Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 6, Feb 8.

ISSN 0021-9606
TE Characterization of dynamical product-state distributions by
spectral extended crossorrelation: Vibrational dynamics in the
photofragmentation of NH{_2}D and ND{_2}H
AU Jonathan P.Reid, Richard A.Loomis, and Stephen R.Leone

TE Erratum: Coupled cluster theory for high spin, open shell
reference wave functions [J. Chem. Phys. 99, 5219 (1993)]
AU Peter J.Knowles, Claudia Hampel, and Hans-Joachim Werner

TE Ionization and fragmentation of C{_60} with sub-50fs laser pulses
AU M.Tchaplyguine, K.Hoffmann, O.Duhr, H.Hohmann, G.Korn, H.Rottke,
M.Wittman, I.V.Hertel, and E.E.B.Campbell

TE Quantum-phase and information-entropy dynamics of a two-state
molecular system interaction with strongly amplitude- and
phase-squeezed fields
AU Masayoshi Nakano and Kizashi Yamaguchi

TE Systematic study of foreign-atom-doped fullerenes by using a
nuclear recoil method and their MD simulation
AU Tsutomu Ohtsuki, Kaoru Ohno, Keiichiro Shi Yoshiyuki Kawazoe,
Yutaka Maruyama, and Kazuyoshi Masumoto

TE On phase factors and geometric phases in isotopes of H{_3}: A
line integral study
AU ZongRong Xu, Michael Baer, and Antonio J.C.Varandas

TE Multicanonical jump walk annealing: An efficient method for
geometric optimization
AU Huafeng Xu and B.J.Berne

TE The binding of CO to nickel clusters. I. Deterination of
saturation coverages
AU E.K.Parks, K.P.Kerns, and S.J.Riley

TE The binding of CO to nickel clusters. II. Strucural implications
and comparisons with electron counting rules
AU K.P.Kerns, E.K.Parks, and S.J.Riley

TE Double-resonance spectroscopy of autoionizing states of ammonia
AU C.A.Raptis, J.A.Bacon, and S.T.Pratt

TE Vibrational coordinates and their gradients - A geometric
algebra approach
AU Janne Pesonen

TE Acetone n-radical cation internal rotation spectrum. The
torsional potential surface
AU Dana A.Shea, Lionel Goodman, and Michael G.White

TE Photoinitiated H{_2}CO unimolecular decomposition: Accessing H +
HCO products via S{_0} and T {_1} pathways
AU L.R.Valachovic, M.F.Tuchler, M.Dulligan, Th.Droz-Georget,
M.Zyrianov, A.Kolessov, H.Reisler, and C.Wittig

TE Time-resolved LMR study of deactivation of Cl({^2}P{_1/2})
AU A.I.Chichinin

TE On the origin of the dip in the KrF laser gain spectrum. II. The
short-pulse gain saturation experiment
AU V.V.Datsyuk, C.J.Hooker, E.J.Divall, G.J.Hirst, I.N.Ross,
J.M.D.Lister, K.Osvay

TE High-resolution rotational coherence spectroscopy of
AU Christoph Riehn, Andreas Weichert, Uwe Lommatzsch,
Marcus Zimmermann, and Bernhard Brutschy

TE Three-dimensional quantum reactive scattering calcuations for
the nonadiabatic (D+H{_2}){^+} reaction system
AU Toshiyuki Takayanagi, Yuzuru Kurosaki, and Akira Ichihara

TE The effect of cluster formation on mass separation in binary
molecular beams
AU Wei Li, M.J.Stirniman, and S.J.Sibener

TE Spectroscopic characterization of pure and cationtabilized
sodium phosphate
AU R.S.Cole and Roger Frech

TE Intramonomer correlation contributions to firstrder exchange
nonadditivity in trimers
AU Paul E.S.Wormer, Robert Moszynski, and Ad van der Avoird

TE An ab initio cluster study of the structure of the Si(001)
AU James Shoemaker, Larry W.Burggraf, and Mark S.Gordon

TE A theoretical study of the {^1}B{_2u} and {^1}B{_1u} vibronic
bands in benzene
AU Anders Bernhardsson, Niclas Forsberg, Per-Ake Malmqvist,
Bjorn O.Roos, and Luis Serrano-Andres

TE Optimal orbitals from energy fluctuations in correlated wave
AU Claudia Filippi and Stephen Fahy

TE Electrostatically driven electronic molecular bistability. Ab
initio calculation for a moel (LiF){_n} system
AU Anna Jagielska and Lucjan Piela

TE Spin-orbit effects on the transactinide p-block element
monohydrides MH(M=element 113 ~ 118)
AU Young-Kyu Han, Cheolbeom Bae, Sang-Kil Son, and Yoon Sup Lee

TE Electronic structure and dynamics of O({^3}P)+ CO({^1}{1/2}{^+})
AU M.Braunstein and J.W.Duff

TE The electronic structure and spectroscopy of V{_2}
AU Ted A.O'Brien, Katrin Albert, and Michael C.Zerner

