The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 20, 22 May.

TE On the role of intermolecular interactions in establishing
chiral stability
AU Amichay Vardi
PP 8743-8746


TE A relationship between centroid dynamics and path integral quantum transition state theory AU Seogjoo Jang and Gregory A.Voth PP 8747-8757 TE Extrapolation and perturbation schemes for accelerating the convergence of quantum mechanical free energy calculations via the Fourier path-integral Monte Carlo method AU Steven L.Mielke, Jay Srinivasan, and Donald G.Truhlar PP 8758-8764 TE A new iterative method for calculating energy levels and wave functions AU Shi-Wei Huang and Tucker Carrington, Jr. PP 8765-8771 TE Direct determination of second-order density matrix using density equation: Open-shell system and excited state AU Maho Nakata, Masahiro Ehara, Koji Yasuda, and Hiroshi Nakatsuji PP 8772-8778 TE Size-extensivity correction for the state-specific multireference Brillouin-Wigner coupled-cluster theory AU Ivan Hubac, Jiri Pittner, and Petr Carsky PP 8779-8784 TE Multireference coupled-cluster calculations on the energy of activation in the automerization of cyclobutadiene: Assessment of the state-specific multireference Brillouin-Wigner theory AU Juan Carlos Sancho-Garcia, Jiri Pittner, Petr Carsky, and Ivan Hubac PP 8785-8788 TE The predissociation mechanism of the B~ ^{2}A' state of HCO via the conical intersection with the X~ ^{2}A' state AU M.Riad Manaa PP 8789-8793 TE Femtosecond pump-probe ionization of small NaI-S_{n} clusters, S:H_{2}O,NH_{3}: A tool to probe the structure of the cluster AU G.Gregoire, M.Mons, I.Dimicoli, C.Dedonder-Lardeux, C.Jouvet, S.Martrenchard, and D.Solgadi PP 8794-8805 TE Elastic scattering of low-energy electrons by benzene AU M.H.F.Bettega, C.Winstead, and V.McKoy PP. 8806-8812 TE A new mechanism for the enhancement of activated bimolecular reactions by rotational excitation AU Adolf Miklavc, Marko Perdih, and Ian W.Smith PP 8813-8818 TE Fluorescence lifetimes of 9-(N-carbazolyl)-anthracene: Effects of intramolecular vibrational redistribution and electronic transitions in coupled bright and dark states AU O.Brackhagen, H.Busse, J.Giraud-Girard, J.Manz, and M.Oppel PP 8819-8829 TE Hydrolysis of sulfur trioxide to form sulfuric acid in small water clusters AU Laura J.Larson, Mayuso Kuno, and Fu-Ming Tao PP 8830-8838 TE (N_{2}O)_{2}-SO_{2}: Rotational spectrum and structure of the first van der Waals trimer containing sulfur dioxide AU Rebecca A.Peebles and Robert L.Kuczkowski PP 8839-8846 TE Femtosecond stimulated emission pumping: Characterization of the I_{2}^{-} ground state AU Martin T.Zanni, Alison V.Davis, Christian Frischkorn, Mohammed Elhanine, and Daniel M.Neumark PP 8847-8854 TE The vibrational spectrum of deuterated phosphaethyne: A quantum mechanical, classical, and semiclassical analysis AU J.Bredenbeck, C.Beck, R.Schinke, J.Koput, S.Stamatiadis, S.C.Farantos, and M.Joyeux PP 8855-8865 TE Ab initio studies on the low-lying excited states of ClO_{3} and BrO_{3} AU Yumin Li and Joseph S.Francisco PP 8866-8870 TE Femtosecond energy- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy AU Yasuki Arasaki, Kazuo Takatsuka, Kwanghsi Wang, and Vincent McKoy PP 8871-8884 TE Double-resonance overtone photofragment spectroscopy of trans-HONO. I. Spectroscopy and intramolecular dynamics AU F.Reiche, B.Abel, R.D.Beck, and T.R.Rizzo PP 8885-8898 TE Rotationally resolved A ^{2}Pi<--X ^{2}Pi electronic absorption spectrum of cyanotriacetylene cation in the gas phase AU Wayne E.Sinclair, David Pfluger, Dorinel Verdes, and John P.Maier PP 8899-8903 TE Photodissociation of HCN at 157 nm: Energy disposal in the CN(A ^{2}Pi) fragment AU Jingzhong Guo, R.Eng, Tucker Carrington, and S.V.Filseth PP 8904-8909 TE A five-site model for liquid water and the reproduction of the density anomaly by rigid, nonpolarizable potential functions AU Michael W.Mahoney and William L.Jorgensen PP 8910-8922 TE Determination of acceptor distribution from fluorescence resonance energy transfer: Theory and simulation AU Olaf J.Rolinski and David J.S.Birch PP 8923-8933 TE The capacitance of the solvent primitive model double layer at low effective temperatures AU Dezsoe Boda and Douglas Henderson PP 8934-8938 TE Forces between like-charged walls in electrolyte solution: Molecular solvent effects at the McMillan-Mayer level AU Frank Otto and G.N.Patey PP 