Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 113, N 5, 1 August.

TE Turing patterns in a self-replicating mechanism with a
self-complementary template
AU Leo L.Tsai, Geoffrey R.Hutchison, and Enrique Peacock-Lopez

TE Phonon spectra in model carbon nanotubes
AU V.P.Sokhan, D.Nicholson, and N.Quirke

TE Infrared study of water-benzene mixtures at high temperatures
and pressures in the two-and onephase regions
AU Seiya Furutaka and Shun-ichi Ikawa

TE Behavior of confined telechelic chains under shear
AU June Huh and Anna C.Balazs

TE Classical mechanical photon echo of a solvated anharmonic
AU Ryan B.Williams and Roger F.Loring

TE Density functional theory of simple polymers in a slit pore:
III. Surface tension
AU Justin B.Hopper, John D.McCoy, John G.Curro, and Frank van Swol

TE Local density augmentation in attractive supercritical
solutions. II. Application to electronic line shifts
AU S.A.Egorov

TE The influence of particle size on the magnetorheological
properties of an inverse ferrofluid
AU Gans, N.J.Duin, D.van den Ende, and J.Mellema

TE Orientational phase transition of solid orthohydrogen
AU Katuhiko Fujii, Takashi Ohe, and Hiroaki Nakamura

TE {^1}H NMR spin-lattice relaxation, {^13}C magic- angle-spinning
NMR spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetery, and X-ray
diffraction of two polymorphs of 2,6-di-tert-butylnaphthalene
AU P.A.Beckmann, K.S.Burbank, K.A.Martin, E.N.Slonaker, K.Averill,
C.Dybowski, J.S.Figueroa, A.Glatfelter, S.Koch,
L.M.Liable-Sands, and A.L.Rheingold

TE The effect of inhomogeneous broadening on optical strong field
AU M.Morillo and R.I.Cukier

TE CCNN: The last kinetically stable isomer of cyanogen
AU Yi-hong Ding, Ze-sheng Li, Xu-ri Huang, Chia-chung Sun

TE CASSCF and MRCI studies on the electronic excited states of
CHBrO, CClBrO, and CBr{_2}O
AU Yumin Li and Joseph S.Francisco

TE A comparative study of Hamilton and overlap population methods
for the analysis of chemical bonding
AU Wingfield V.Glassey and Roald Hoffmann

TE Density functional study of intramolecular ferromagnetic
interaction through m-phenylene coupling unit (I): UBLYP, UB3LYP
and UHF calculations
AU Masaki Mitani, Hiroki Mori, Yu Takano, Daisuke Yamaki,
Yasunori Yoshioka, and Kizashi Yamaguchi

TE Coupled cluster investigation of Sternheimer shieldings and
electric field gradient polarizabilities
AU Sonia Coriani, Asger Halkier, Poul Jorgensen, Jurgen Gauss,
Ove Christiansen, and Antonio Rizzo

TE An efficient calculation of the energy levels of the carbon group
AU Nengwu Zheng, Dongxia Ma, Ruyi Yang, Tao Zhou,
Tao Wang and Song Han

TE Ionization energy of hyperlithiated and electronically
segregated isomers of Li{_n}(OH){_n-1} (n=2-5) clusters
AU Hiromasa Tanaka, Keiichi Yokoyama, and Hiroshi Kudo

TE Hyperpolarizability of the water dimer and the interaction
hyperpolarizability of two water molecules
AU George Maroulis

TE Direct iterative solution of the generalized Bloch equation. IV.
Application to H{_2}, LiH, BeH, and CH{_2}
AU Holger Mei{beta}ner and Josef Paldus

TE Direct iterative solution of the generalized Bloch equation.
III. Application to H{_2}-cluster models
AU Holger Mei{beta}ner and Josef Paldus

TE Direct iterative solution of the generalized Bloch equation. II.
A general formalism for many-electron systems
AU Holger Mei{beta}ner and Josef Paldus

TE Molecular {pi} pulses. Population inversion with positively
chirped short pulses
AU Jianshu Cao, Christopher J.Bardeen, and Kent R.Wilson

