Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 24, 22 June.

TE A helium atom scattering study of the structure and phonon
dynamics of the ice surface
AU A.Glebov, A.P.Graham, A.Menzel, J.P.Toennies, and P.Senet

TE Freezing and melting of methanol in a single cylindrical pore:
Dynamical supercooling and vitrification of methanol
AU Kunimitsu Morishige and Keizi Kawano

TE Influence of the chromophore ionization potential on the speed
the magnitude of photorefractive effects in PVK-based polymer
AU David Van Steenwinckel, Eric Hendrickx, Kurt Van Den Broeck,
Celest Samyn, and Andre Persoons

TE Photoinduced localised atomic reaction (LAR) of
1,2- and 1,4-dichlorobenzene with Si(111) 7x7
AU P.H.Lu, J.C.Polanyi, and D.Rogers

TE A computer simulation study of the static structure and dynamic
properties of liquid C{_60} using Girifalco's potential
AU M.M.G.Alemany, C.Rey, O.Dieguez, and L.J.Gallego

TE Impurity quenching of fluorescence in intense light.
Violation of the Stern-Volmer law
AU O.A.Igoshin and A.I.Burshtein

TE Enumeration of cubic lattice walks by contact class
AU Gordon M.Crippen

TE Non-additive intermolecular potential and thermodynamic
properties of ethane
AU Agilio A.H.Padua and J.P.Martin Trusler

TE Global geometry optimization of silicon clusters
using the space-fixed genetic algorithm
AU Masao Iwamatsu

TE Structural signature of the configurational entropy change
during the glass formation of plastic crystal cyanodamantane
AU J.F.Willart, M.Descamps, and J.C.van Miltenburg

TE Effective interaction between soft core colloidal particles
AU S.Amokrane and M.Bouaskarne

TE Thermodynamics and kinetics of a glass transition: A generic
geometric approach
AU I.Gutzow, D.Ilieva, F.Babalievski, and V.Yamakov

TE Crystallization of dipolar spheres: A discussion of second-order
density functional theory
AU S.H.L.Klapp and G.N.Patey

TE Temperature dependence of cryochemical H-tunneling reactions
AU G.K.Ivanov, M.A.Kozhushner, and L.I.Trakhtenberg

TE Influence of cross-linking on the segmental dynamics in model
polymer networks
AU V.Yu.Kramarenko, T.A.Ezquerra, I.Sics, F.J.Balta-Calleja, and

TE An atomically detailed description of metal-dielectric
interfaces: The crossover from surface to bulk conducting
properties of Ag-Xe
AU Vaishali Shah, H.F.Bowen, and Brian Space

TE Thermodynamic consistency of reaction mechanisms and null cycles
AU Guy Schmitz

TE The vibrational spectrum of solid ferrocene by inelastic 
neutron scattering
AU E.Kemner, Schepper, G.J.Kearley, and U.A.Jayasooriya

TE Effect of hydrodynamic interactions on the irreversible
deposition of colloidal particles: Deposition algorithm and
AU R.B.Jones and Ramzi Kutteh

TE Nonequilibrium phase diagram of a polydisperse system:
A molecular dynamics study
AU Hiroshi Komatsugawa and Shuicki Nose

TE Self-organization of comblike copolymers with end-functionalized
side chains: A cellular-automaton-based simulation
AU David G.Shirvanyanz, Alexander S.Pavlov, and Pavel G.Khalatur

TE Probing the nature of surface intersection by ab initio
calculations of non-adiabatic coupling matrix elements:
A conical intersection due to bending motion in C{_2}H
AU A.M.Mebel, M.Baer, and S.H.Lin

TE A comparative study of the quantum dynamics and rate constants
of the O({^3}P)+HCl reaction described by two potential surfaces
AU Sergei Skokov, Tomoki Tsuchida, Shinkoh Nanbu, Joel M.Bowman,
and Stephen K.Gray

TE Erratum:  Spectroscopic constants of gold and eka-gold
(element 111) diatomic compounds.The importance of spin-orbit
coupling [J.Chem.Phys.110, 3730 (1999)]
AU Wenjian Liu and Christoph van Wullen

TE Erratum:  Electronic structure of polyglycine as a function of
proton position [J.Chem.Phys.112, 416 (2000)]
AU I.A.Howard and M.Springborg

TE Ab initio study of the electron-spin magnetic moments
(g-factors) of C{_2}{^-}, CSi-, Si{_2}{^-}, LiC{_2}, NaC{_2} and
AU Pablo J.Bruna and Friedrich Grein

TE Auxiliary basis sets for grid-free density functional theory
AU Kurt R.Glaesemann and Mark S.Gordon

TE A theoretical study on the ionization of CO{_2} and CS{_2} with
analysis of vibrational structure of the photoelectron spectra
AU Kouichi Takeshita, Norihiro Shida, and Eisaku Miyoshi

TE A numerical study on the performance of the multi-configuration
time-dependent Hartree method for density operators
AU A.Raab and H.-D.Meyer

TE Time-dependent density functional calculations of molecular
photoionization cross sections: N{_2} and PH{_3}
AU M.Stener and P.Decleva

TE Evidence of triplet ethylene produced from photodissociation of
ethylene sulfide
AU Fei Qi, Osman Sorkhabi, and Arthur G.Suits