8939-8949 TE Phase behavior of a hard sphere interaction site model of benzene AU J.W.Schroer and P.A.Monson PP 8950-8957 TE A resolution for the enigma of a liquid's configurational entropy-molecular kinetics relation AU G.P.Johari PP 8958-8969 TE Two-body correlations in two-dimensional classical solids and their role in first-order perturbation theories AU J.Serrano-Illan, E.Velasco, G.Navascues, and L.Mederos PP 8970-8975 TE The structure of subcritical and supercritical methanol by neutron diffraction, empirical potential structure refinement, and spherical harmonic analysis AU Toshio Yamaguchi, C.J.Benmore, and A.K.Soper PP 8976-8987 TE Principles of centerband-only detection of exchange in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance, and extension to four-time centerband-only detection of exchange AU Eduardo R.deAzevedo, W.-G.Hu, Tito J.Bonagamba, and Klaus Schmidt-Rohr PP 8988-9001 TE Triply resonant infrared-infrared-visible sum frequency generation: Three-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy for the investigation of vibrational and vibronic couplings AU Minhaeng Cho PP 9002-9014 TE Effect of quantum modes in biological electron transfer reactions: A useful approximation for the harmonic model with frequency change and Duchinsky rotation AU EunJoo Lee, Emile S.Medvedev, and Alexei A.Stuchebrukhov PP 9015-9024 TE Transport properties of liquid hydrogen fluoride AU Umberto Balucani, Davide Bertolini, Alessandro Tani, and Renzo Vallauri PP 9025-9040 TE Optimal packing of polydisperse hard-sphere fluids. II AU Ronald Blaak PP 9041-9045 TE Stabilization of transient negative ions by vibrational energy transfer: A cluster and thin film study on SF_{6} and C_{6}F_{6} AU F.Weik, L.Sanche, O.Ingolfsson, and E.Illenberger PP 9046-9051 TE Time-of-flight measurement of CH_{4} molecules rainbow scattered from a LiF(001) surface AU Takashi Tomii, Takahiro Kondo, Tomomi Hiraoka, Toshiyuki Ikeuchi, Shinjiro Yagyu, and Shigehiko Yamamoto PP 9052-9057 TE An inelastic incoherent neutron scattering study of water in small-pored zeolites and other water-bearing minerals AU Christina M.B.Line and G.J.Kearley PP 9058-9067 TE Photolysis of CF_{3}Cl adsorbed on Si(111)(7x7) surface by monochromatic synchrotron radiation AU C.-R.Wen and L.-C.Chou PP 9068-9082 TE Orientational states, phase transitions, and spectra of vibrational excitations for two-dimensional systems with quadrupole interactions AU V.M.Rozenbaum and S.H.Lin PP 9083-9091 TE Simulation study of the phase behavior of a primitive model for thermotropic liquid crystals: Rodlike molecules with terminal dipoles and flexible tails AU Jeroen S.van Duijneveldt, Alejandro Gil-Villegas, George Jackson, and Michael P.Allen PP 9092-9104 TE Small angle x-ray scattering study on role of trapped entanglements in structure of swollen end-linked poly(dimethylsiloxane) networks AU Takanobu Kawamura, Kenji Urayama, and Shinzo Kohjiya PP 9105-9111 TE Molecular dynamics study of the intercalation of diblock copolymers into layered silicates AU Jae Youn Lee, Arlette R.C.Baljon, Dotsevi Y.Sogah, and Roger F.Loring PP 9112-9119 TE Electrostatic specificity in molecular ligand design AU Erik Kangas and Bruce Tidor PP 9120-9131 TE Depletion interactions in lyotropic nematics AU Paul van der Schoot PP 9132-9138 TE Light scattering from nonequilibrium concentration fluctuations in a polymer solution AU W.B.Li, K.J.Zhang, J.V.Sengers, R.W.Gammon, and J.M.Ortiz de Zarate PP 9139-9150 TE Extraction of interaction potentials between amino acids from native protein structures AU Ruxandra I.Dima, Giovanni Settanni, Cristian Micheletti, Jayanth R.Banavar, and Amos Maritan PP 9151-9166 TE Dynamic lattice Monte Carlo simulation of a model protein at an oil/water interface AU Rebeccah E.Anderson, Vijay S.Pande, and Clayton J.Radke PP 9167-9185

TE Comment on "Polarizabilities of the rare-gas homonuclear diatoms" [J. Chem. Phys., v.111, 6316 (1999)] AU Uwe Hohm PP 9186-9187 TE Response to "Comment on `Polarizabilities of the rare-gas homonuclear diatoms'" [J. Chem. Phys., v.112, 9186 (2000)] AU S.Ceccherini, M.Moraldi, and Lothar Frommhold PP 9188-9189 TE Erratum: "Detection of the millimeter wave spectra of the weakly bound complexes ^{3}He-CO and ^{4}He-CO" [J. Chem. Phys., v.112, 4064 (2000)] AU Leonid A.Surin, Daniel A.Roth, Igor Pak, Boris S.Dumesh, Frank Lewen, and Gisbert Winnewisser PP 9190