The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2000, V 112, N 19, 15 May.

TE Photolysis of CF{_3}Cl absorbed on Si(111) (7x7) surface by
monochromatic synchrotron radiation
AU C.-R.Wen and L.-C.Chou

TE Ionic-to-metallic layer transition in Cs adsorption on
Si(111)-(7x7). Charge-state selective detection of adsorbate by
Cs{^+} reactive ion scattering
AU Seung-Jin Han, Seong Chan Park, Jong-Gyu Lee, and Heon Kang

TE Influence of extended interactions on the surface dynamics in
the catalytic CO oxidation on Pt single crystal substrate
AU Francisco Chavez, Luiz Vicente, Aurelian Perera,
and Michel Moreau

TE Laser ablation at solid-liquid interfaces: An approach from
optical emission spectra
AU Tetsuo Sakka, Shuji Iwanaga, Yukio H.Ogata, Akira Matsunawa,
and Tadashi Takemoto

TE Orientational states, phase transitions, and spectra of
vibrational excitations for two-dimensional systems with
quadrupole interactions
AU V.M.Rozenbaum and S.H.Lin

TE Some pecularities of proton transport in quasi-one-dimensional
hydrogen-bonded chains
AU Natalie I.Pavlenko

TE Colloidal agregation under steric interactions: Simulation and
AU M.S.Romero-Cano, A.M.Puertas, and las Nieves

TE Structure and predicted NEXAFS spectra for the surface of liquid
formamide from MD simulation
AU Mark C.Wojcik, Kersti Hermansson, and Hans O.G.Siegbahn

TE The electronic structures and properties of Alq{_3} and NPB
molecules in organic light emitting devices: Decompositions of
density of states
AU R.Q.Zhang, C.S.Lee, and S.T.Lee

TE Orientational relaxation of liquid water molecules as an
activated process
AU Han-Kwang Nienhuys, Rutger A.van Santen, and Huib J.Bakker

TE Linear dynamic Kerr effect response of polar molecules in
coupled ac and dc bias fields: Account of inertial effects via
the J-diffusion model
AU P.M.Dejardin

TE Chain dynamics in steady shear flow
AU Arti Dua and Binny J.Cherayil

TE Component segmental mobilities in an athermal polymer blend:
Quasielastic incoherent neutron scattering vs. simulation
AU M.Doxastakis, M.Kitsiou, G.Fytas, D.N.Theodorou,
N.Hadjichristidis, G.Meier, and B.Frick

TE Translational diffusion of fluorescent probes on a sphere: Monte
Carlo simulations, theory and fluorescence anisotropy experiment
AU M.M.G.Krishna, Rajaram Nityananda, Ranjan Das, and N.Periasamy

TE Exponential and logarithmic spectral diffusion in single
molecule fluorescence
AU I.S.Osad'ko and L.B.Yershova

TE An estimate for the Gibbs energy of amorphous solid waters and
differences between the low-density amorph and glassy water
AU G.P.Johari

TE Mass transport of phosphoric acid in water: A {^1}H and {^31}P
pulsed gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance study
AU S.H.Chung, S.Bajue, and S.G.Greenbaum

TE Diffusion of reactive species tuned by modulated external
fields: Application to high performance chromatography
AU L.Jullien, A.Lemarchand, and H.Lemarchand

TE Effects of density on the local dynamics and conformational
statistics of polyetheylene: A molecular dynamics study
AU K.Karatasos, D.B.Adolf, and S.Hotston

TE Polyelectrolyte adsorption on heterogeneously charged surfaces
AU M.Ellis, C.Y.Kong, and M.Muthukumar

TE Diffusion-influenced controlled reaction in a inhomogeneous
medium: Small concentration of reagents
AU M.C.Bujan-Nunez, A.Miguel-Fernandez, and M.A.Lopez-Quintela

TE The structure of subcritical and supercritical methanol by
neutron diffraction, empirical potential structure refinement,
and spherical harmonic analysis
AU Toshio Yamaguchi, C.J.Benmore, and A.K.Soper

TE On the diffusion-influenced reversible trapping problem in one
AU Hyojoon Kim and Kook Joe Shin

TE Fractional power dependence of the mean lifetime of a first
order reaction on the time scale of environment relaxation in
the slow diffusion limit
AU Akira Okada

TE Vibrational overtone dephasing in liquids under the influence of
non-Gaussian noise
AU T.Yamaguchi

TE The generalized Kramers theory for nonequilibrium open
one-dimensional systems
AU Suman Kumar Banik, Jyotipratim Ray Chaudhuri, and Deb Shankar Ray

