Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 5, Feb 1.

ISSN 0021-9606
TE Erratum: The spectroscopy and IVR dynamics of HOCI in the
v{_OH}=6 region, probed by infrared-visible double resonance
overtone excitation [J. Chem. Phys. 111, 123 (1999)]
AU A.Callegari, J.Rebstein, J.S.Muenter, R.Jost, and T.R.Rizzo

TE Quantum calculations on the vibrational predisociation of
NeBr{_2}: Evidence for continuum resonances
AU Thomas A.Stephenson and Nadine Halberstadt

TE Microsolvation of the methyl cation in neon: 
Infrared spectra and ab initio calculations of CH{_3}{^+}-Ne 
And CH{_3}{^+}-Ne{_2}
AU Otto Dopfer, Rouslan V.Olkhov, and John P.Maier

TE Rotational spectra and dynamics of the van der Waals adducts of
neon and argon with 1,1-difluorothylene
AU Adele Dell'Erga, Sonia Melandri, Aldo Millemaggi,
Walther Caminati, and Paolo G.Favero

TE Observation of the singlet-triplet pair of the 4p Rydberg state
and assignment of the Rydberg series of SO{_2}
AU Bing Xue, Yang Chen, Hai-Lung Dai

TE Photochemistry of hydrogen peroxide in Kr and Xe matrices
AU Leonid Khriachtchev, Mika Pettersson, Santtu Jolkkonen,
Susanna Pehkonen, and Markku Rasanen

TE Signatures of non-Markovian relaxation in twoevel atoms due to
environmental perturbations
AU Gautam Vemuri and Marvin D.Kemple

TE The application of a VUV Fourier transform spectrometer and
synchrotron radiation source to measurements of:
II. The {delta}(1,0) band of NO
AU T.Imajo, K.Yoshino, J.R.Esmond, W.H.Parkinson, A.P.Thorne,
J.E.Murray, R.C.M.Learner, G.Cox, A.S.-C.Cheung, K.Ito,
and T.Matsui

TE Effects of asymptotic interactions on the photodissociation of
AU Sungyul Lee, and Kyung-Hoon Jung

TE Multiconfiguration molecular mechanics algorithm for potential
energy surfaces of chemical reactions
AU Yongho Kim, Jose C.Corchado, Jordi Villa, Jianhua Xing,
and Donald G.Truhlar

TE Experimental proof of the case (ab) coupling hypothesis in the
first excited triplet state of selenoformaldehyde (H{_2}C=Se)
AU Duck-Lae Joo, Dennis J.Clouthier, and R.H.Judge

TE A transition state real wave packet approach for obtaining the
cumulative reaction probability
AU Kelsey M.Forsythe and Stephen K.Gray

TE Design of heteronuclear decoupling sequences for solids
AU Anatoly Khitrin and B.M.Fung

TE On the adiabatic to diabatic states transformation near
intersections of conical intersections
AU David R.Yarkony

TE Direct calculation of anharmonic vibrational states of
polyatomic molecules using potential energy suraces calculated
from density functional theory
AU Nicholas J.Wright and R.Benny Gerber

TE A stochastic study of microsolvation. II. Strucures of CO in
small helium clusters
AU F.A.Gianturco, M.Lewerenz, F.Paesani, and J.P.Toennies

TE Dielectric properties of materials using whispering gallery
dielectric resonators: Experiments and perpectives of
ultra-wideband characterization
AU G.Annino, D.Bertolini, M.Cassettari, M.Fittipaldi, I.Longo,
and M.Martinelli

TE Computer simulation of the chemical potential of binary
Lennard-Joens mixtures
AU M.Borowko, R.Zagorski, and A.Malijevsky

TE Dynamic response of an irreversible catalytic reaction to
periodic variation of the reactant's pressure
AU A.C.Lopez and E.V.Albano

TE Exact long-time asymptotics for reversible binding in three
AU Noam Agmon and Irina V.Gopich

TE Solvation in highly non-ideal solutions: A study of aqueous
1-propanol using the coumarin 153 probe
AU Hideaki Shirota and Edward W.Castner, Jr.

TE A nonequilibrium ensemble formalism: Criterion for truncation of
AU J.Galvao Ramos, Aurea R.Vasconcellos, and Roberto Luzzi

TE The phase behavior of a hard sphere chain model of a binary
n-alkane mixture
AU A.P.Malanoski and P.A.Monson

TE Self-consistent harmonic theory of solvation in glassy systems:
Classical solvation
AU David R.Reichman and Gregory A.Voth

TE Self-consistent harmonic theory of solvation in glassy systems:
Quantum solvation
AU David R.Reichman and Gregory A.Voth

TE Thermodynamic study of a phase transition between the ordered
and disordered phases and orientational disorder in crystalline
AU Yoshitaka Tozuka, Yasuhisa Yamamura, Kazuya Saito,
and Michio Sorai

TE Mean first passage time solution of Smoluchowski equation.
Application to relaxation dynamics in myoglobin
AU Anjum Ansari

TE Reentrant condensation of DNA induced by multivalent counterions
AU T.T.Nguyen, I.Rouzina, and B.I.Shklovskii

TE Comment on: Effect of gravity on contact angle: A theoretical
investigation [J. Chem. Phys. 109, 3651 (1998)]
AU E.M.Blokhuis

TE Reply to the Comment on: Effect of gravity on conact angle: A
theoretical investigation [J. Chem. Phys. 109, 3651 (1998)]
AU C.A.Ward

TE On the nature of thermal diffusion in binary Lennard-Jones
AU Dirk Reith and Florian Mueller-Plathe

TE The exponential dielectric relaxation dynamics in a secondary
alcohol's supercooled liquid and glassy states
AU O.Kalinovskaya and J.K.Vij

TE Lattice density functional theory predictions of order-disorder
phase transitions
AU G.L.Aranovich and M.D.Donohue

TE Relations among the modern theories of diffusionnfluenced
reactions: II. Reduced distribution function theory vs. modified
integral encounter theory
AU Jaeyoung Sung and Sangyoub Lee

TE Phase transitions in an associating, networkorming,
Lennard-Jones fluid in slit-like pores. II. Extension of the
density functional method.
AU Adrian Huerta, Orest Pizio, and Stefan Sokolowski

TE Hydrophobic hydration and molecular association in
methanol-water mixtures studied by microave dielectric analysis
AU Takaaki Sato, Akio Chiba, and Ryusuke Nozaki

TE Theoretical analysis of the influence of stochastic gating on
the transient effect in fluorescence quenching by electron
AU T.Bandyopadhyay, K.Seki, and M.Tachiya

TE Surveying determinants of protein structure desigability across
different energy models and aminocid alphabets: A concensus
AU Nicolas E.G.Buchler and Richard A.Goldstein

TE The decomposition of C{_60} on nickel clusters
AU E.K.Parks, K.P.Kerns, G.M.Koretsky, G.C.Nieman, and S.J.Riley

TE Polarization dependence of photochromism in an
N-salicylideneaniline singlecrystal
AU M.Y.Shen, L.Z.Zhao, T.Goto, and A.Mordzinski

TE Electronic bath approach to thermal effects in ion-surface
AU Kenneth W.Sulston and Frank O.Goodman

TE The vibrational structure of benzene adsorbed on Si(001)
AU Markus Staufer, Uwe Birkenheuer, Thomas Belling,
Folke Nortemann, Notker Rosch, Wolf Widdra, Krassimir L.Kostov,
Thomas Moritz, and D.Menzel