TE Ultrafast excited state proton transfer and subsequent coherent
skeletal motion of 2-(2'-hydroxy-phenyl)benzothiazole
AU S.Lochbrunner, A.J.Wurzer, and E.Riedle

TE Detection and characterization of alkyl peroxy radicals
using cavity ringdown spectroscopy
AU Michael B.Pushkarsky, Sergey J.Salyubovsky, and Terry A.Miller

TE HCl photodissociation on argon clusters: Effects of sequential
solvation and librational preexcitation
AU Petra Zdanska, Petr Slavicek, and  Pavel Jungwirth

TE Theoretical study on the structure of Na{^+}-doped helium
clusters: Path integral Monte Carlo calculations
AU Akira Nakayama and Koichi Yamashita

TE Structure and dynamics of N{_2}-IH
AU Wolfgang Jabs, Avery L.McIntosh, Robert R.Lucchese,
John W.Bevan, Dale J.Brugh, and Richard D.Suenram

TE Erratum: Relative formation rates of {^50}O{_3} and {^52}O{_3}
in {^16}O - {^18}O mixtures [J.Chem.Phys.111, 7179 (1999)]
AU Christof Janssen, Juergen Guenther, Dieter Krankowsky, and
Konrad Mauersberger

TE REMPI of the hydrogen halides: Rotational structure and
anomalies in Rydberg and ion-pair states of HCl and HBr
AU Agust Kvaran, Huasheng Wang, and Ashildur Logadottir

TE Proton tunneling in the benzoic acid dimer studied
by high resolution UV spectroscopy
AU Karen Remmers, W.Leo Meerts, and Irving Ozier

TE Surface vibrations of large water clusters by
helium atom scattering
AU Jesko Brudermann, Petra Lohbrandt, Udo Buck, and Victoria Buch

TE Four dimensional quantum mechanical treatment of pentaatomic
systems: Case H{_2}+C{_2}H --> H+C{_2}H{_2}. Total reactive
probabilities, cross-sections and rate constants
AU H.Szichman, M.Gilbert, X.Gimenez, and A.Aguilar Navarro

TE Vibrationally excited states of CH{_3}CFCl{_2}: Intramolecular
vibrational redistribution and photodissociation dynamics
AU A.Melchior, X.Chen, I.Bar, and S.Rosenwaks

TE Microwave spectrum and molecular structure of the HSC radical
AU Hideta Harbara and Satoshi Yamamoto

TE Electron-impact ionization of the chlorine molecule
AU Pietro Calandra, Caroline S.S.O'Connor, and Stephen D.Price

TE Fourier transform emission spectrum of the HCSi radical,
A{^~2}{SIGMA}{^+} - X{^~2}{PI}{_i} transition
AU R.Cireasa, D.Cossart, M.Vervloet, and J.-M.Robbe

TE Resonant ion-dip infrared spectroscopy of benzene-(water){_9}:
Expanding the cube
AU Christopher J.Gruenloh, Joel R.Carney, Fredrick C.Hagemeister,
Timothy S.Zwier, John T.Wood, III, and Kenneth D.Jordan

TE Collision-induced dissociation dynamics of Ar{_2}{^+}
at high levels of vibrational excitation
AU Yu-hui Chiu, Steve Pullins, Dale J.Levandier, and
Rainer A.Dressler

TE Spectroscopic and ab initio investigation of the {nu}{_OH}
overtone excitation in trans-formic acid
AU D.Hurtmans, F.Herregodts, M.Herman, J.Lievin, A.Campargue,
A.Garnache, and A.A.Kachanov

TE Vibrational mode and collision energy effects on
proton transfer in phenol cation - methylamine collisions
AU Ho-Tae Kim, Richard J.Green, and Scott L.Anderson

TE Tunneling and decay dynamics of H{^~ 1}{SIGMA}{^+}{_g} outer
well states in hydrogen
AU E.Reinhold, W.Hogervorst, and W.Ubachs

TE Time-dependent Hartree approaches for the study of
intra-molecular dynamics in dimer systems
AU Pierre-Nicholas Roy and John C.Light

TE The dynamic disorder of azulene. A single crystal deuterium 
NMR study
AU Thomas Brauniger, Raphy Poupko, Zeev Luz, Peter Gutsche,
Christoph Meinel, Herbert Zimmermann, and Ulrich Haeberlen

TE Spectroscopy and relaxation kinetics of
CO(b{^3}{SIGMA}{^+}, v'=0,1,2) and
CO(a'{^3}{SIGMA}{^+},v'=31-36, 40 and 41) levels and 
reinterpretation of CO(a'{^3}{SIGMA}{^+},v'=34 and 35) 
formation in the Kr(5s'[1/2]{_0}) + CO reaction
AU G.Zikratov, D.W.Setser, and N.Sadeghi

TE Quantum wavepacket dynamics with trajectories:
Implementation with distributed approximating functionals
AU Robert E.Wyatt, Donald J.Kouri, and David K.Hoffman

TE High resolution pulsed field ionization-photoelectron study of
CO{_2}{^+}(X{^2}{PI}{_g}) in the energy range of 13.6-14.7 eV
AU Jianbo Liu, Wenwu Chen, C.-W.Hsu, M.Hochlaf, M.Evans, S.Stimson,
and C.Y.Ng