TE An ab initio study of spectroscopy and predissoiation of ClO
AU A.Toniolo, M.Persico, and D.Petea

TE Lennard-Jones binary mixture: A thermodynamical approach to
glass transition
AU Barbara Coluzzi, Giorgio Parisi, and Paolo Verrocchio

TE Structural and thermodynamic properties of freelyointed
hard-sphere rings and chains
AU C.-T.Lin, G.Stell, and Yu.V.Kalyuzhnyi

TE Protein dynamics at low temperatures
AU J.Schlichter, J.Friedrich, L.Herenyi, and J.Fidy

TE Adsorption of critical and supercritical fluids
AU S.B.Kiselev, J.F.Ely, and M.Yu.Belyakov

TE Shear-induced changes of the potential energy landscape
underlying n-butane liquids and glasses
AU Mignon M.Frey and Daniel J.Lacks

TE Quantum mechanical canonical rate theory: A new approach based
on the reactive flux and numerical analytic continuation methods
AU Eran Rabani, Goran Krilov, and B.J.Berne

TE Crystallization of a Yukawa fluid via a modified weighted
density approximation with a solid refeence state
AU Dean C.Wang and Alice P.Gast

TE A two-dimensional model of water: Theory and computer simulations
AU T.Urbic, V.Vlachy, Yu.V.Kalyuzhnyi, N.T.Southall, and K.A.Dill

TE Elastic molecular dynamics with self-consistent flexible
AU Jin Zhou, Sebastian Reich, and Bernard R.Brooks

TE Steady state response of the nonlinear dilectric relaxation and
birefringence in strong superimposed ac and dc bias electric
fields: Polar and polarizable molecules
AU J.L.Dejardin and Yu.P.Kalmykov

TE Rigidity constants from mean-field models
AU S.M.Oversteegen and E.M.Blokhuis

TE Pulse radiolysis studies on charge carriers in conjugated
AU H.D.Burrows, M.da G.Miguel, A.P.Monkman, L.E.Horsburgh,
I.Hamblett, and S.Navaratnam

TE Tracer diffusion of polyorganosiloxane nanoparticles in
solution. Effects of tracer topology and particle concentration
AU Christina Graf, Wolfgang Schaertl, Michael Maskos,
and Manfred Schmidt

TE Diffusion and surface reaction in random fibrous media
AU William Strieder

TE Parallel wave-packet simulations of electron transission through
AU Uri Peskin, Ake Edlund, and Ilan Bar-On

TE Dephasing of an anharmonic vibration in solution
AU Ryan B.Williams and Roger F.Loring

TE Femtosecond fluorescence upconversion studies of barrierless
bond twisting of auramine in solution
AU M.J.van der Meer, H.Zhang, and M.Glasbeek

TE Phase transitions in alloy clusters physically adsorbed on model
AU Mayra Ocasio and Gustavo E.Lopez

TE Mechanisms of phase transitions in sodium clusters: From
molecular to bulk behavior
AU F.Calvo and F.Spiegelmann

TE DNA-linked metal nanosphere materials: Fourier transform
solutions for the optical response
AU Anne A.Lazarides and George C.Schatz

TE Molecular dynamics study of diffusion in bidisperse polymer melts
AU Sandra Barsky

TE Spin dynamics study in doped polyaniline by continuous wave and
pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance
AU C.J.Magon, Souza, A.J.Costa-Filho, E.A.Vidoto, R.M.Faria,
and O.R.Nascimento

TE Self-consistent fluid variational theory for presure
dissociation in dense hydrogen
AU Hauke Juranek and Ronald Redmer

TE Topologically induced glass transition in dense polymer systems
AU Matthias Rosche, Roland G.Winkler, Peter Reineker,
and Michael Schulz

TE Comment on recent NMR experiments on polymer melts
AU Michael F.Herman

TE An interesting ligand for the preparation of luminescent
plastics. The picrate ion
AU Zea Bermudez, L.D.Carlos, M.M.Silva, and M.J.Smith

TE Intramolecular energy-band dispersion in oriented thin films of
n-CF{_3}(CF{_2}){_22}CF{_3} observed by angleesolved
photoemission with synchrotron radiation
AU Takayuki Miyamae, Shinji Hasegawa, Daisuke Yoshimura,
Hisao Ishii, Nobuo Ueno, and Kazuhiko Seki

TE Stability of bicontinuous cubic phases in ternary amphiphilic
systems with spontaneous curvature
AU U.S.Schwarz and G.Gompper

TE Equilibria and kinetics of polydisperse mixture adsorption
AU Carolyn B.Olson and Julian Talbot

TE Thermal excitation of rotation of the methyl group in
chemisorbed acetate on Cu(110)
AU J.-G.Lee, J.Ahner, D.Mocuta, S.Denev, and J.T.Yates

TE Calculation of the cadmium-water interface
AU David L.Price

TE Collision induced desorption by "hot" atoms: Desorption of 
O{_2} from Ag(110)
AU Yehuda Zeiri