Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 3, 15 Jan.

TE Rovibrational Hamiltonians for general polyatomic molecules in
   spherical polar parametrization: I. Orthogonal representations
AU Mirjana Mladenovic

TE Rovibrational Hamiltonians for general polyatomic molecules in
   spehrical polar parametrization: II. Nonorthogonal descriptions
   of internal molecular geometry
AU Mirjana Mladenovic

TE Vibronic structure of alkoxy radicals via photolectron
AU Tanya M.Ramond, Gustavo E.Davico, Rebecca L.Schwartz,
   and W.Carl Lineberger

TE Rotational patches---Stark effect, dipole moment, and dynamics
   of water loosely bound to benzene
AU T.Emilsson, H.S.Gutowsky, Oliveira, and C.E.Dykstra

TE A quantum model Hamiltonian to treat reactions of the type
   X+YCZ{_3} --> XY+CZ{_3}. Application to O({^3}P) + CH{_4} --> OH
   + CH{_3}
AU Juliana Palma and David C.Clary

TE Matrix isolation and spectroscopic characterization of a linear
   AlOSi radical
AU Markus Junker, Markus Friesen, and Hansgeorg Schnockel

TE Fast radiofrequency amplitude modulation in multiple-quantum
   magic-angle-spinning NMR: Theory and experiments
AU P.K.Madhu, Amir Goldbourt, Lucio Frydman, and Shimon Vega

TE Global potential energy surfaces for the H{_3}{^+} system.
   Analytical representation of the adiaatic ground state 1{^1}A'
AU Alfredo Aguado, Octavio Roncero, Cesar Tablero, Cristina Sanz,
   and Miguel Paniagua

TE Van der Waals isomers and ionic reactivity of the cluster system
   para-chlorofluorobenzene/ methanol
AU C.Riehn, K.Buchhold, B.Reimann, S.Djafari, H.-D.Barth,
   B.Brutschy, P.Tarakeshwar, and K.S.Kim

TE Erratum: Effects of local reactant concentration perturbations
   in oscillatory catalysis [J. Chem. Phys. 108, 5565 (1998)]
AU C.D.Lund, C.M.Surko, M.B.Maple, and S.Y.Yamamoto

TE Statistical thermodynamics of bond torsional modes
AU Yao-Yuan Chuang and Donald G.Truhlar

TE The vibrational distribution of O{_2}(X{^3}{1/2}{_g}{^-})
   prouced in the photodissociation of ozone between 226 and 240
   and at 266 nm
AU Joseph D.Geiser, Scott M.Dylewski, Julie A.Mueller,
   Ruth J.Wilson, Ralf Toumi, and Paul L.Houston

TE Very high rotational excitation of CO in a cooled electric
   discharge through carbon monoxide
AU Claudina Cossart-Magos and Daniel Cossart

TE Anharmonic force field and vibrational frequencies of
   tetrafluoromethane (CF{_4}) and tetrafluorosilane (SiF{_4})
AU Xiao-Gang Wang, Edwin L.Sibert, III, and Jan M.L.Martin

TE Six-dimensional calculation of the vibrational specrum of the
   HFCO molecule
AU Alexandra Viel and Claude Leforestier

TE On the identification of the vibrational spectrum of cyclic
   C{_8} in solid Ar
AU S.L.Wang, C.M.L.Rittby, and W.R.M.Graham

TE Rotationally resolved pulsed field ionization photolectron bands
   for O{_2}{^+}(A{^2}{PI}{_u}, v{^+}=0-12) in the energy range of
   17.0-18.2 eV
AU Y.Song, M.EVans, C.Y.Ng, C.-W.Hsu, and G.K.Jarvis

TE Water-chain clusters: Vibronic spectra of
AU Andreas Bach, Stephane Coussan,
   Andreas Muller and Samuel Leutwyler

TE Tunneling splittings in water trimer by projector Monte Carlo
AU D.Blume and K.B.Whaley

TE Rotational resolved pulsed field ionization photolectron bands
   for O{_2}{^+}(a{^4}II{_u,} v{^+}=0-18) in the energy range of
   16.0-18.0 eV
AU Y.Song, M.Evans, C.Y.Ng, C.-W.Hsu and G.K.Jarvis

TE Experimental and theoretical study of line mixing in methane
   spectra. III. The Q branch of the Raman {nu}{_1} band
AU D.Pieroni, J.-M.Hartmann, F.Chaussard, X.Michaut, T.Gabard,
   R.Saint-Loup, H.Berger, and J.-P.Champion

TE Threshold collision-induced dissociation of anionic copper
   clusters and copper cluster monocarbonyls
AU Vassil A.Spasov, Taeck-Hong Lee, and Kent M.Ervin

TE The diffraction signatures of individual vibraional modes in
   polyatomic molecules
AU Seol Ryu, Peter M.Weber, and Richard M.Stratt

TE Structure and energetics of Si{_n}N{_m} clusters: Growth
   pathways in a heterogeneous cluster system
AU Gerd Jungnickel, Thomas Frauenheim, and Koblar Alan Jackson

TE Residual dipolar couplings between quadrupolar nuclei in high
   resolution solid state NMR: Description and observations in the
   high field limit
AU Sungsool Wi and Lucio Frydman

