Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 113, N 2, 8 July.

TE Different acoustic wave effects of thickness-extension and
thickness-shear mode resonance oscillation on catalytic activity
and selectivity of thin Pd and Ag films deposited on
ferroelectric LiNbO{_3} single crystals
AU N.Saito and Y.Inoue

TE A reduced dimensionality quantum calculation of the reaction of
H{_2} with diamond (111) surface
AU Sergei Skokov and Joel M.Bowman

TE Electron and hole trapping in WS{_2} nanoclusters
AU J.M.Huang and D.F.Kelley

TE Reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of oriented films
of semiconducting polymers
AU E.K.Miller, K.Hingerl, C.Brabec, A.J.Heeger, and N.S.Sariciftci

TE Surface-aligned photochemistry: Photodissociaton of H{_2}S
absorbed on LiF(001) studied by Rydberg-atom time-of-flight
AU Javier B.Giorgi, Ralf Kuhnemuth, and John C.Polanyi

TE Ferroelectric properties of pyridinium fluorosulfonate
AU Z.Pajak, P.Czarnecki, H.Maluszynska, B.Szafranska, and M.Szafran

TE Direct measurement of ion evaporation kinetics from electrified
liquid surfaces
AU M.Gamero-Castano and J.Fernandez de la Mora

TE Theoretical analysis of singlet-triplet energy splitting
generated by charge-transfer interaction in electron
donor-acceptor radical pair systems
AU Yasuhiro Kobori, Kimo Akiyama, and Shozo Tero-Kubota

TE Phase diagram of C{_60} from ab initio intermolecular potential
AU A.L.C.Ferreira, J.M.Pacheco, and J.P.Prates-Ramalho

TE Surface enrichment effect on the morphological transitions
induced by directional quenching for binary mixtures
AU Bo Liu, Hongdong Zhang, and Yuliang Yang

TE Folding path in a semiflexible homopolymer chain:
A Brownian dynamics simulation
AU Hiroshi Noguchi and Kenichi Yoshikawa

TE Ion association and electrical conductance minimum in
Debye-Hueckel-based theories of the hard sphere ionic fluid
AU Hermann Weingaertner, Volker C.Weiss, and Wolffram Schroer

TE Collective diffusion in a two-dimensional Brownian fluid
AU Heriberto Acuna-Campa and Magdaleno Medina-Noyola

TE Simulation and density functional study of a simple membrane II.
Solvent effects using the solvent primitive model
AU Dezso Boda, Douglas Henderson, Andrzej Patrykiejew, and
Stefan Sokolowski

TE Chain length scaling of protein folding time: Beta sheet structures
AU K.Dimitrievski, B.Kasemo, and V.P.Zhdanov

TE Phase stability of solid clusters
AU R.S.Berry and B.M.Smirnov

TE The aqueous solvation of sodium chloride: A Monte Carlo
transition path sampling study
AU J.Marti and F.S.Csajka

TE Relaxation times distribution from time and frequency domain
dielectric spectroscopy in poly(aryl ether ether ketone)
AU A.Bello, E.Laredo, M.Grimau, A.Nogales, T.A.Ezquerra

TE Long-time scale spectral diffusion in polymer glass
AU J.Mueller, H.Maier, G.Hannig, O.V.Khodykin, D.Haarer,
and B.M.Kharlamov

TE Ab-initio computation of forces and molecular spectroscopic
constants using planewaves based auxiliary field Monte Carlo
with application to N{_2}
AU Roi Baer

TE Performance of CCSDT for diatomic dissociation energies
AU David Feller and Jose A.Sordo

TE Analyses of the ScO{^-} and ScO{^-}{_2} photoelectron spectra
AU Jason M.Gonzales, Rollin A.King, and Henry F.Schaefer, III

TE Extended similarity transformed equation-of-motion coupled
cluster theory (extended-STEOM-CC): Applications to doubly
excited states and transition metal compounds
AU Marcel Nooijen and Victor Lotrich 

TE Coupled-cluster electronic spectra for the Ca{^+}-acetylene
{pi} complex and comparisons to its alkaline earth analogs
AU Steven S.Wesolowski, Rollin A.King, Henry F.Schaefer III, and
Michael A.Duncan

TE Photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio study of mixed cluster
anions of [(CO{_2}){_1-3}(pyridine){_1-6}]{^-}: Formation of a
covalently bonded anion core of (C{_5}H{_5}N-CO{_2}){^-}
AU Sang Yun Han, Inho Chu, Jeong Hyun Kim, Jae Kyu Song, and
Seong Keun Kim

TE Isotope effect on bifurcating reaction path: Valley-ridge
inflection point in totally symmetric coordinate
AU Yuko Kumeda and Tetsuya Taketsugu