TE Electric field dependent empirical potentials for molecules and
crystals. A first application to flexible water molecule
absorbed in zeolites
AU P.Cicu, P.Demontis, S.Spanu, G.B.Suffritti, and A.Tilocca

TE A method for molecular-dynamics simulation of confined fluids
AU Jee-Ching Wang and Kristen A.Fichthorn

TE Light scattering from nonequilibrium concentration fluctuations
in a polymer solution
AU W.B.Li, K.J.Zhang, J.V.Sengers, R.W.Gammon,
and J.M.Ortiz de Zarate

TE On the independence of nonadiabatic coupling elements on the
choice of origin of the coordinate system
AU Robert J.Buenker and Yan Li

TE Accurate ab initio near-equilibrium potential energy and dipole
moment functions of the ground electronic state of ozone
AU Daiqian Xie, Hua Guo, and Kirk A.Peterson

TE Accuracy of atomization energies and reaction enthalpies in
standard and extrapolated electronic wave function/basis set
AU Keld L.Bak, Poul Jorgensen, Jeppe Olsen, Trygve Helgaker,
and Wim Klopper

TE Reply to Comment on: Polarizabilities of the rare-gas
homonuclear diatoms
AU S.Ceccherini, M.Moraldi, and Lothar Frommhold

TE Comment on: Polarizabilities of the rare-gas homo-nuclear
diatoms [J. Chem. Phys. 111, 6316 (1999)]
AU Uwe Hohm

TE Direct kinetic measurements on reactions of atomic carbon,
(C{^3}P), with O{_2} and NO at temperatures down to 15K
AU Delphine Chastaing, Sebastian D.Le Picard, and Ian R.Sims

TE The electronic spectrum of germanium methylidyne (GeCH), the
prototypical organogermanium compound
AU Tony C.Smith, Haiyang Li, Dennis J.Clouthier,
Christopher T.Kingston, and Anthony J.Merer

TE Line strengths, self-broadening and line mixing in the
20{^0}O<-- 01{^1}O ({SIGMA}<-- {PI}) Q branch of carbon dioxide
AU Adriana Predoi-Cross, Caiyan Luo, J.R.Drummond, and A.D.May

TE Photoinduced nucleation: A novel tool for detecting molecules in
air at ultra-low concentrations
AU Joseph L.Katz, Heikki Lihavainen, Markus M.Rudek,
and Brian C.Salter

TE Principles of centerband-only detection of exchange in
solid-state NMR, and extension to four-time CODEX
AU Eduardo R.deAzevedo, W.-G.Hu, Tito J.Bonagamba,
and Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

TE High pressure phases of solid nitrogen by Raman and infrared
AU Roberto Bini, Lorenzo Ulivi, Jorg Kreutz, and Hans Jodl

TE Multiple lines of conical intersections and non-degenerate
ground state in T O t{_2} Jahn-Teller systems
AU Hiroyasu Koizumi, Isaac B.Bersuker, James E.Boggs,
and Victor Z.Polinger

TE Constraint dynamics for quantum Monte Carlo calculations
AU A.Sarsa, K.E.Schmidt, and J.W.Moskowitz

TE Semiclassical approximations to real time quantum mechanical
effects in correlation functions of complex molecular systems
AU Sean X.Sun

TE Time-resolved dissociative intense-laser field ionization for
probing dynamics: Femtosecond photochemical ring opening of
AU W.Fu{beta}, W.E.Schmid, and S.A.Trushin

TE Stereodynamics of the reactions of O({^3}P) with saturated
hydrocarbons: The dependences on the collision energy and the
structural features of hydrocarbons
AU Hiroshi Tsurumaki, Yo Fujimura, and Okitsugu Kajimoto

TE Study of the dissociation of neutral intermediates using charge
inversion mass spectrometry
AU Shigeo Hayakawa, Kengo Harada, Kazuo Arakawa, and Norio Morishita

TE Three dimensional measurements of the NMR chemical shift and a
new analytic data transform for the shift anisotropy
AU Thomas Swiet

TE Radiative and predissociative rates for NO A {^2}{SIGMA}{^+}
v'=0-5 and D {^2}{SIGMA}{^+} v'=0-3
AU Jorge Luque and David R.Crosley

TE Vibrational spectroscopy of HCP. I. Potential energy surface,
variational calculations, and comparison with experimental data
AU C.Beck, R.Schinke, and J.Koput

TE Accurate wavepacket propagation for large molecular systems: The
multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH) method with
selected configurations
AU G.A.Worth

TE On the problem of rotational-state-dependent molecule-surface
interaction: Relaxation, accommodation and trapping at low J
AU A.Yu.Pankov, S.Yu.Krylov, E.J.van Duijn, and L.J.F.Hermans