TE Thermodynamic stability of Sn{_4}, Sn{_5}, Sn{_6}, and Sn{_7}
clusters by Knudsen cell mass spectroscopy
AU G.Meloni, R.W.Schmude, Jr., J.E.Kingcade, Jr., and K.A.Gingerich

TE Spectroscopy of the A{^2}{DELTA} - X{^2}{PI} transition of
AU Anatoly V.Komissarov and Michael C.Heaven

TE The rotational spectra of the HCCCNH{^+}, NCCNH{^+}, and
CH{_3}CNH{^+} ions
AU C.A.Gottlieb, A.J.Apponi, M.C.McCarthy, P.Thaddeus,
and H.Linnartz

TE Vibration-rotation fluorescence spectra of water in the ground
electronic state
AU Maria Nela, Dmitri Permogorov, Andrea Mia and Lauri Halonen

TE Spin-orbit branching in the photodissociation of HF and DF: II.
A time-dependent wavepacket study of vibrationally mediated
AU Alex Brown and Gabriel G.Balint-Kurti

TE Spin-orbit branching in the photodissociation of HF and DF: I. A
time-dependent wavepacket study for excitation from v = 0
AU Alex Brown and Gabriel G.Balint-Kurti

TE Application of semirigid vibrating rotor target model to
reaction of H + CH{_F4} --> CH{_3
AU M.L.Wang, J.Z.H.Zhang, and Dong H.Zhang

TE High-resolution laser spectroscopy of YbS: Deperturbation
analysis of the AO{^+} - XO{^+} transition
AU Todd C.Melville, John A.Coxon, and Colan Linton

TE Dissociative recombination of D{_3}O{^+} and H{_3}O{^+}:
Absolute cross sections and branching ratios
AU A.Neau, A.Al Khalili, S.Rosen, A.Le Padellec, A.M.Derkatch,
W.Shi, L.Vikor, M.Larsson, J.Semaniak, R.Thomas, M.B.Nagard,
K.Andersson, H.Danared, and Ugglas

TE Multiple dynamical pathways in the O + SiH{_4} reaction studied
by the crossed molecular beam method
AU Jim J.Lin, Yuan T.Lee, and Xueming Yang

TE Photodissociation dynamics of the propargyl bromide molecular ion
AU Doo Young Kim, Joong Chul Choe, and Myung Soo Kim

TE What to see and what not to see in 3 photon absorption: (3+1)
AU Agut Kvaran, Benedikt G.Waage, and Huasheng Wang

TE Application of the adjacency matrix eigenvectors method to
geometry determination of toroidal pure carbon molecules
AU Ante Graovac, Dejan Plavsic, Matjaz Kaufman, Tomaz Pisanski,
and Edward C.Kirby

TE The {nu}{_1} and {nu}{_2} bands of Ar{^...}HN{^+}{_2}: A joint
theoretical/experimental study
AU Peter Botschwina, Rainer Oswald, Harold Linnartz,
and Dorinel Verdes

TE State-to-state reaction probabilities using bond coordinates:
Application to the Li+HF(v,j) collision
AU Manuel Lara, Alfredo Aguado, Miguel Paniagua, and Octavio Roncero

TE Analysis of the ultrafast photodissociation of electronically
excited CF{_2}I{_2} molecules by femtosecond time-resolved
photoelectron spectroscopy
AU P.Farmanara, V.Stert, H.-H.Ritze, and W.Radloff

TE Photoelectron spectroscopy of copper cyanide cluster anions: On
the possibility of linear and ring structures
AU Yichi Negishi, Tomokazu Yasuike, Fumitaka Hayakawa, Miki Kizawa,
Satoshi Yabushita, Atsushi Nakajima, and Koji Kaya

TE Multichannel Schwinger study of C 1s photoionization of acetylene
AU Ping Lin and Robert R.Lucchese

TE Kinetics of the reactions of N{_2}{^+} with CO{_2} and SO{_2}
from 300-1400 K
AU Itzhak Dotan, Anthony J.Midey, and A.A.Viggiano

TE Ion mobility measurements and thermal transpiration effects in
helium gas at 4.3 K
AU Hajime Tanuma, Hideko Fujimatsu, and Nobuo Kobayashi