Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 23, 15 June.

TE Unusual bridged site for adsorbed oxygen adatoms: Theory and
experiment for Ir{100}-(1x2)-0
AU K.Johnson, Q.Ge, S.Titmuss, and D.A.King

TE Two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy. VI. Higher-order
contributions to the two-dimensional vibrational response
AU Kisam Park and Minhaeng Cho

TE Excited states dynamics of polydiacetylenes: An ab initio and
femtosecond spectroscopic investigation of the change from the
acetylenic to the butatrienic structure
AU Mohamed Turki, Thierry Barisien, Jean-Yves Bigot,
and Chantal Daniel

TE Linear and nonlinear dielectric constant tensor for monolayer
films in terms of orientational order parameters
AU Chen-Xu Wu, Wei Zhao, Mitsumasa Iwamoto, and Ou-Yang Zhong-can

TE Effect of substrate vibrations on the sticking of atoms at
surfaces: A critical comparison of different propagation methods
for the H/Cu(100) system
AU Tillmann Klamroth and Peter Saalfrank

TE A mesoscopic model of nucleation and Ostwald ripening/stepping:
Application to the silica polymorph system
AU G.Ozkan and P.Ortoleva

TE The correlation between local and long-range structure in
compressible supercritical fluids
AU Grant Goodyear, Michael W.Maddox, and Susan C.Tucker

TE Relaxation in a supercooled polymer melt within the dynamically
disordered Rouse model
AU Boaz Ilan and Roger F.Loring

TE Fluctuations in mixtures of lamellar- and nonlamellar-forming
AU Xiao-jun Li and M.Schick

TE The 3rd- and 5th-order non-linear Raman response of liquid
CS{_2} calculated using a finite field non-equilibrium molecular
dynamics method
AU Thomas l.C.Jansen, Jaap G.Snijders, and Koos Duppen

TE Pressure and temperature effects on a phase transition from a
dense droplet to a lamellar structure in a ternary microemulsion
AU Hideki Seto, Daisuke Okuhara, Youhei Kawabata, Takayoshi Takeda,
Michihiro Nagao, Jiro Suzuki Hironari Kamikubo,
and Yoshiyuki Amemiya

TE Reduced dimensionality wavepacket study of the
NH{_3}{^+}+H{_2},D{_2} reaction
AU F.Aguillon and M.Sizun

TE Monte Carlo analysis of T{_1} pyrazine collisional vibrational
relaxation; evidence for supercollisions
AU Fei Wu and R.Bruce Weisman

TE Cavity ringdown spectroscopy of the linear carbon chains
HC{_7}H, HC{_9}H, HC{_11}H, and HC{_13}H
AU C.D.Ball, M.C.McCarthy, and P.Thaddeus

TE Directions of transition dipole moments of t-butyl nitrite
obtained via orientation with a strong, uniform electric field
AU Karen J.Castle and Wei Kong

TE Photothermodissociation of selenium clusters
AU C.Brechignac, Ph.Cahuzac, N.Kebaili, and J.Leygnier

TE Rotational energy transfer within CH A {^2}{DELTA}(v=0) and B
{^2}{SIGMA}{^-} (v=0) states by collisions with He, Ar, N{_2}
CO, N{_2}O, and CHBr{_3} using a time-resolved Fourier transform
AU Chuang-Chi Wang, Yu-Pern Chen, Thou-Long Chin, Hong-Yi Huang,
and King-Chuen Lin