Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 113, N 4, 22 July.

TE The effect of Coulomb interactions on the ac mobility of charges
in quasi-one-dimensional systems. Example: discotic liquid
AU Laurens D.A.Siebbeles and Bijan Movaghar

TE On the second-order corrections to the quantum canonical
equilibrium density matrix
AU Eitan Geva, Efrat Rosenman, and David Tannor

TE Polymer network dynamics in shrinking pattern of gels
AU Masayuki Tokita, Keiich Miyamoto, and Takashi Komai

TE On the theory of ion transfer rates across the interface of two
immiscible liquids
AU R.A.Marcus

TE A small angle x-ray scattering study of the droplet-cylinder
transition in oil-rich sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate
AU D.I.Svergun, P.V.Konarev, V.V.Volkov, M.H.J.Koch, W.F.C.Sager,
J.Smeets, and E.M.Blokhuis

TE Glass transitions of thin polymeric films: Speed and load
dependence in lateral force microscopy
AU Franco Dinelli, Cynthia K.Buenviaje, and Rene M.Overney

TE Mode specific vibrational excitation and energy redistribution
after ultrafast intramolecular electron transfer
AU S.Hogiu, W.Werncke, M.Pfeiffer, J.Dreyer, and T.Elsaesser

TE Global renormalization calculations compared with simulations
for square-well fluids: Widths 3.0 and 1.5
AU John A.White

TE Zero-field signal in the electron paramagnetic resonance
spectrum of Mn{^+}{^2} in silicate glasses
AU Rakhim R.Rakhimov and David E.Jones

TE The reaction of benzene with ground state carbon atom, C({^3}Pj)
AU Holger F.Bettinger, Paul V.R.Schleyer, Henry F.Schaefer III,
Peter R.Schreiner, Ralf I.Kaiser, and Yuan T.Lee

TE On the control of the production of hydrogen atom 2s-2p
resonance hybrids through the use of competitive one- and
two-photon transitions from the ground state
AU B.N.Jagatap and William J.Meath

TE Theoretical investigation of the autoionization process in
molecular collision complexes: He*(2{^3}S) + Li(2{^2}S) --> He +
Li{^+} + e{^-}
AU M.Movre, L.Thiel, and W.Meyer

TE Alkalization of aluminum clusters
AU B.K.Rao and P.Jena

TE Complete basis set extrapolations for low-lying triplet
electronic states of acetylene and vinylidene
AU C.David Sherrill, Edward F.C.Byrd, and Martin Head-Gordon

TE Localized-density-matrix method and nonlinear optical response
AU WanZhen Liang, Satoshi Yokojima, and GuanHua Chen

TE Computing coupled-cluster wave functions with arbitrary
AU Mihaly Kallay and Peter R.Surjan

TE Thermochemical analysis of core correlation and scalar
relativistic effects on molecular atomization energies
AU Jan M.L.Martin, Andreas Sundermann, Patton L.Fast,
and Donald G.Truhlar

TE The electronic structure and properties of group 7 oxychlorides,
MO{_3}Cl, where M = Tc, Re, and element 107, Bh
AU V.Pershina and T.Bastug

TE On non-negativity of Fukui function indices. II.
AU Ram Kinkar Roy, Kimihiko Hirao, and Sourav Pal

TE Van der Waals bending bands of the ArDCN cluster observed by
millimeter-wave spectrocopy combined with a pulsed
supersonic-jet technique
AU Keiichi Tanaka, Stephane Bailleux, Asao Mizoguchi,
Kesuke Harada, Takeshi Baba, Ikuyo Ogawa, and Mitsuaki Shirasaka

TE Erratum: Three-body collision contributions to recombination and
collision-induced dissociation. II. Kinetics [J. Chem. Phys.
109, 6714 (1998)]
AU Russell T Pack, Robert B.Walker, and Brian K.Kendrick

TE The spectral forms of transient ESR spectra of radical pairs and
the origin of the antiphase structure
AU A.A.Neufeld and J.Boiden Pedersen

TE Effects of pressure on radiation processes in solid hydrogen: An
ESR study
AU Takayuki Kumada, Valeri Shevtsov, Yasuyuki Aratono,
and Tetsuo Miyazaki

TE Mass spectra of metal-doped carbon and fullerene clusters
AU R.Klingeler, P.S.Bechthold, M.Neeb, and W.Eberhardt

TE Comment on: Anisotropic intermolecular interactions in van der
Waals and hydrogen-bonded complexes: What can we get from
density functional calculations? [J. Chem. Phys. 111, 7727
AU Tomasz A.Wesolowski

TE Spin-orbit effects in photodissociation of sodium iodide
AU A.B.Alekseyev, H.-P.Liebermann, R.J.Buenker, N.Balakrishnan,
H.R.Sadeghpour, S.T.Cornett, and M.J.Cavagnero

TE Total cross sections for dissociative electron attachment in
diochloroalkanes and selected polychloralkanes: The correlation
with vertical attachment energies
AU K.Aflatooni and P.D.Burrow

TE Time dependent quantum dynamics study of Cl+H{_2} reaction
AU Ben-hui Yang, Hong-tao Gao, Ke-li Han, and John Z.H.Zhang

TE Millimeter-wave spectroscopy and coupled cluster calculations
for NCCP
AU Luca Bizzocchi, Claudio Degli Esposti, and Peter Botschwina

TE Direction of the transition dipole moment of nitrobenzene
determined from oriented molecules in a uniform electric field
AU Karen J.Castle, James Abbott, Xianzhao Peng, and Wei Kong

TE Transferability in aldehydes and ketones. II. Alkyl chains
AU Ana M.Grana and Ricardo A.Mosquera

TE Nuclear magnetic resonance study of xenon-131 interacting with
surfaces: Effective Liouvillian and spectral analysis
AU Michael Deschamps, Irene Burghardt, Christiane Derouet,
Geoffrey Bodenhausen, and Dzevad Belkic

TE Seeded amplification of amplified spontaneous emission in NO
AU Yoshihiro Ogi, Aya Sakoda, and Koichi Tsukiyama

TE Experimental and theoretical study of the photoelectron spectra
of MnO{_x}{^-} (x = 1-3) clusters
AU Gennady L.Gutsev, B.K.Rao, P.Jena, Xi Li and Lai-Sheng Wang

TE A path integral ground state method
AU A.Sarsa and K.E.Schmidt

TE Microwave - infrared double resonance spectroscopy of an OCS
molecule inside an {^4}He droplet
AU S.Grebenev, M.Havenity, F.Madeja, J.P.Toennies, and A.F.Vilesov

TE 6D vibrational quantum dynamics: Generalized coordinate discrete
variable representation and (a) diabatic contraction
AU David Luckhaus