TE Reactions of C{^+}({^2}P{_u}) with CO({^1}{SIGMA}{^+}) from
   thermal energies to 30 eV
AU Wenyun Lu, Paolo Tosi, Mauro Filippi, and Davide Bassi

TE Angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of O{_2}
   (a{^1}{DELTA}{_g}) with synchrotron radiation
AU L.Beeching, A.DeFanis, J.M.Dyke, S.D.Gamblin, N.Hooper, A.Moris,
   and J.B.West

TE Spin relaxation by dipolar coupling: From motional narrowing to
   the rigid limit
AU Alexander A.Nevzorov and Jack H.Freed

TE Dipolar relaxation in a many-body system of spins of 1/2
AU Alexander A.Nevzorov and Jack H.Freed

TE Molecular dichotomy within an intense highrequency laser field
AU Nam A.Nguyen and T.-T.Nguyen-Dang

TE Laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled ethyl radical: Infrared studies
   in the CH{_2} stretch manifold
AU Scott Davis, Dairene Uy, and David J.Nesbitt

TE Quantized field description of rotor frequencyriven dipolar
AU G.J.Boender, S.Vega, awnd Groot

TE Determining point charge arrays that produce accurate ionic
   crystal fields for atomic cluster calculations
AU Stephen E.Derenzo, Mattias K.Klintenberg, and Marvin J.Weber

TE New generalised gradient approximation functionals
AU A.Daniel Boese, Nikos L.Doltsinis, Nicholas C.Handy,
   and Michiel Sprk

TE Ab initio determination of americium ionization potentials
AU Jeffrey L.Tilson, Ron Shepard, Conrad Naleway, Albert F.Wagner,
   and Walter C.Ermler

TE Ab initio studies of anionic cluster of water pentamer
AU Sudhir A.Kulkarni, Libero J.Bartolotti, and Rajeev K.Pathak

TE The open shell single reference size-consistent self-consistent
   singles and doubles configuration interaction method.
   Application to ionization potentials
AU J.Pitarch-Ruiz, J.Sanchez-Marin, and D.Maynau

TE Chemisorption of NH{_3} on Si(100-)-(2x1): A study by
   first-principles ab initio and density funcional theory
AU Zhi-Heng Loh and H.Chuan Kang

TE Ab initio study of interactions in methylamine clusters. The
   significance of cooperative effects
AU Enrique M.Cabaleiro-Lago and Miguel A.Rios

TE Theoretical characterization of the excited-state structures and
   properties of phenol and its oneater complex
AU Wei-Hai Fang

TE On the divergent behavior of Moller-Plesset perurbation theory
   for the molecular electric dipole moment
AU Helena Larsen, Asger Halkier, Jeppe Olsen, and Poul Jorgensen

TE Ab initio calculation of the zero-field splitting parameter D of
   benzene and naphthalene
AU B.Bomfleur, M.Sironi, M.Raimondi, and J.Voitlander

TE Globular state of random copolymers with aritrary amphiphilicity
AU Fabio Ganazzoli

TE Generalized van der Waals density functional theory for
   non-uniform polymers
AU Chandra N.Patra and Arun Yethiraj

TE Theoretical study of polymeric mixtures with different sequence
   statistics: I. Ising class: Linear random copolymers with
   different statistical sequences and terary blends of linear
   random copolymers with homopolymers
AU Shuyan Qi and Arup K.Chakraborty

TE Theoretical study of polymeric mixtures with diffeent sequence
   statistics: II. Brazovskii class: Linear random copolymers with
   diblock copolymers
AU Shuyan Qi and Arup Chakraborty

TE Almost temperature independent charge carrier mobiities in
   liquid crystals
AU M.A.Palenberg, R.J.Silbey, M.Malagoli, and J.-L.Bredas

TE Modeling of dynamic molecular solvent properties using local and
   cavity field approaches
AU Peter Macak, Patrick Norman, Yi Luo, and Hans Agren

TE Calculation of helical twisting power for liquid crystal chiral
AU Melanie J.Cook and Mark R.Wilson

TE A simulation study of the decay of the pair correation function
   in simple fluids
AU Marjolein Dijkstra and Robert Evans

TE Frequency dependence of ionic conductivity of electrolyte
AU Amalendu Chandra and Biman Bagchi

TE Tumbling and spinning diffusions of acetonitrile in water and
   organic solvents
AU Chihiro Wakai, Hirokazu Siato, Nobuyuki Matubayasi,
   and Masaru Nakahara

TE Melt layer-solidification of fatty acids in a rectangular cell
AU Keisuke Fukui and Kouji Maeda

TE Microscopic density fluctuations and solvation in polymeric
AU Shekhar Garde, Rajesh Khare, and Gerhard Hummer

TE Formation and equilibrium properties of living polymer brushes
AU A.Milchev, J.P.Wittmer, and D.P.Landau

TE Enhanced saturation coverages in adsorptionesorption processes
AU Paul R.Van Tassel, Pascal Viot, Gilles Tarjus, Jeremy J.Ramsden,
   and Julian Talbot

TE Tensor analysis of the second-order nonlinear optical
   susceptibility of chiral anisotropic thin films
AU Martti Kauranen, Sven Van Elshocht, Thierry Verbiest,
   and Andre Persoons