TE Femtosecond real-time probing of the ultrafast energy
dissipation in the Hg(6{^3}P{_1})-CO van der Waals interaction
AU K.Ohmori, K.Amano, H.Chiba, M.Okunishi, and Y.Sato

TE Zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectra of the allyl radical,
AU T.Gilbert, Ingo Fischer and P.Chen

TE Laser fluorescence excitation spectroscopy of the CAr
van der Waals complex
AU Jie Lei and Paul J.Dagdigian

TE Pressure broadening of NH{_3} by H{_2} from 15 to 40 K
AU Daniel R.Willey, Robert E.Timlin, Jr., Melinda Deramo,
Peter L.Pondillo, Danielle M.Wesolek, and Ryan W.Wig

TE Classical characters of highly excited bend
dynamics of acetylene in two coupled SU(2) coset spaces
AU Jin Yu and Gyozhen Wu

TE Experimental and theoretical studies on different
ionic states of ethylthio CH{_3}CH{_2}S radical
AU Maofa Ge, Jing Wang, Xinjiang Zhu, Zheng Sun, and Dianxun Wang

TE Rotationally inelastic collisions of OH(X{^2}{PI}) + Ar.
II. The effect of molecular orientation
AU M.C.van Beek, J.J.ter Meulen, and M.H.Alexander

TE Rotationally inelastic collisions of OH(X{^2}{PI}) + Ar.
I. State-to-state cross sections
AU M.C.van Beek, J.J.ter Meulen, and M.H.Alexander

TE Dynamics of the OH{^-} + D{_2} isotope exchange reaction:
Reactive and nonreactive decay of the collision complex
AU Susan Troutman Lee and James M.Farrar

TE Vibrational relaxation of CO by collisions with {^4}He at
ultracold temperatures
AU N.Balakrishnan, A.Dalgarno, and R.C.Forrey

TE Intramolecular Coulomb repulsion and anisotropies of the
repulsive Coulomb barrier in multiply charged anions
AU Xue-Bin Wang, John B.Nicholas, and Lai-Sheng Wang

TE Rotationally resolved spectroscopy of a librational
fundamental band of hydrogen fluoride tetramer
AU Thomas A.Blake, Steven W.Sharpe, and Sotiris S.Xantheas

TE The D{^1}{SIGMA}{^+} state of {^7}LiH
AU Yen-Ling Huang, Wei-Tzou Luh, Gwang-Hi Jeung, and F.Xavier Gadea

TE Reply to the Comment on:  Statistical theory of time-dependent
diffusion-controlled reactions in fluids and solids
[J.Chem.Phys.103, 10201 (1995)]
AU B.U.Felderhof and R.B.Jones

TE Comment on:  The statistical theory of time-dependent
diffusion-controlled reactions in fluids and solids
[J.Chem.Phys.103, 1020 (1995)]
AU I.V.Gopich and A.I.Burshtein

TE Structural and energetic properties of the Br{^-}-C{_2}H{_2}
anion complex from rotationally resolved mid infrared spectra
and ab initio calculations
AU D.A.Wild, P.J.Milley, Z.M.Loh, P.Wolynec, P.S.Weiser, and

TE Kinetic energy release in electron induced decay
reactions of molecular ions: C{_3}H
AU S.Matt, O.Echt, A.Stamatovic, and T.D.

TE Predissociation in the E{^1}{PI}, v=1 state of the
six natural isotopomers of CO
AU W.Ubachs, I.Velchev, and P.Cacciani

TE Population labelling spectroscopy for the electronic and the
vibrational transition of 2-pyridone and its hydrogen-bonded
AU Yoshiyuki Matsuda, Takayuki Ebata, and Naohiko Mikami

TE Dynamic nuclear polarization of diamond. III. Paramagnetic
electron relaxation times from enhanced {^13}C NMR signals
AU Eduard C.Reynhardt and Grant L.High

TE Efficient adiabatic population transfer by two-photon
excitation assisted by a laser-induced Stark shift
AU T.Rickes, L.P.Yatsenko, S.Steuerwalk, T.Halfmann, B.W.Shore,
N.V.Vitanov, and K.Bergmann

TE Infrared spectrum of the CO-N{_2} van der Waals complex:
Assignments for CO-paraN{_2} and observation of a bending
state for CO-orthoN{_2}
AU Changhong Xia, A.R.W.McKellar, and Yunjie Xu

TE The dynamics of the CO-N{_2} interaction: Strong
coriolis coupling in CO-paraN{_2}
AU Yunjie Xu and Wolfgang Jager

TE Erratum:  A dynamical model for exciton self
trapping in conjugated polymers. II. Implementation
[J.Chem.Phys.112, 5410 (2000)]
AU Mark N.Kobrak and Eric R.Bittner