Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 7, Feb 15.

ISSN 0021-9606
TE Product rotational polarization. Stereodynamics of the reactions
Cl({^2}P{_3/2})+CD{_4}(v=0,j=0) --> DCl (v'=0,j'=1) + CD{_3}
AU Li Zhang, Mao-Du Chen, Ming-Liang Wang, and Ke-Li Han

TE Isomer structures and vibrational assignment of the
methyl-p-aminobenzoate (H{_2}O){_1} complex
AU A.Longarte, J.A.Fernandez, I.Unamuno, F.Castano

TE Phase-space derivation of propensity rules for energy transfer
processes between Born-Oppenheimer surfaces
AU Bilha Segev and E.J.Heller

TE Quantum control of I{_2} wavepacket localization in solid argon
AU Chona S.Guiang and Robert E.Wyatt

TE The role of autoionization in (1 + 2)-photon abovethreshold
ionization of H{_2} molecules: Study of photoelectron energy
AU Krishna Rai Dastidar and Ratan Kumar Das

TE Intermolecular vibrations of jet-cooled (2-pyridone){_2}. A
model for the uracil dimer
AU Andreas Muller, Francis Talbot, and Samuel Leutwyler

TE Resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy of jet-cooled PtSi
AU Lian Shao, Shane M.Sickafoose, Jon D.Langenberg, Dale J.Brugh,
and Michael D.Morse

TE Regular and irregular vibrational states: Localized anharmonic
modes and transition-state spectroscopy of Na{_3}
AU Nicholas J.Wright and Jeremy M.Hutson

TE Detection of the millimeter wave spectra of the weakly bound
complexes {^3}He-CO and {^4}He-CO
AU Leonid A.Surin, Daniel A.Roth, Igor Pak, Boris S.Dumesh,
Frank Lewen, and Gisbert Winnewisser

TE A study of the relative importance of one and two electron
contributions to spin-orbit coupling
AU Dmitri G.Fedorov and Mark S.Gordon

TE Nuclear spin-spin coupling in the acetylene isotopomers
calculated from ab initio correlated surfaces for {^1}J(C,H),
{^1}J(C,C), {^2}J(C,H) and {^3}J(H,H)
AU Richard D.Wigglesworth, William T.Raynes Sheela Kirpekar,
J.Oddershede, and Stephan P.A.Sauer

TE Multilevel geometry optimization
AU Jocelyn M.Rodgers, Patton L.Fast, and Donald G.Truhlar

TE The ordered and orientationally disordered crystalline phases of
the flexible C{_4}F{_8} molecule
AU Z.Gamba and B.M.Powell

TE Global renormalization calculations compared with simulations
for Lennard-Jones fluid
AU John A.White

TE Reconciling Gibbs and van der Waals: A new approach to
nucleation theory
AU Jurn W.P.Schmelzer, Jurn Schmelzer jn., and Ivan S.Gutzow

TE Hard sphere perturbation theory of dense fluids with singular
AU K.K.Mon

TE Electrostatic attraction and phase separation in solutions of
like-charged colloidal particles
AU Per Linse and Vladimir Lobaskin

TE A quantum mechanical - Poisson-Boltzmann equation approach for
studying charge flow between ions and a dielectric continuum
AU Valentin Gogonea and Kenneth M.Merz, Jr.

TE Integral equation theory for dipolar hard sphere fluids with
fluctuating orientational order
AU S.H.L.Klapp and G.N.Patey

TE Molecular dynamics simulations of a fully hydrated
dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine membrane in liquid-crystalline
AU Igor Z.Zubrzycki, Yan Xu, Marcela Madrid, and Pei Tang

TE Erratum: The measurement of homogeneous nucleation rate for
water [J. Chem. Phys. 99, 4680 (1993)]
AU Y.Viisanen, R.Strey, and H.Reiss

TE Ring currents and charge stiffness in molecular and extended
models of interacting fermions
AU Z.G.Soos, Y.Anusooya Pati, and S.K.Pati

TE Mean-field theory of an electron solvated in molten salts
AU G.N.Chuev and V.V.Sychyov

TE Phase behavior of comblike copolymers: The integral equation
AU P.G.Khalatur and Alexei R.Khokhlov

TE Symplectic algorithm for constant-pressure molecular dynamics
using a Nose-Poincare thermostat
AU Jess B.Sturgeon and Brian B.Laird

TE Equation of state for polymer chains in good solvents
AU L.Lue

TE Hard sphere fluids in very narrow cylindrical pores
AU K.K.Mon and J.K.Percus

TE Role of structural relaxation in peculiar permanent
densification of fluorozirconate glass
AU Yoshinori Tamai and Yoji Kawamoto

TE Four dimensional quantum and two dimensional classical
mechanical study of molecule - surface interaction
AU Satrajit Adhikari and Gert D.Billing

TE 'Aging' of the structure of crystals of hard colloidal spheres
AU Willem K.Kegel and Jan K.G.Dhont

TE Spherulites: A new vesicular system with promising applications.
An example: enzyme microencapsulation
AU A.Bernheim-Grosswasser, S.Ugazio, F.Gauffre, O.Viratelle,
P.Mahy, and D.Roux

TE On the theory of electron transfer reactions at semiconductor
electrode/liquid interfaces
AU Yi Qin Gao, Yuri Georgievskii, and R.A.Marcus