Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 22, 8 June.

TE Tortuousity factor for permeant flow through a fractal solid
AU Roberto A.Garza-Lopez, Lewis Naya, and John J.Kozak

TE Chemistry of NO{_2} on CeO{_2} and MgO: Experimental and
theoretical studies on the formation of NO{_3}
AU Jose A.Rodriguez, Tomas Jirsak, Sharadha Sambasivan,
Daniel Fischer, and Amitesh Maiti

TE Inelastic collision processes of CH{_4} and C{_2}H{_6} molecules
at highly-corrugated surfaces studied by molecular beam
scattering technique
AU Takahiro Kondo, takashi Tomii, Tomomi Hiraoka,
Toshiyuki Ikeuchi, Shinjiro Yagyu, and Shigehiko Yamamoto

TE Adsorption of acetone molecules on proton ordered ice. A
molecular dynamics study
AU S.Picaud and P.N.M.Hoang

TE Orientation and nonlinear optical properties of
4-(N,N-dimethylamino)-3-acetamidonitrobenzene (DAN) crystals on
Nanostructured poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) substraters
AU R.Vallee, P.Damman, M.Dosiere, E.Toussaere, and J.Zyss

TE Two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy: V. Novel 2D surface
vibrational spectroscopies of adsorbed molecules on surfaces or
at interfaces
AU Minhaeng Cho

TE Energy-dependent deposition processes of sizeselected Ag
nanoclusters on highly-oriented pyrolytic graphite
AU W.Yamaguchi, K.Yoshimura, Y.Tai, Y.Maruyama, K.Igarashi,
S.Tanemura, and J.Murakami

TE Solid-liquid phase transition of Lennard-Jones fluid in slit
pores under tensile condition
AU Minoru Miyahara, Hideki Kanda, Mutsumi Shibao, and Ko Higashitani

TE 1-2 propandiol and 1-3 propandiol homogeneous nucleation rates
and phase transitions in the new phase critical embryos
AU M.P.Anisimov, J.A.Koropchak, A.G.Nasibulin, and L.V.Timoshina

TE Combination of small angle scattering and 3D stochastic
reconstruction for the study of adsorption-desorption processes
in Vycor porous glass
AU E.S.Kikkinides, M.E.Kainourgiakis, K.L.Stefanopoulos,
A.Ch.Mitropoulos, A.K.Stubos, and N.K.Kanellopoulos

TE Symmetric diblock copolymer thin films confined between
homogeneous and patterned surfaces: Simulations and theory
AU Qiang Wang, Shyamal K.Nath, Michael D.Graham, Paul F.Nealey,
and Juan Pablo

TE Theoretical investigation of water formation on Rh and Pt
AU Steffen Wilke, Vincent Natoli, and Morrel H.Cohen

TE Desorption of CO from Ru(001) induced by nearinfrared
femtosecond laser pulses
AU S.Funk, M.Bonn, D.N.Denzler, Ch.Hess, M.Wolf, and G.Ertl

TE Two-dimensional hard dumbbells: II. Pressure in terms of free
volumes and surfaces
AU Shawn C.Gay, James C.Rainwater, and Paul D.Beale

TE Two-dimensional hard dumbells: I. Fluctuating cell model
AU Shawn C.Gay, James C.Rainwater, and Paul D.Beale

TE Heterogeneous nucleation of homogeneous nucleation?
AU X.Y.Liu

TE Interfacial profiles of mismatched lamellae in thin diblock
copolymer films
AU G.G.Pereira, D.R.M.Williams, and A.Chakrabarti

TE Excitation energy transfer of a bichromophoric cross-shaped
molecule investigated by polarized fluorescence spectroscopy
AU B.Schartel, S.Krueger, V.Wachtendorf, and M.Hennecke

TE Structure formation in dipolar fluids driven by rotating fields
AU Vladimir V.Murashov and G.N.Patey

TE Rotational isomeric state chains on a high coordination lattice:
Dynamic Monte Carlo algorithm details
AU Thomas C.Clancy and Wayne L.Mattice

TE Theoretical study of collective modes in DNA at ambient
AU Simona Cocco and Remi Monasson

TE Confirmation of classical nucleation theory by Monte Carlo
simulations in the 3d Ising model at low-temperature.
AU S.Wonczak, R.Strey, and D.Stauffer

TE Dielectric properties of glucose and maltose solutions
AU P.Hoechtl, S.Boresch, and O.Steinhauser

TE n-pentanol - helium homogeneous nucleation rates
AU Michael P.Anisimov, Philip K.Hopke, Sergey D.Shandakov,
and Igor I.Shvets

TE Driven flow and pinning of molecular aggregates in a
heterogeneous medium
AU Grace M.Foo and R.B.Pandey

TE Crossover to potential energy landscape dominated dynamics 
in a model glassforming liquid
AU Thomas B.Schroeder, Srikanth Sastry, Jeppe C.Dyre,
and Sharon C.Glotzer

TE The {^3}{SIGMA}{_u}{^-} <-- X{^3}{SIGMA}{_g}{^-} electronic
spectrum of linear C{_4} in the gas phase
AU Harold Linnartz, Olga Vaizert, Tomasz Motylewski,
and John P.Maier

TE Structures, energies, vibrational spectra, and electronic
properties of water monomer to decamer
AU Han Myoung Lee, Seung Bum Suh, Jin Yong Lee, P.Tarakeshwar,
and Kwang S.Kim

TE Moller-Plesset convergence issues in computational quantum
AU Frank H.Stillinger

TE Divergence in Moller-Plesset theory. A simple explanation based
on a two-state model
AU Jeppe Olsen, Poul Jorgensen, Trygve Helgaker and Ove Christiansen

TE Continuous surface switching: An improved timedependent
self-consistent-field method for nonadiabatic dynamics
AU Yuri L.Volobuev, Michael D.Hack, Maria S.Topaler,
and Donald G.Truhlar

TE Quantum tunneling dynamics using hydrodynamic trajectories
AU Eric R.Bittner

TE Quantum reactive scattering in three dimensions: Using
tangent-sphere coordinates to smoothly transform from
hyperspherical to Jacobi regions
AU Gregory A.Parker, Mark Keil, Michael A.and Stefano Crocchianti

TE Electric field effects on the helium dimer
AU L.W.Bruch

TE Photoionization dynamics probed by angle-resolved photoelectron
spectroscopy of NH{_3}(B{^~1}E")
AU Dave Townsend and Katharine L.Reid

TE Orientational averaging in the intense field tunneling
ionization of molecules
AU Merrick J.DeWitt, Bradley S.Prall, and Robert J.Levis

TE Spectroscopy of mass-selected gadolinium dimers in argon matrices
AU Xiaoyu Chen, Li Fang, Xiaole Shen, and John R.Lombardi

TE Collisional effects on angular momentum orientation in acetylene
X{^ 1}{SIGMA}{^+}{_g} ({nu}"{_2} = 1, j"): II. Disorientation by
rotationally elastic and multiple inelastic collisions
AU Armin D.Rudert, Jose Martin, Wen-Bin Gao, Helmut Zacharias,
and Joshua B.Halpern