The melting point of chain polymers
AU Wenbing Hu

TE Potential energy surfaces and coordinate dependence
AU David J.Wales

TE Double critical behavior and micellar size effect in the
multicomponent surfactant solution
AU T.Isojima, S.Fujii, K.Kubota, and K.Hamano

TE The structure of liquid and supercritical benzene as studied by
neutron diffraction and molecular dynamics
AU T.Tassaing, M.I.Cabaco, Y.Danten, and M.Besnard

TE Coarse grained Ginzburg-Landau free energy for Lennard-Jones
AU M.E.Gracheva, J.M.Rickman, and J.D.Gunton

TE Structure optimization via free energy gradient method:
Application to glycine zwitterion in aqueous solution
AU Naoto Okuyama-Yoshida, Ken Kataoka, Masataka Nagaoka,
and Tokio Yamabe

TE Electrophoresis simulated with the cage model for reptation
AU A.van Heukelum and H.R.W.Beljaars

TE Excluded volume effects on the structure of a linear polymer
under shear flow
AU Carlo Pierleoni and Jean-Paul Ryckaert

TE Temperature dependence of the dielectric function of
C{_6}H{_6}(I) and C{_6}H{_5}CH{_3}(I) measured with THz
AU Cecilie Ronne, Kasper Jensby, Brian J.Loughnane, John Fourkas,
O.Faurskov Nielsen, and Soren R.Keiding

TE On the relationships among special temperatures for supercooled
liquids: A configuration space analysis
AU Udayan Mohanty, Gregor Diezemann, and John T.Fourkas

TE Erratum: Depletion interactions in lyotropic nematics [J. Chem.
Phys. 112, 9132 (2000)]
AU Paul van der Schoot

TE The laminar flow tube reactor as a quantitative tool for
nucleation studies: Experimental results and theoretical
analysis of homogeneous nucleation of dibutylphthalate
AU Vladimir B.Mikheev, Nels S.Laulainen, Stephan E.Barlow,
Michael Knott, and Ian J.Ford

TE Adsorption of a correlated random copolymer chain at a
liquid-liquid interface
AU N.A.Denesyuk and I.Ya.Erukhimovich

TE Dynamics of solitary water in benzene and hexafluorobenzene: An
infrared and Raman study
AU M.Besnard, Y.Danten, and T.Tassaing

TE A detailed test of mode-coupling theory on all time scales: Time
domain studies of structural relaxation in a supercooled liquid
AU G.Hinze, David D.Brace, S.D.Gottke, and M.D.Fayer

TE The structure of liquid and supercritical deuterium fluoride
from neutron scattering using high pressure techniques
AU Till Pfleiderer, Isabella Waldner, Helmut Bertagnolli,
Klaus Todheide, and Henry E.Fischer

TE Scattering on triply periodic minimal surfaces - the effect of
the topology, Debye-Waller, and molecular form factors
AU Piotr Garstecki and Robert Holyst

TE Continuum modeling of multi-mode vibronic excitations in
near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectra
AU Timofei Privalov, Oleksandr Plashkevych, Faris Gel'mukhanov,
and Hans Agren

TE Ensemble dependence of the transient fluctuation theorem
AU Debra J.Searles and Denis J.Evans

TE Spatial and energetic-entropic decomposition of surface tension
in lipid bilayers from molecular dynamics simulations
AU Erik Lindahl and Olle Edholm

TE Rotator-II to rotator-I phase transition in alkanes
AU Prabir K.Mukherjee

TE Translational and rotational motion of isolated water molecules
in nitromethane studied using {^17}O NMR
AU William S.Price, Hiroyuki Ide, and Yoji Arata

TE Nature of binding in the alkaline-earth clusters: Be{_3},
Mg{_3}, and Ca{_3}
AU Ilya G.Kaplan, Szczepan Roszak, and Jerzy Leszczynski

TE Gauge-origin independent magneto-optical activity within coupled
cluster response theory
AU Sonia Coriani, Christof Hattig, Poul Jorgensen,
and Trygve Helgaker

TE The structure and properties of H{_3{^{^+}Ar{_n}(n=1-9) cations
AU Malgorzata Kaczorowska, Szczepan Roszak, and Jerzy Leszczynski

TE Speed-dependent line profile: A test of a unified model from the
Doppler to the collisional regime for molecule-molecule
AU F.Chaussard, R.Saint-Loup, H.Berger, P.Joubert, X.Bruet,
J.Bonamy, and D.Robert

TE Forward-backward semiclassical dynamics in the interaction
AU Jiushu Shao and Nancy Makri

TE Infrared absorption spectra by H{_2}-He collisional complexes:
The effect of the anistropy of the interaction potential
AU Magnus Gustafsson, Lothar Frommhold, and Wilfried Meyer

TE Reactive excitation functions for F + p-H{_2}/n-H{_2}/ D{_2} and
the vibrational branching for F + HD
AU Feng Dong, Shih-Huang Lee, and Kopin Liu

TE Reaction class transition state theory: Hydrogen abstraction
reactions by hydrogen atoms as test cases
AU Thanh N.Truong

TE Quantum control of chemical reaction dynamics in a classical way
AU H.Umeda and Y.Fujimura

TE HONO in solid Kr: Site-selective trans <--> cis isomerization
with narrow-band infrared radiation
AU Leonid Khriachtchev, Jan Lundell, Esa Isoniemi,
and Markku Rasanen

TE Spectroscopy and energy relaxation processes of Hg-doped solid
neon, argon and xenon
AU J.Helbing, M.Chergui, and A.Haydar

TE Thermodynamics of heterogeneous multicomponent condensation on
mixed nuclei
AU Y.S.Djikaev and D.J.Donaldson

TE High resolution molecular beam study of the origin bands of the
A{^~2}{PI} - X{^~2}{SIGMA}{^+} and A{^~"2}{PI}{_1/2} -
X{^~w}{SIGMA}{^+} systems of yttrium imide (Y{^14}NH, Y{^15}NH,
and Y{^14}ND)
AU Zygmunt J.Jakubek, Benoit Simard, Hideaki Niki,
and Walter J.Balfour

TE Low energy electron scattering cross section for the production
of CO within condensed acetone
AU M.Lepage, M.Michaud, and L.Sanche

TE Quantum state-resolved reactive scattering of F + CH{_4} -->
HF(v,J) + CH{_3}: Nascent HF(v,J) product state distribution
AU Warren W.Harper, Sergey A.Nizkorodov, and David J.Nesbitt

TE Laser mass-resolved spectroscopy and theoretical study of
methyl-p-aminobenzoate(H{_2}O){_n} (n=2,3,4) complexes
AU Jose A.Fernandez, Asier Longarte, Inigo Unamuno,
and Fernando Castano

TE Photodissociation of the acetone cation at 355 nm using the
velocity imaging technique
AU William M.Jackson and Dadong Xu

TE Toluene. Structure, dynamics, and barrier to methyl group
rotation in its electronically excited state. A route to IVR
AU David R.Borst and David W.Pratt