Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 9, 1 Mar.

TE Photoelectron spectroscopy of autoionizing Rydberg states 
Of ammonia
AU J.A.Bacon and S.T.Pratt

TE Coupling between the internal rotation of the methyl group and
proton/deuteron transfer in jet-cooled
5-methyl-9-hydroxyphenalenone(OH) and
5-methyl-9-hydroxyphenalenone(OD). Tunneling rate dependence of
coupling potential
AU Kaori Nishi, Hiroshi Sekiya, Tomoyuki Mochida, Tadashi Sugawara,
and Yukio Nishimura

TE Vibrational dynamics of hydrogen-bonded HCl-diethyl ether
AU I.A.M.E.Giebels, M.A.F.H.van den Broek, M.F.Kropman,
and H.J.Bakker

TE A simple model for product rovibrational distributions in
elementary chemical reactions
AU Kaspars Truhins, Richard Marsh, Anthony J.McCaffery,
and Thomas W.J.Whiteley

TE Two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy: IV. Relationship
between through-space vibrational coupling and intermolecular
AU Sangjoon Hahn, Keyngwon Kwak, and Minhaeng Cho

TE Quantum dynamics of electrons in a molecular segment with 
Phonon interaction
AU Taposh Gayen, Keith McDowell, and Allassia Burns

TE Observation of a transition state resonance in the integral
cross section of the F+HD reaction
AU Rex T.Skodje, Dimitris Skouteris, David E.Manolopoulos,
Shih-Huang Lee, Feng Dong, and Kopin Liu

TE Semiclassical study of the isomerization states of HCP
AU Marc Joyeux, Dominique Sugny, Vivian Tyng, Michael E.Kellman,
Haruki Ishikawa, Robert W.Field, Christian Beck,
and Reinhard Schinke

TE A "modified Lennard-Jones oscillator" model for diatom potential
AU Photos G.Hajigeorgiou and Robert J.LeRoy

TE Measurement and analysis of molecular hyperpolarizability in the
two-photon resonance regime
AU G.Berkovic, G.Meshulam, and Z.Kotler

TE Exact and asymptotic solutions of the mixed quantumclassical
Liouville equation
AU Chuncheng Wan and Jeremy Schofield

TE Theoretical description of the nonlinear response functions
associated with eight distinctive threedimensional vibrational
AU Kisam Park and Minhaeng Cho

TE Quantum scattering calculations of energy transfer and
isomerization of HCN/HNC in collisions with Ar
AU Kurt M.Christoffel and Joel M.Bowman

TE Crossed beam reaction of phenyl radicals with unsaturated
hydrocarbon molecules. I: Chemical dynamics of phenyl
methylacetylene (C{_6}H{_5}CCCH{_3}; X{^1}A') formation from
reaction of C{_6}H{_5} (X{^2}A{_1}) with methylacetylene,
AU R.I.Kaiser, O.Asvany, Y.T.Lee, H.F.Bettinger, P.v.R.Schleyer,
and H.F.Schaefer III

TE Electron correlation in chemical bonds
AU Vitaly A.Rassolov, Mark A.Ratner, and John A.Pople

TE Simulation of delocalized exchange by local density 
AU Axel D.Becke

TE Ab initio calculations of the spin-orbit splitting in the C{^}
state of CF{_4}{^+} including the dynamical Jahn-Teller effect
AU Harry Sommerdijk and Marc C.van Hemert

TE Simple accurate coupled cluster results for the linear E O e
pseudo-Jahn-Teller effect
AU R.F.Bishop, N.J.Davidson, R.M.Quick, and D.M.van der Walt

TE The advantage of writing kinetic energy operators in
polyspherical curvilinear coordinates in terms of z{_1} = cos0}{_i}
AU Tucker Carrington, Jr.

TE Comment on: Quantum Monte Carlo study of the dipole moment of CO
[J. Chem. Phys. 110, 11700 (1999)]
AU K.C.Huang, R.J.Needs, and G.Rajagopal

TE Reply to the Comment on: Quantum Monte Carlo study of the dipole
moment of CO [J. Chem. Phys. 110, 11700 (1999)]
AU F.Schautz and H.-J.Flad

TE {pi}-Dimers of oligothiophene cations
AU Geert Brocks

TE Ab initio study of the hydroxide ion-water clusters: An accurate
determination of the thermodynamic properties for the processes
n H{_2}O + OH{^-} --> HO{^-}(H{_2}O){_n} (n = 1 to 4)
AU Josefredo R.Pliego Jr.and Jose M.Riveros

TE Simulation of preferential Cu{^2+} solvation in aqueous ammonia
solution by means of Monte Carlo method including three-body
correction terms
AU Harno D.Pranowo and Bernd M.Rode

TE Critical cluster size and droplet nucleation rate from growth
and decay simulations of Lennard-Jones clusters
AU Hanna Vehkamaki and Ian J.Ford

TE Polymer crystallization in quasi-2 dimensions. Part I:
Experimental results
AU Guenter Reiter and Jens-Uwe Sommer

TE Polymer crystallization in quasi-2 dimensions. Part II: Kinetic
models and computer simulations
AU Jens-Uwe Sommer and Guenter Reiter

TE Computer simulation studies of anisotropic systems. XXXII.
Field-induction of a smectic A phase in a Gay-Berne mesogen
AU G.R.Luckhurst and G.Saielli

TE A theoretical study of polyimide flexibility
AU Tiffany R.Walsh, C.G.Harkins, and Adrian P.Sutton

TE A combined instantaneous normal mode and time correlation
function description of the optical Kerr effect and Raman
spectroscopy of liquid CS{_2}
AU Xingdong Ji, Heather Ahlborn, Brian Space, Preston B.Moore,
Y.Zhou, S.Constantine, and L.D.Ziegler

TE A heat capacity estimator for Fourier path integral simulations
AU J.P.Neirotti, David L.Freeman, and J.D.Doll

TE Structure of polydisperse dipolar hard-sphere fluids
AU B.J.Costa Cabral

TE Transition in three-dimensional micellar systems
AU M.Girardi and W.Figueiredo

TE Charge recombination in contact ion pairs
AU P.A.Frantsuzov and M.Tachiya

TE Optical limiting properties of mono- and multiplefunctionalized
fullerene derivatives
AU Jason E.Riggs and Ya-Ping Sun

TE Inclusion behavior between molecular nanotubes and linear
polymer chains in aqueous solutions
AU Eiji Ikeda, Yasushi Okumura, Takeshi Shimomura, Kohzo Ito,
and Reinosuke Hayakawa

TE Electrically induced dynamics processes in nematic liquid
crystals - {^1}H NMR investigations
AU Michael Bender, Peter Holstein, and Dieter Geschke

TE Crystal field influence on the {^8}S{_7/2} ground state
splitting of Bk{^4+} in CeF{_4}
AU H.F.Brito and G.K.Liu

TE Critical localization of confined phonons in finite size
AU V.Pouthier and C.Girardet